Please Spend Time With The Remarkable Ernest McQuillan OAM NOW

A day in Ern’s life┬áso many decades ago What does a day in your life mean to you? Much routine, no doubt. Work somewhere, unless you are like me and dispensed with. Then home. But What of Ern’s Day? Rather different from yours or mine it’s quite an adventure to tell you. I’ll do myContinue reading “Please Spend Time With The Remarkable Ernest McQuillan OAM NOW”

Racing: More On The Importance Of Being Ernest McQuillan

This race book is a kind of carbon copy of many  years for Ern. The W S Cox Plate for 2014 has just been run at the time of my writing of this post. Ern and I feel we owe the remarkable Cox family the respect of beginning this post with a link to its positionContinue reading “Racing: More On The Importance Of Being Ernest McQuillan”


Fate plays strange tricks on ordinary people sometimes. It did with me when I first met Ernest Mervyn McQuillan. That was about two years ago. I was the ordinary person. Ern was, among other remarkable things, the trick that Fate played on me.   The meeting arranged by my friend Les Johns did the trick.Continue reading “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST McQUILLAN”