Writing On

Dwellers In Tomorrow

I walk in tomorrow’s gardens

Where dreams come true 

Or fade away into insignificance

My companions give me strength

Because our destinies are intertwined

I lead but sometimes I follow

And our journey has the magic of discovery

Which sprinkles wisdom down upon us

Like shelter in a storm

Or light in an endless tunnel of uncertainty

Things happen to daunt us

At other times to lift us

Like birds in their mastery of the air

Until we see things undreamed of

In our previous existence

I smile now and then in spite of the occasional disarray

And my silent laughter ripples through the company I keep

To brush away the occasional tear

We are not afraid for there is strength in numbers

A trouble shared is a tear repaired

A flock, a band, a troupe, a throng

What a joy it is to belong

Yes I am never alone on this voyage beyond today

For I am a teacher


The Perfect Man

Franklin Flawless is a perfect man

Unrivalled in every way

If asked for his ID any day

I’m Flawless is all he will say

Now Franklin takes pains to obey every rule

That builds his reputation

And gives him constant salutation

True virtue by imputation

He is loyal to the core to his native land

Intensely patriotic

Regarding treason as idiotic

With a passion almost psychotic

When his country goes to war

He votes wildly for conscription

Accepts the warlike prescription

Ignoring war crime description

On the matter of asylum seekers

People smugglers get his attention

And he dutifully fails to mention

The woes of indefinite detention

He’s invested with force in a company

Though its finances are unethical

He’s claimed to be antithetical

And so he appears to be ethical

Later he went into business

And learnt to cover his tracks

Despite the government’s’ constant attacks

He managed to pay little tax

Now his life flows on as the saying goes

His status is in good condition

He’s risen in the world as an apparition

To become a politician

Now he makes the law with verve what’s more

And shares with the world his anecdotes

His own perfection each day he promotes

But he’d still sell his soul for your votes

Now conclusion with reiteration

He’s unrivalled in every way

When they seek his ID each day

I’m Flawless is all he can say



The sun set fast

Like a dream of the past

As history became a rhyme

The shadows of deeds

Echoed false creeds

But I thought of another time

Memories came

Like points in a game

I recalled a world blessed with purity

Then came pollution

A dark revolution

That put a bruise on futurity

I wandered close by

Like a pig in its sty

Squirming in contamination

While a voice in the air 

Could be heard to declare

It’s all for the good of the nation

But the rivers went blank

And the harbour stank

While toxins haunted the air

The ocean rocked

As the plastic shocked

While the seagulls cried in despair

Then the wind came fast

With a fiery blast

And wildfire tore up the skies

Death came down

Like the weeping clown

And destruction met my eyes

When I looked at this world

My despair unfurled

At the ghastly vision forming

Then I sobbed in defeat

Amidst the heat

And the terror of global warming

So the time has come

To beat a drum

And nurture a transformed belief

That the unholy mission

Of endless competition

Is forever a doctrine of grief


ParraCAN Stall 13.4.13 Parramatta Mall
The Visitor

Thank you for the invitation

It is good to be here with you

You might wonder what I can do

With the information you give me

Well quite frankly it’s gold

Now the coal mine for instance

A good proposition

Despite the opposition from the lunatic fringe

Shares are promising

And the press are onside

With the radio jocks vociferous

They put the aye in deride

Now what about gas fracking?

I think we have growing support

Did you hear our radio man berate

The farmers who lock the gate?

Yes of course there are flaws

Underground pollution and all that stuff

The Greens are raving about

But there’s money in it

It’s wealth untold

More things in heaven and earth Horatio

But our philosophy is linked to the market

That means no limits

A mission statement bound for fruition

Along the Glory Road

And speaking of roads

What’s happening with highway repairs?

Is the funding going 

To the right places?

We need to watch this

Where there’s pork there’s a barrel

So we’re wearing handout apparel

Finally my friend, what about Jones?

Is he still working for a spill?

Ah! That’s good

I was hoping that’s what you would say

So we can go ahead with our plans

Bravo! And away we go

Well that’s about it for the present

Thank you for having me here

Together we’ve surged past first base

Everything is falling into place 


Social Distancing

The most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help. 

Ronald Reagan

I wandered lonely as a crowd

In the land of Devil-May-Care

Where I found walking in the streets

All the dreams of yesterday

Every vision had a human face

With troubled eyes looking everywhere

The COVID fear was in the air

Like a mischievous fog

Settling here swirling there

Touching haunted figures

On stooped shoulders and on hair

Making them hurry away from each other

Like lambs from the butchery

As the big clock struck high noon

Not thirteen as it did in another place

But twelve relentlessly

One toll replacing another eleven times

Sonorous, deep

Like thunderclaps asleep

Until the counting ceased into silence

That settled on everything everywhere…

It was a hushed foretelling

Something else was about to happen

And then it came, to the sound

Of a drumbeat of hearts

Relentlessly rising in volume

Louder, louder, louder

As if predicting a guillotine was about to fall

But the fall did not come

Instead came a voice Prime Minister

It said we are all united 

In the face of a common danger

And the government’s task

Is to save each soul

However poor or sick or frail, 

Young or old you may be

Those words soothed through troubled space

For me a final act of grace

It was then that I knew

That the government was doing its work

The revolution had come


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