It’s Not Cricket.

“It’s not cricket.” Did you know that the first recorded use of that expression in England was early in the seventeenth century when folk were accused of playing cricket on a Sunday. That was one way out of a Laurel and Hardy “revolting development.” An excuse was needed to avoid God’s wrath. Regarding the rulesContinue reading “It’s Not Cricket.”

On Teaching and “Productivity”

Some Recent Thoughts One click ¬†on “TEACHING” below will give you access to the thoughts, and to a poem I wrote soon after I retired in 2004 from a teaching post in a Sydney high school. TEACHING Regarding that poem, education ministers and administrators should remember that the students below the test mean are halfContinue reading “On Teaching and “Productivity””

Title: To Know Is To Be Responsible

The words of my title here are from Mordecai Vanunu. They are my inspiration. ¬†Subtitle: Education On Probation I have noticed¬†so many dark deeds¬†in my eighty odd years I will feel guilty unless I at least draw attention to some of them now. That is why I am writing this. So let us begin a¬†journeyContinue reading “Title: To Know Is To Be Responsible”

A Return Journey

  Dear friends of this site. ¬†I am so sorry to have been absent from this place for so long. ¬†I have been sick and overwhelmed by other challenges. I am happy to be back and fit as a Stradivarius although not as valuable. ¬†I shall try to be here at least once a weekContinue reading “A Return Journey”