Wayward Thoughts

Quod erat demonstrandum Ode to a media personage Look at youYou cunning deceiverArtful falsifierSharp-witted monstrosity of the airwavesChoosing to questionSomeoneWhose answers you already knowQuestions flow from your lipsLike drivelFrom the mouth of a circus monkeyTrained to make purposive mistakesAnd so the show goes onAs you post the trashFor the sake of your own political agendaDealingNotContinue reading “Wayward Thoughts”

What Do YOU Think?

Enemies SoYou want to build weaponsMore powerfulThan we could ever dream ofVast devices linked to fissionPerfect in every wayBut O so costlyNot millions but billions is the predictionSo someone must be inspired to payThough what is the point in a peaceful world?Of course, yesEnemies are neededSo devise them, contrive themThen stir the witches’ brewWith theContinue reading “What Do YOU Think?”