More Thoughts On Things

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Argumentum ad Hominem

Come right in despite your sin

I am organised to receive you

But your problem is you may not win

As it’s very hard to believe you

I note you treat as a vast abyss 

International law

Is there a reason I can’t dismiss

For your very dark closed door?

Now that you’re here, there is one other thing

My conscience tells me to mention

I hear a song no angels sing

Concerning indefinite detention

Have you not heard the children crying

Those innocent voices that tell no lies

Describing a fate far worse than dying

That the devil in you denies?

What is your reason for this evil scheme

Are you seeking the votes of racists?

When close to you I suppress a scream

This of all your misdeeds is basest

So end your monstrous plan

Speak on cunning one, seek your sway

Put your case to me man to man

And I will refute whatever you say

Justice does win in the end my friend

Truth will mangle your silence

It is a straight line you cannot bend

An exposé forever of violence

I’ve heard you now and your case is weak

Your words are but sounding brass

Go now and erase your sinister clique

Let judgement come to pass


O Hosanna!

I had a thought the other day

When everything was quiet

I thought I saw the President

A-quelling a people’s riot

A fountain pen was in his hand

And fear was in his eye

Says I don’t you call in the troops

Or innocents will die

O Hosanna let’s keep the fools at bay

There is no place for idiots here

Let’s drive them all away

Next I saw a neocon

Cutting down lots of trees

A fatal axe was in his hand

Wood chips were in the breeze

The forest had a hole in it

Bigger than a football field

Says I when you wield that deadly thing

The bush will never be healed

O Hosanna let’s keep the fools at bay

There is no place for idiots here

Let’s drive them all away

Along then came a city planner

Destroying history

Knocking down all beautiful sights

So the past’s a mystery

The developer came with lots of cash

As the planner named his price

Says I you have no integrity

And your buildings are not nice

O Hosanna let’s keep the fools at bay

There is no place for idiots here

Let’s drive them all away

Along then came a slick adman

Wanting to sell his stuff

Breaking up my TV films

Until I’d had enough

He spoilt my fun with all his ads

Like a beastly naughty child

Says I go away you ugly beast

You are a soul reviled

O Hosanna let’s keep the fools at bay

There is no place for idiots here

Let’s drive them all away

In the end I found some golden peace

Turning another way

Went for a walk out in the world

It was a lovely day

I looked at the birds and the flowers and the bees

This gently eased my mind

Says I what a beautiful world it is 

When you leave bad folk behind

O Hosanna let’s keep the fools at bay

There is no place for idiots here

Let’s drive them all away (2)


Eric The Read

It’s fiction we declare it; but if it fits you, wear it.

Eric The Read is an artisan 

Who holds a position of trust

He is in fact a charlatan

Who’s skilfully learnt to adjust

He gets his wishes you might say

With cunning schemes forsooth 

Persuading in his deceptive way

And rarely telling the truth

He smiles a lot to further his plot

At every public meeting

In debates he talks more than a lot

Has success that is based on cheating

For several years he’s hoodwinked well

To rise in a steady climb

So trendy it seems he’s cast a spell

From ridiculous to the sublime

So the votes come fast to put him in

A thriving political roster

He rose in the ranks in the end to win

Even though he is an imposter

Up the ladder he’s climbed full tilt

With success that is almost sinister

With an expert’s skill he hides his guilt

To rise to the rank of minister

Today he stands on high

With innocent people in pain

The success of Eric makes them cry

And tragic echoes remain


A Hell Of A Dream

Heaven for the weather. Hell for the company. Mark Twain

I had a dream the other night

When every thing was still

I thought I saw the President

A-coming down the hill

A big black mask was on his face

A glint was in his eye

Says he I’ll make the human race

Great though many yes many will die

So I said to him hey sir I fear

You are too fiercely tribal

So he went to a church that was quite near

And swore an oath on the bible

O then I saw a neocon

In a deal with a money bender

He was getting ready to move on

But he had a fake agenda

He promised the world joys unfurled

But he showed fallacious airs

So I took him by the ear with a loud come here

And threw him down the stairs

When he hit the bottom I gave a cheer

Then I sent him off for repairs

In another part of my dream last night

I confronted a politician

Who gave to me a hell of a fright

As his image was in ghastly condition

When he voiced his nonsense sans respite

He was totally without erudition

A man on the nose so the saying goes

And he talked at a furious pace

So I turned away from his tale of woes

And slammed a door in his face

When I awoke I saw the joke

I can change the world in my sleep

Though when I’m awake I’m a pig in a poke

With verse I can make fools weep


A Quiet Time

In the quiet of the evening

I sometimes retrace my steps

To wander through memories

Back into my childhood

Do you know what I mean?

There is something about the springtime of life

That somehow transcends the battleground

Of adult existence

It is a place to escape to

There is no career duty to complete there

No business acumen to sharpen

No ironic comments from workplace rivals

No threat of retrenchment when the enterprise fails

No political doctrine to discuss

No mortgage to pay off

Instead there are cowboys and Indians

The tooth fairy with sixpence for your pulled first incisor 

The kite that dad made that flew ever so high

Cricket with a bright new bat and ball

Pandy your dog who fetched sticks for you

Macavity your Mystery Cat who loved to purr

Roy Rogers films at the Saturday matinee

And threepences in the Christmas pudding

Such a different place that one

An unfolding world of magic gems of delight

A location where things are not grim

And before you grow up you learn to swim

So a word to my adult friends

Excuse me, the pace of life has caught up with me

I’ll be away for a while

If you really need me

I’l be with my new train that Santa has just brought me



Here I am,

Limping through what was once tomorrow,

Struggling, sighing, crying, prying,

Lying in the clutches of the quicksand known as status. 

Why is this so?  If you should wish to know

The reason for my life’s hiatus,

Visit my classroom of a dozen years ago,

The bleak place where I shall forever be

Confined, entwined, maligned, defined as E

For all the world to see.

Not people in that place

But ordered lists of merit and disgrace,

Probing and molesting by tests ad infinitum,

Whose validity moves only fools to cite ’em.

So from that space in my stark inferiority,

Degraded by implied superiority,

I’ve wandered aimlessly beyond my sanity,

Longing to meet unclassified humanity.

O why am I cursed, reviled and frowned upon

Because I am not an alpha but an epsilon?


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