Poems Dear Reader

Advice To The Mature SoYou are old my friend and sufferingFrom feelings of rejectionAwaken brave soul; it need not be soFor you have the power of experienceA might, a vigour, an energyUnknown to the poor, misguided onesWho think youth is the prime of lifeCome nowAnd let us consider the triumph of agePoliticians have crossed yourContinue reading “Poems Dear Reader”

Yes, Still More Poems

Discrimination O joy is mine in a lovely worldI am an adult maleMy skin is whiteAnd I am normal in every wayPlay tennis and golfWith a skill that matches my normalityWork with diligence in a bankControlling the lives of so manyWith overt good willAnd obeisance to all the rules of commerceHave an ideal homeWith aContinue reading “Yes, Still More Poems”

Poems Continue Further

Minister Of War You pompous bellicose clownOgre of deceitConstant source of calculated fearProclaiming that you keep our nation safeSafe from what?Your belligerence?The enemy you conveniently concoct?Danger is your mission in lifeYou see it everywhereAnd where it doesn’t existYou invent itTo justify your vast expenditure on weaponsThere’s a lot of profit in them isn’t there?Money forContinue reading “Poems Continue Further”