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Hansard: Who Owns The Truth?

Who owns the truth?

Mister Speaker

That is a question to shake

The cosmos

Until the sky falls apart 

A matter of rightful possession

Should a cunning warlike clique 

With their power at its peak

Use their guiles

To hide the files

On their deeds of warcrime transgression?

Now the makers of rules 

Are not all fools

So there is a law

Even in war

That morality needs to apply

So just suppose

As the saying goes

A foul deed has been discovered

Causing death to many civilians

An evil deed uncovered

Affecting the lives of millions

Is there no right to the truth they hide?

Should a sin be classified?

If a writer on seeing a wrong

Tells the tale

And ends in gaol

What is 

The ephemeral reason?

Can telling the truth be treason?

Is fact a commodity

A tangible oddity

To be hidden by gangsters

With the glee of pranksters

So that felons avoid prosecution?

Should a voice of reality

Be a fatality

Accused of the ultimate solution?

To preclude such a tale of human woe

Mister Speaker

My answer is : “No.”


Rejoice-in-iniquity News

Invite ’em then delight ’em

And so proceed ad infinitum 

There’s been a knife murder

In Ryde today

Blood on the road

Crime tape display

A baby is snatched 

In a shopping centre

A man in a toilet

Only women should enter

A youth in a car is running wild

Three are dead including a child

A cleaner finds a body wrapped in a curtain

Cause of death remains uncertain

Rape alleged by a football star

Evidence points to the back of a car

Snatch and grab theft in a corner store

A crime repeated several times more

Savaged by a dog

An infant dies

A terrorist is tried for selling lies

An addict is arrested in Centennial Park

Police form a cordon after dark

A distinguished man denies carnal knowledge

A pedophile sacked from a private college

A youth has murdered a family of five

A baby is killed on a parent’s drive

A tourist is missing causing alarm

A boy is shot on an outback farm

For the first time vision

Of a starry night

A surgeon gives a blind boy

The gift of sight

Final step with the list completed

Benign words must be deleted



A plant that grows where it is not wanted

Is defined by wont as a weed

It may be striking or grandiose

But if it’s unwelcome it is indeed

A weed

The patch of today

Promotes the weed

As an icon of subterfuge nurtured by greed

That springs up fast 

In counterfeit places

Truthfully titled

Developed disgraces

And its shadow falls across

Things of beauty

Depriving gardens of history’s duty

These plants of ignominy curse the toil

And dominant, pollute all human soil

Image from Creative Commons: The Conversation.com

In For The Kill

The efficient market is a dangerous place

Lined with the bones of the human race

Supply and demand

You must expand

The rich and powerful fraternity

Will market you into eternity

Free enterprise is the sacred saying

That carefully implements the paying

Compete I repeat

Till the quest is complete

The myths of profit abound

Crush your rival

Lie for survival

When the dealer comes around

With ethics in tatters

You know all that matters

Is the market call when the bell rings

It’s where tricksters deal

And know how you feel

When the fat lady finally sings

So sanctify your name

Multiply the fame

Ride forth like a knight into battle

Take over your foes

Auction off their woes

Till you hear your money tins rattle

Then play the absurd

As you spread the word

Along the internet voice wire

Extend the vigour

Of your monetary rigour

As you build your fiduciary empire

It’s no ivory tower

This region of power

As you reach your utmost extension

Your rivals will fall

With no name at all

Worth more than desultory mention 

So take up your mission

Beyond the mere vision

Of minor shows tied to the road

Shine forth in your glory

To end your fine story

On the highway with Mister Toad


The Gilded Smile

A political lobbyist

Is a peddler of guile

With a gilded smile

Who buys privation

Of the needs of a nation

And puts a price on everything

In the cause of his vanity

To mislead humanity

He cloaks in mystery

The path of history

With a lavish pecuniary pose

And a carat

Near a dollar-bill nose…

So let us consider briefly how 

The elastic system works

First we have 

The efficient market quirks

That bring competition

To a well paid position

As the green-eyed monster

With currency hair

Gobbles up all opposition

Big government is the specified curse

So you sell it off for better or worse

Cut back the size as you organise

To privatise or fall

What follows is a hex

On all

As bills are passed to reward

The few as one

And the money flow has only just begun

Markdown of government power is set in train

As the lobbyist holds out his eager hand again

Until there is left but little faint resistance

At the sale

Of the precious tools of flesh and blood existence


Bye for now,


Tea Break From The Cricket

Poems Through A Glass Starkly


  A Word On The Yellow Press

That picture above of the Yellow Kid is linked to the reason we have the current term “Yellow Press.” The cartoon character was the creation of Richard Fenton Outcault who was working in the 1890s in the United States for the extremely racist media mogul Joseph Pulitzer and his New York World. Outcault with his narrative cartoon style is generally regarded as the beginner of newspaper comics.

