Let us shut our eyes and talk about the weather…

Image Source: Creative Commons: unsplash.com Once upon a time there was a Weatherman. He was a friendly fellow, unimposing but trustworthy. People listened to his words with respect and planned their future accordingly. Like warmth in winter or a cool breeze in summer he was always a welcome part of any day. His persona reachedContinue reading “Let us shut our eyes and talk about the weather…”

The Climate Irate

Wake up World! Get your priorities right. It’s about getting people into jobs. Violent storm is a profitable norm. Don’t let the fear make you waver. There’s work as a consequence – replacement of the defacement. So the budget’s still balanced, stupid. It’s about getting people into jobs.  Predatory wildfire is in fact a boon. Don’t letContinue reading “The Climate Irate”