The Muse Is Still At Work

Attribution: Creative Commons Licence

University Blues

Vivat academia,

Vivant professores,

Vivat membrum quodlibet,

Vivat membra quaelibet;

Semper sint in flore!

(May they always flourish)

I have a dream 

That I might seem

A joyous learnèd scholar

But now I fear I’ll be left on a shelf

Because of the cursèd dollar

Please if you can, give to me 

Some details of the cost

So I can seek an epitome

And my time will not be lost

As my thoughts unwind I fly

In my mind around the earth

To learn the sanctified story

Of the ages before my birth

But as I strive for this glory

There’s a scheme I may deplore

If I study history

Tell me, will it cost me more?

Other thoughts disturb me

As they kindle new dark fears

If I read for poetry

Will my invoice be in arrears?

What about philosophy?

Should I look for a deal

Or failing this, episcopacy

For cheaper religious zeal?

Another thought to cross my mind

Is a course in Egyptology

Will that expense mean I must find

My only recourse is psychology?

Now Shakespeare is a passion of mine

To be or not to be

Will the Bard be a virtual fine

And leave me in penury?

O why O why is my humble voice

Linked to the churls of finance?

Why must I fear that my student choice

Is the reason I’m held askance?

There comes a time in a world sublime

When critics are meticulous

If the chief does a deed sans reason or rhyme

It is rightfully branded ridiculous

And so kind sir I take my leave and comment on your service

You have shown me the cost when freedom is lost

And made me extremely nervous

So I will be off highly tempted to scoff yet retaining my decorum

Though every semester will demand an investor

The seers of good sense will ignore ’em… gaudeamus igitur


An Impolite Message

Let us shut our eyes

And talk about the weather

Gilbert and Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance

Begone dull fool

And take your great lies with you

Science should be a tool

Not a horse without a tether

You must obey one rule

If you talk about the weather

Evidence my friend

Gives you the right to speak

God’s truth you must defend

Or your influence is weak

You prattle with divergencies

Designed to hide reality

Describing the emergencies

With constant bleak banality

Meanwhile the world is in a spin

With drought and fire and storm

While you proclaim with a sickly grin

It’s nothing but the norm

You spread falsehoods like jam on bread

A kind of last repast

If you have your way we’ll all be dead

False colours nailed to the mast

You lie about this you lie about that

With flights of fancy forming

Your status is slightly less than a rat

In the light of global warming

You tell tall tales and play your role

To keep the trade fires burning

While the future of man falls into a hole

With the wheels of industry turning

Thus the air we love suffers above

In a surplus of CO𝟸

You gently tweet like a turtle dove

But not a word is true

So be on your way you devious worm

Before I grind you to pieces

Or you’re put away for a sizeable term

As all that you’ve said is so specious 

That’s it; that ends my harangue

Now I’ll brush you away with a duster

So you’ll disappear with a bang

Caught up in a Southerly Buster*


*Only one thing left to say…Have a nice day.


Concerning My Black Armband



Please come in…

Take a seat…


Now we can be

Relaxed and comfortable 

Tell me

What’s all this mystery about history

Not getting your attention

As in your world 

Only business gets a mention?

Is not the now

A child of what once was?

And does not time present

Beat the drum for time future?

Were you there

When they chose to free Barabbas?

Did you seek to count the dead at Peterloo?

Did you take a breath of deadly gas at Ypres?

Have you heard of the mournful Creek named Waterloo?

Have you seen the fine Enola Gay display?

Did you notice genocide down Dresden way?

Have you found the reason yet for Vietnam’s war?

Was Rwanda an evil Hell or something more?

Were you swept away by the grief of 9/11?

Or by King Leopold’s Congo paean of greed?

Does Death still line the battered streets of Yemen? 

Does the Unknown Soldier extol a futile deed?

So many questions pound upon the brain

And conjure forth more pity than disdain

O must we not rap with hope on history’s door

If madness is to hold its sway no more?

For the sake of countless lives that were destroyed

Bygone lessons have to be deployed

There is so much from early days to master

Lest present follies lead us to disaster

O brother, why look you so aghast?

The choice is yours, there’s guidance in the past

And if I fail to change your point of view

The old will quickly vilify the new

So tell me please, just what do we need to do?

What think you, pray?

Can yesterday be relevant today?

Oh my! 

Your words are what I feared to hear you say

So on my own I’ll scan the ages proudly

Begone my friend; it’s time you went away

Leave quickly ere I curse your mind more loudly

In ways that are unbecoming…


On The Matter of Waterloo Creek

The massacre at Myall Creek was just one of a sequence of violent events that accompanied settler expansion in the Gwydir region of north-eastern NSW in the 19th century.

While it is likely that only a fraction of the violence is recorded in the conventional historical record, it is telling that a contemporary authority and eyewitness, Muswellbrook police magistrate Edward Denny Day, termed this conflict ‘a war of extermination’.

Violent attacks increased in savagery towards the latter part of the decade. The summer of 1837­–38 was particularly violent. Major James Nunn, the Commandant of the New South Wales Mounted Police, had been sent from Sydney to lead a punitive expedition against the Aboriginal people who had killed stockmen in separate incidents of Frontier conflict.

His response, however, was extreme. On 26 January 1838 Nunn and his men massacred up to 50 Aboriginal people camped at Waterloo Creek (my bold). They also encouraged nearby stockmen and settlers to murder any Aboriginal person they came across.

Source: National Museum Australia 


Dear Reader

I accidentally Liked this post and haven’t been able to erase it. I am not vain, just stupid. R.

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