The Kid was an overtly shallow and uneducated character and spoke in a kind of  uneducated and “immigrant” language. One key aim: denigration. Pulitzer would have been pleased with the colour yellow as he had an intense hatred of Chinese, especially the mid-nineteenth century gold seekers. The head of the Kid was shaved, a common sight in that age of head lice, and he wore a nightshirt that was an inheritance from a sister and on which were written strange, attention getting statements that many thousands of readers took delight in.

Now the story of the Yellow Kid or, to give him his appointed name Mickey Dugan, has a quite startling relevance to our contemporary lives. His adventures were set in a New York Slum – Hogan’s Alley – in a time of widespread poverty and vast social and racial tension. These exploits captured the interest of a multitude. Newspapers largely without real news suddenly were beginning to make a profit – a big profit. Two pennies bought Mickey; to Hell with thinking about worldly matters!

The Yellow Kid was very significantly a distraction from vital news. He sold newspapers and helped change Pulitzer’s insignificant rag into a goldmine of 300,000 circulation. Arm in arm with rape and murder and scandal and war the Kid helped set a news-media pattern that still exists all around us today. The task for Pulitzer and Hearst was not to educate with true, important information but rather to present news selectively and fill the gaps with non sequiturs. That meant attract attention in your market in any way you can.

So today, when chosen samples of worthless and sensational trivialities seize our time and create a vast ignorance of reality, the  name”Yellow Press” is relevant. Mickey Dugan and his world live on.

Randolf Hearst saw the yellow light and stole Outcault from Pulitzer with a higher salary. The Yellow Kid remained the property of Pulitzer (verified by court decision) but another colour achieved similar objectives. But the diversion from reality continued. Other distractions like Buster Brown flourished.

Here is Buster.Buster_Brown_alone_mod_color-1

Attribution: Publisher: New York Herald. Date: May 4, 1902. Artist: Richard F. Outcault.

In contrast to the Yellow Kid, Buster Brown was good looking. Buster Keaton at the time was a child actor so the name was popular. The character was drawn first for Pulitzer but when Outcault transferred to Hearst the character went too as another circulation booster for Pulitzer’s former protege and then his rival. Buster appeared for both magnates but a court decision forbade the use of the name by Hearst. Hearst created many more circulation boosting comic figures. Let us not be too hard on the comics as a distraction. They often entertain after all. It’s non stop murder, rape, scandal and violence including war subject matter that need a line to be drawn. The saddest line of all is always a Siegfried line. What have the media done recently to stop wars?


An Examination of Testing 

It’s testing time in the madhouse

As the beasties seek to see

If the alphas, gammas or deltas

Deserve a right to be

But the testers have delusions

That illusions must be inclusions

So that all they ever find at best

Is who can do their test

No data on morality in this ordeal hiatus

Just an empty number that proclaims your evil status

Sweet alpha we cannot kiss today for I’m an epsilon

I failed their test and can you guess I am now fit to be spat upon?

So all we humble guinea pigs must make a contribution

While flaws and lies imposed on us have a normal distribution

Someone should write a poem now to expose this dark stupidity

Reliable yes to sort the sheep but what about the validity?

Attribution. Cartoon Source: http://www.thelandscapeoflearning.com/2012/09/please-climb-that-tree.html Date of Visit: 16 October, 2017



 Ad Ventures In The Gloom

Whoops we diddle and take ‘em down

Fiddle the riddle and kindle the middle

Bash the rash and fake the cash

All for the sake of a sale O

Beguile the smile and sell off the Nile

Export the nought to feed the rort

Flog the log till we’re all agog

All for the sake of a sale O

Enchant the egg to fall off the wall

Invent a rent for the incident

Conjure the wise to standardise

All for the sake of a sale O

Walk like a noodle to feed the fake

Peddle a medal to market the rash

Rat the fink so the price will sink

All for the sake of a sale O

Hoodwink the horde but smile the while

Hoax the folks and delude the fool

Inveigle the bagel to feed the greed

All for the sake of a sale O

Outwit the weather and say it’s fine

Pull a fast one on the last one

Cock-a-doodle let us canoodle

All for the sake of a sale O

17 October 2017


Attribution: Source Creative Commons; precise origin unknown.


Attribution: Source Creative Commons. Link: https://unclestinky.wordpress.com/category/pop-culture-stench/page/2/ Date: 17/8/2017

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