Some Lessons From History

Image Source: Creative Commons: All Hail To The Expert! What must I think in the face of life’s daily challenges? What is my acceptable course to follow in times of stress? Why, just listen to an expert stupid. A nice accredited answer this,  you might say. The final solution to the thought processes ofContinue reading “Some Lessons From History”

Viva The United Nations!

Image Source: Creative Commons Public Domain A certain prime minister is apparently worried about an often-ill-defined borderless global community and worse still, an unaccountable internationalist bureaucracy. Sounds a bit like EU to me. Or the victors at Versailles in 1919. Could the right honourable gentleman be thinking of the United Nations? I hope not. WhenContinue reading “Viva The United Nations!”

The Climate Irate

Wake up World! Get your priorities right. It’s about getting people into jobs. Violent storm is a profitable norm. Don’t let the fear make you waver. There’s work as a consequence – replacement of the defacement. So the budget’s still balanced, stupid. It’s about getting people into jobs.  Predatory wildfire is in fact a boon. Don’t letContinue reading “The Climate Irate”