The Times Are A Changin’

Money Is The Route Of All

We no longer live in a society. It’s an economy stupid!

Supply and demand are all that matter. Everything is now a marketable financial entity.

Each distinguished sports person today is an entrepreneur. Sport is now the perfect synonym for the free market. Club identity shirts, hats and scarfs sell. Tickets to watch successful teams sell better. Winning, please note, has now become the only mission statement. A few losses and you psycho-analyse the players and sack the coach. After all, in this new era isn’t competition the only way to measure value? Winners these days do a war dance instead of calmly and with dignity doffing their caps or nodding to applause.

What is the role of politics in this Wall Street of existence? Keep It Simple Stupid: balance the budget! Big government is communism. Small government means privatise everything so that corporate and other powers can cash in on things. Compete or else. Call it free enterprise. Democracy. Our way of life. Young men since Gallipoli have been prepared to die for this.

On The Matter of Balanced Budgets: 

The source of all images here is Creative Commons.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44 years of age (But the budget’s balanced so that’s OK.)

On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. (But the budget’s balanced so that’s OK.)

The number of homeless people in Australia jumped by more than 14,000 — or 14 per cent — in the five years to 2016, according to census data that also includes a “significant” increase in older women on the streets and a growing group living in cramped accommodation. (But the budget’s balanced so that’s OK.)

Scientists have recorded the “mass mortality” of corals on the Great Barrier Reef, in a recent report that says 30% of the reef’s corals died in a catastrophic nine-month marine heatwave…

…The extent and severity of the coral die-off recorded in the Great Barrier Reef surprised even the researchers.They told Guardian Australia the 2016 marine heatwave had been far more harmful than historical bleaching events, where an estimated 5% to 10% of corals died. (But the budget’s balanced so that’s OK.) 

Technological development has not only provided mankind with more profit, but with increased destructive power as well. These developments, combined with population growth, have led to mass casualties, varying from accidents to war. In the 20th Century over 200 million people were killed as a result of man-made disasters — a historical figure unequalled. (But the budget’s balanced so that’s OK.)



See what I mean? Add your own words if you wish.

R (royciebaby)

2 thoughts on “The Times Are A Changin’

  1. Dear Royce Great to receive your latest posts.

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch.

    I do hope you are well and going strong.

    Big exciting news happened.

    I got invited to speak National Council of Women (NSW)’s luncheon at the Strangers Dining Room at NSW Paliament House.

    My speech is below.

    Thank you for your inspiring commitment to the noble profession of teaching!


    [image: image.png]

    1. Great to hear from you Janine. Congratulations on your speech at Parliament House. Viva half our future! Still battling on with my life. Had a fall last year and spent some time in hospital and rehab. Struggle to walk a bit these days but other health is good. Keep up your great work. That coffee and chat still beckon. Regards always…

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