Thoughts As I Pass By

The Flames Of Hell Politics 2021 The boat is terribly overcrowdedErebus is having a nervous breakdownDue to unprecedented numbersOf boat people who are not the usual refugeesQueueing up for end of the line transport…In the world aboveLies are on Ford’s assembly lineOccurring like flies on thrown away Big MacsSo that belowThe flames are curling aroundContinue reading “Thoughts As I Pass By”

As I Wandered Through The Day

Jockey There you standWhip in handBright colours catching the eyeWhite glovesBlack bootsHelmet for protection and subtle padding elsewhere …Beneath the pizzazz that you wearLies subtle braveryNot obvious as you stand there in the mounting yardLooking casual and relaxedDiminutive yet significantFor you will make decisions in the next short timeThat will matter to the apostles ofContinue reading “As I Wandered Through The Day”

Still Not Averse To Verse

They Who Hesitate Will Be Lost On Current Political Discord In Australia: October 2021 Look at themMumbling and fumbling while the world is crumblingInto the dust of self interestAs a powerful minorityHolding the reins of the horses of the ApocalypseGallop over the cosmic cliffs of climate denialInto the turbulent fatal oceanOf no returnWhere lie theContinue reading “Still Not Averse To Verse”

The Realms of Gold Still Open

Compliance in 2021 Some folkAre so afraid of other peopleThey will never follow instructionsEven edicts backed by lawAre defiedUnder the pretence of freedomOr similar clichés of wrong doing disguisedOrders are a curseTo these divergent onesWho these days tend to cluster in the streetsOr other public placesWaving banners and shouting abuseAt integrityMind you, one should alwaysContinue reading “The Realms of Gold Still Open”

More Poems Knocking On The Door

Development Development is the way of the worldLet us expandNot according to the needs of civilisationBut merely in terms of the triumph of opportunistsWhoever does the dealThe best dealBecomes the authorised vandalTo eliminate the oldHide the sky with concreteBuild stairways to the heaven of profiteersCrowd gullible people into belfries with no bellsThe slums of tomorrowMutilateContinue reading “More Poems Knocking On The Door”

And Yet Still More

Injustice I once knew a manYears agoLong time passingWho was treated very harshly by my peersVilifiedMaligned with abuseCast aside from the normality of endorsed existenceDrivenInto the isolation reserved for the guiltyWhere even the virtuous fear to goLest they too are ostracisedIsolatedLike a leper from the pastDecried by voicesThat questioned his humanityI met him onceIn hisContinue reading “And Yet Still More”

Some Poems Won’t Stay Hidden

Classroom Conquest Many educatorsLeave the classroom for higher statusAs soon as they canOne of the reasons for thisIs that in every classroomThere will always be an idiotThis makes it so hard for the autocratically inclinedFor the teacher of the youngIt means a challengeEvery day of the school yearFor the high school guruIt is at leastContinue reading “Some Poems Won’t Stay Hidden”

Still A Place For Thoughts

Tomorrow Never Comes I travel every day through a realm of inanityWhere mania walks by, displaying insanityThere people throw stones with a joy that arousesComplete unawareness of their glass housesThey buy vast numbers of things they don’t needObedient to the sirens who cultivate greedThey never read books or appraise the newsOnly talk-back radio decides theirContinue reading “Still A Place For Thoughts”

Poetry Lingers

Safety In Numbers One dark dayA virus came to shatter our nation’s healthLockdowns occurred and advisers spokePassing judgements linked to our wealthWhen seventy percent are vaccinatedBusiness will resumeSo three out of ten of us may dieBut it’s worth the risk we assumeWe must learn to face the pain of existenceThere is always a risk inContinue reading “Poetry Lingers”