Just Poems

Only a little reading time today.

Who Has Seen The World Aflame?

On the 2019-20 bushfires in Australia

Where have you been in recent times?

Have you seen the fiery effects of CO𝟸?

Did you feel the heat?

Did you hear the trees alight cry out in pain

And see their leaves fly away from normality

As burning embers

Setting fire to other forests of worldly schemes?

In the midst of all this

Did you support the paranoia of climate doubt?

Yes? I cannot continue this discussion

Because the world is still aflame

In my mind

Cooked to a cinder like a Pudding Lane house in 66

Yet the need arises to tell the story

To strive to impose wisdom on a witless world

Even though the smoke of the inferno

No longer curses my eyes

Or maligns my breathing with a malevolence

That takes away my sanity

As I hear again

The sirens sound the death knell

Of my tomorrows

5 May 2020

Instructions to Schools 2084

Children must be tested

Thoroughly and without deviation

To promote compliance with the norm

Difference brings intense remediation

Plead for funds if you wish

But do not be over demanding

For thrift must be the rule

With government revenue

Teach the arts

But sparingly lest revolution show its dangerous face

Train the drones for work in the market place

Beware of satire and humour

For laughter is a threat to equanimity

Teach history synthesised as a harmless piece

Of mystery

This above all, observe approved practices

As you impose a spending ban

And it shall follow as the night the day

Each child will grow according to the plan

8 May 2020

Curriculum 2084

What must our children learn today

In this arid testing time?

How to save water they need to know

As the rivers no longer flow

An attitude to lightning 

Will clearly be the norm

As violence shakes the world each day

In the shape of a savage storm

History of science will be much taught

With links to all the great theses

Lots of pictures and ancient films

To remind us of lost species

Admen will sponsor our daily life

With a constant barrage of lies

So children must learn the crucial art

Of rejecting what truth denies

Above all else will be the need

To reach out for pure air

Since what was once a heavenly breath

Is now no longer there

Teachers will teach and pupils will reach

A stage of desired augmentation

Whatever the outcome our leaders will say

It’s all for the good of the nation

2 May 2020

Bedtime 2084

Time for sleeping Daddy?

Yes my love

Will you tell me things before I sleep?

Yes my love

What was a tree Daddy?

It was a tall post with arms and things called leaves my love

What was a bird Daddy?

It was a living spirit with wings that flew through the air my love

What is a flower Daddy?

A beautiful joy that one day you still might see my love

What was a butterfly Daddy?

A pretty thing that danced on the air my love

What was a tiger Daddy?

A brave and noble creature once roaming the earth my love

Why is the sea so angry Daddy?

Storms without end give it no peace my love

What is a split atom Daddy?

A nasty thing that blights the world my love

I am tired now Daddy I think I will go to sleep

Good night my love; rest well

14 July 2012

A Word From The Sponsor

Thank you for providing such interesting films

For me to purloin for profit

I enjoy so much

Interrupting each plot at a crucial moment

As this sells so well

With the would be client’s attention at its peak

News bulletins also

Are a major source of funds

Murder and violence take interest for a ride

If you fit an ad in where the victims died

Give those soaps your approval too

Love affairs have a great sale capacity

They have what it takes to sell

And the actors play their parts so well

The actors in the ads I mean

Who catch our gaze with each scene

So there you have it

The arts whose verifiable function now is earning

Will keep the wheels of commerce smoothly turning

So let me assure you

As long as there are Academy Awards and Logies

I will be there to use a constant stream of your time

Raising interest in the adman’s bogeys

For my own ends

Yes. Thank you so much – so very much

12 May 2020

Minos Inc. of 2084

 The first Minos was a Greek king, very rich and powerful.

Tell me Minos Inc. what do clouds do?

Clouds give us rain polluted by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does rain do?

Rain gives us rivers failing to reach the sea.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the sea do?

The sea is filled with plastic made by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the plastic do?

The plastic kills the fish once caught by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what do the fish do?

The fish float dead in the ocean.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the ocean do?

The ocean is a garbage tip created by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the garbage do?

It washes up on beaches bespoiled by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what do the beaches do? 

They are zones of people’s despair created by me.

Tell me Minos Inc. what do those people do?

The people retreat sadly to their houses.

Tell me Minos Inc. what do their houses do?

The houses are their shelter from the grime.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the grime do?

The wind blows it away as dust into the city.

Tell me Minos Inc. what does the city do?

The city is the marketplace where I sell my schemes.

15 September 2012


Well now here I am – somewhere

What am I doing here?

According to many I am in my senility

Using the surplus time of my life

To fill a few pages with my lack of ability

That’s true enough I suppose

No work – little play

A recipe for a dull old man

And yet maybe 

There are some extenuating circumstances

(Big words I learnt seventy five years ago)

Maybe, just maybe

Someone will read those pages of mine

And get an idea for me or against me

As a consequence

The world will be just a little different

As I wander towards my grave

14 May 2010

That’s all for the moment. Thank you for coming here.


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