Tea Break From The Cricket

Poems Through A Glass Starkly   A Word On The Yellow Press That picture above of the Yellow Kid is linked to the reason we have the current term “Yellow Press.” The cartoon character was the creation of Richard Fenton Outcault who was working in the 1890s in the United States for the extremely racistContinue reading “Tea Break From The Cricket”

Please Spend Time With The Remarkable Ernest McQuillan OAM NOW

A day in Ern’s life so many decades ago What does a day in your life mean to you? Much routine, no doubt. Work somewhere, unless you are like me and dispensed with. Then home. But What of Ern’s Day? Rather different from yours or mine it’s quite an adventure to tell you. I’ll do myContinue reading “Please Spend Time With The Remarkable Ernest McQuillan OAM NOW”