A Different History

How Nincompoops Destroyed The Roman Empire   New Research Reveals A Distorted History The Roman Empire is not what it used to be. In fact, it doesn’t exist anymore. Why is this so? The answer: because idiots destroyed it. Exceptionalism in Rome Was Based Merely On Symbols.  Ancient Romans were constantly urged to make RomeContinue reading “A Different History”

Further to this matter of words

How can we do justice to the importance of words? We speak. We listen. We write. We read. In all my teaching years I have tried to tell my students that with these deeds we can change the world. There was a Chinese saying I often shared with those students: I hear what you sayContinue reading “Further to this matter of words”


Inspired by Don Chipp’s famous words  “keep the bastards honest” I wrote the book illustrated above in 2005. The title caused a bit of a stir. I was even interviewed on the ABC a couple of times. In the current political climate, I can’t resist drawing attention to it again. Before I end this briefContinue reading “A Survival Guide For DISHONEST POLITICAL BASTARDS”