Writing On

Dwellers In Tomorrow I walk in tomorrow’s gardens Where dreams come true  Or fade away into insignificance My companions give me strength Because our destinies are intertwined I lead but sometimes I follow And our journey has the magic of discovery Which sprinkles wisdom down upon us Like shelter in a storm Or light inContinue reading “Writing On”

Memories Of A Second Class Cricketer

A Good Innings  III “Look after that shine please!” John Blomley, Brilliant Swing Bowler Attribution: Wiki Commons I have explained earlier, in my personal cricket narrative, that in 1958 I gave up my sporting ambition and returned to teaching. My appointment at a one-teacher school in the outer reaches of the Hunter Valley, with week-dayContinue reading “Memories Of A Second Class Cricketer”

On Teaching and “Productivity”

Some Recent Thoughts One click  on “TEACHING” below will give you access to the thoughts, and to a poem I wrote soon after I retired in 2004 from a teaching post in a Sydney high school. TEACHING Regarding that poem, education ministers and administrators should remember that the students below the test mean are halfContinue reading “On Teaching and “Productivity””

Title: To Know Is To Be Responsible

The words of my title here are from Mordecai Vanunu. They are my inspiration.  Subtitle: Education On Probation I have noticed so many dark deeds in my eighty odd years I will feel guilty unless I at least draw attention to some of them now. That is why I am writing this. So let us begin a journeyContinue reading “Title: To Know Is To Be Responsible”