You can write well without despair.  Triumph is not so far away. Attribution:
You can write well without despair. Triumph is not so far away.
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Royce Levi’s Better Essays:

 Attribution: Sean MacEntee (2011), Creative Commons
Attribution: Sean MacEntee (2011), Creative Commons

Thank you so much for coming here.


I love Teaching. Education has changed my life. Maybe you and I can change yours.

  • I have been a full-time teacher in New South Wales for exactly 50 years.
  • During that period I have taught, programmed and tested eventually for EVERY grade K-12, in 14 schools over 29 years.
  • During that period I have lectured full time in Education at three universities for 21 years.
  • During that period I have gained (part time) a BA (English/History/ University of Newcastle NSW) an MEd (Classroom Dynamics – UNSW) and an MA (Merit) (English Literature and Theatre History – University of Sydney).
  • During that period I was promoted to Primary List 1 and Secondary List 3.
  • During that period I was Head of a History Department in a Girls’ High School and Head of English History in a co-ed school.
  • During that period I was appointed to university teaching. Among other things, I coordinated a university preparation program whose graduates performed ahead of any other identified undergraduate cohort
  • Since ceasing full time employment I have written several books now in the National Library.

Now I have time in retirement so if you need essay help, contact me. I’ll do my best to help you. I still love teaching and still want to teach. So your home can be my new classroom or lecture theatre.

  • I have marked thousands of essays– HSC and university material.
  • Teaching writing has been my lifetime profession.
  • My own research has shown me that essays are VERY common problems for students and others.
  • So if you feel you need me,  I will try to turn your home into a succesful place where you can write essays that I can mark and give you useful feedback..

My ABN 28427035871.

My fee is $50 per per visit to you, one hour or more as needed, with marking by me at my home included. We learn so much by correcting marked errors or weaknesses.

In the end you must take responsibility for everything you write. I will however, enjoy doing my best to help you.

Good going anyway, whether we meet or not.

If you need me, here I am:

Use this contact to arrange times.




Attribution: Images here are my own or drawn from Wiki Commons or Creative Commons. My deep gratitude to the artists who have given them to me. Inspired by their skill, I have taken their artistry and run with it in my direction to help explain my own, personal views. No artist has collaborated with me in any way regarding this activity. I believe this gift is mine to take. If I have transgressed in any way, please advise me and I will immediately fix things.

5 thoughts on “Essay Writing

  1. Hi Royce came across your blog by chance re Vietnam, as a consequence I thought I’d direct you to a Vietnam Veteran Association of Australia Project that I am in charge of, that is to bring home the remaining 25 out of 521 Vietnam Veteran Soldiers buried outside of Australia.
    Please go to the website below and perhaps support us by going to the Petition site also if you agree with the premise please send this on to all your followers.

    Yours sincerely
    Bob Shewring

  2. Welcome Bob. I have visited your site. Congratulations on the work you are doing.

    It is quite an honour to sign your petition. I’m a pensioner and pretty unread author, otherwise I would try to lend a financial hand. But I will give all the support I can in this cyber world of ours. I am moved enough to support your project in the next post I am writing and will include a link. That is not just hollow diplomacy.The spirit of what you are doing is moving, and certainly compatible with the things I hope to do in my remaining time, so good luck and best wishes to you and the deserving people you are working for. I’ll be in touch.



  3. Hi Royce just a catchup note to let you know that on the 25th May 2015 the PM annunced that they (the Government) would bring home those Vietnam veterans whom their relatives or widows wanted home for repatriation back to be reburied with full Military honours on Australian soil.

    Thanks for your support every bit helped.

    Bob Shewring
    Project Director Operation “Bring Them Home”

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