More Thoughts On Things

Image Attribution: Creative Commons TRT World Argumentum ad Hominem Come right in despite your sin I am organised to receive you But your problem is you may not win As it’s very hard to believe you I note you treat as a vast abyss  International law Is there a reason I can’t dismiss For yourContinue reading “More Thoughts On Things”

Overheard Voices

Image Attribution: Public Domain: The Music Network War Cuisine Have you noticed  How some leaders cook  With a recipe of hostility?  They take a concoction of enemies  Add a portion of land and earthly possessions,  A generous quantity of patriotism  Assiduously mixed with racism and false rumour  Blended in a sauce of greed with aContinue reading “Overheard Voices”

Yet More University Adventures

The Phoenix People performing in a TIE play: Imagination Can Set You Free: Nepean CAE in the 1970s Maybe you have seen my descriptions of earlier journeys into academia. This is an account of my studies for a third degree. Special memories. What a powerful influence on our lives the theatre has been. It isContinue reading “Yet More University Adventures”