Lord Of The Irregular Shapes

This book has an interesting CV

I wrote it some years ago. In recent times I found a brilliant illustrator, John Taylor of Taylored Toons, and it was published in 2011.

If you suspend disbelief, you can have some fun with the story. You need to imagine a world where humans are geometrical shapes. The Circles and Squares and Triangles and indeed all other Shapes adore themselves and hate those who are different.

In this fictitious world, there are no mirrors, so the shapes depend on each other to learn about themselves. Each Shape believes it is the perfect form and despises other Shapes.

I’m learning to make things in this new and amazing cyberworld, so I’ve done this little introduction. Here it is and, if I am lucky, it will add to the understanding we get from words alone:


Lord Of The Irregular Shapes: A Children’s Book –  Nine to Ninety A$ 33.50

Just to add to the narrative a little.

The Irregular Shape leaves in despair.

“All I wanted was a friend,” he says. “Just a friend.”

Time passes in his lonely refuge. At least there is nobody there to ignore him and terrorise him.

Such spirits as these find it hard to give in however. Finally his optimism takes over and he eventually decides to return, in one last attempt to find a friend.

A remarkable event changes Shapeworld and gives the Irregular Shape unprecedented importance. It’s world shattering.

Shapism, because of this event, itself disappears from Shapeworld. It’s all explained in the story.

It’s a quirky tale, but I have found my own classrooms responded well to the narrative and the symbolism.


Royce Levi

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