And The Rivers Rose

POEMS OF TROUBLED TIMES Preface These poems were all written in May 2019. The poems are about people and the weather. The ideas each contains may be different but there is that common thread. Young people in particular these days seem to be passionate about global warming. Recent examples of this emotion in young demonstratorsContinue reading “And The Rivers Rose”

Poems Still

Ein Reich Look at youFlaunting your racist catch-criesPosing as well meaning but suffering heroesWhile all that you desire is powerThe ill-gotten gains from lies and subterfugeThe case you put for white supremacyRings around the firmament like auction patterStressing this, condemning thatLike witless herdsmen’s bellowing at cattleWhile you pose as righteousYou punish the needyWith your violentContinue reading “Poems Still”

Poetry Still Emerges

Intruder On Recent Troop Movements Get to Hell out of my placeI don’t want bullies sharing my time and spacePeace and love are my partnersNot fanatical oppressorsWho march around the countrysideFlexing their muscles, flaunting their powerLooking for a fightAnd threatening to destroy divergent spiritsAre you listening to meOr is our pseudo friendshipMerely a device toContinue reading “Poetry Still Emerges”

Yet More Poems

Cracked Pot You are a foolA simpleton a moron a dullardI stand by my definitionsLook at youMasquerading as a geniusAu faitWith all the solutions the world needsGiving patriotic speeches written by someone elseGesturing grandlyAnd leading people astrayWith the skill pf a misbegotten card sharpMouthing platitudes reflecting attitudesThat belong in the pastMedieval witch-hunts to be preciseStirringContinue reading “Yet More Poems”