I Try To Understand

Right now people all around me seem to be on drugs – word drugs. As I watch their narcotised, stupefied, insensible, befuddled, delirious, hallucinating behaviour I feel as though I have just fallen into Alice’s Wonderland. Why is this so? I try to understand. Rudyard Kipling once said that words are the most powerful drugsContinue reading “I Try To Understand”

Words are crucial; so study and protect them.

Words. Loaded pistols said Sartre. Powerful drugs said Kipling. Yes, the true meanings of words seem to vary in these recent times.  So-called “truth” constantly needs further investigation. This little piece of fiction plays around with that idea. Dr Yorec Veil Doctor Veil is a former citizen of Elysium, in the Land Of Two Rivers.Continue reading “Words are crucial; so study and protect them.”