More Passing Thoughts

Lies Lies are the potent tools of modern life Their degree of use  Is an intricately woven pattern of deception At the least dangerous level Is the Barefaced Lie This is simple to recognise And brings the user most often contempt A folly easily detectable A more treacherous level is the Rogue Distortion Characterised byContinue reading “More Passing Thoughts”

Still More Reflections In A Broken Looking Glass

Fisherman My kingdom is rocks by the sea For I am a fisherman On many a dawn in the early light I stand erect In defiance of the waves That crash around my feet Cane rod pointing towards the sky Poised for the battle In my quest to conquer a dweller of the deep CunningContinue reading “Still More Reflections In A Broken Looking Glass”

More Reflections In A Broken Mirror

Retrenched I am not employed any more Too old at fifty-seven Thirty-five years I worked for that firm Making electric motors I knew my stuff Learnt the hard way Went to night school for my trade needs Mastered all skills pretty well Endured the odd tyrant as a boss But that was no real problemContinue reading “More Reflections In A Broken Mirror”

Reflections In A Broken Mirror

Image Attribution: Wikimedia Commons:  Screenshot from Shoes (1916) featuring actress Mary MacLaren, directed by Lois Weber. Housewife I married Alexander when I was nineteen Just after leaving school It was the Great Depression and we had little money We brought three sons into the world So a career outside the home Was unthinkable for meContinue reading “Reflections In A Broken Mirror”