Yet More New Poems

Mission Statement Everything is a part of the economyBalance sheets determine all destinies these daysPeople don’t act with free will any moreThey simply obediently consumeBrains are no longer merely washedThey are dry cleanedSo you do as others wishAs fashionable consumptionWhile the state funds private powerSo rally round the flag boysYou journeymen with a missionPrivatise yourContinue reading “Yet More New Poems”

And More New Poems

Integrity Is that image really you?YouWho have considerable influence on the lives of othersIncluding meIt’s amazing how many places you visitIn a single dayEven more amazingIs the presence of cameras there to film youAre you really a convivial, caring, wise paragon of goodwill?Or are you nothingBut an icon with manufactured identity?I hear what you sayResponsesContinue reading “And More New Poems”

More New Poems

Greta Thunberg Bombs falling!Water bombsWhat deadly chaos!Just look at that rainThe world is grieving tears in floodAll those dwellings now covered in mudWreckage of lives floating down riversThat old woman was swept away tooMissed the safety her rooftop deliversNow can you hear Greta Thunberg’s warningStill echoing in the wind?Do you remember the abusive scenesThe daggersContinue reading “More New Poems”