Writing On

Dwellers In Tomorrow I walk in tomorrow’s gardens Where dreams come true  Or fade away into insignificance My companions give me strength Because our destinies are intertwined I lead but sometimes I follow And our journey has the magic of discovery Which sprinkles wisdom down upon us Like shelter in a storm Or light inContinue reading “Writing On”

More Thoughts On Things

Image Attribution: Creative Commons TRT World Argumentum ad Hominem Come right in despite your sin I am organised to receive you But your problem is you may not win As it’s very hard to believe you I note you treat as a vast abyss  International law Is there a reason I can’t dismiss For yourContinue reading “More Thoughts On Things”

Overheard Voices

Image Attribution: Public Domain: The Music Network War Cuisine Have you noticed  How some leaders cook  With a recipe of hostility?  They take a concoction of enemies  Add a portion of land and earthly possessions,  A generous quantity of patriotism  Assiduously mixed with racism and false rumour  Blended in a sauce of greed with aContinue reading “Overheard Voices”

Yet More University Adventures

The Phoenix People performing in a TIE play: Imagination Can Set You Free: Nepean CAE in the 1970s Maybe you have seen my descriptions of earlier journeys into academia. This is an account of my studies for a third degree. Special memories. What a powerful influence on our lives the theatre has been. It isContinue reading “Yet More University Adventures”

Another Poetical Outburst

Image Attribution: Creative Commons, “Bluemoon ” by Craig Deakin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Man In The Moon The Man In The Moon will be speaking soon So I hope you’ll be paying attention If you lend your ear to his merry tune You might even get a mention Ah there he is coming pastContinue reading “Another Poetical Outburst”

Still More University Days And Nights

Another Continuation of My University Story I began my MEd studies the year after I graduated with my BA, 1968. In the meantime I moved from my position at Granville Boys High School to History Master at Dover Heights Girls High School. Geographically my new teaching position was relatively close to the University of NewContinue reading “Still More University Days And Nights”