More Auguries

Castle of Deception

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer Yet Again

You are a sinister architect 

Building with your paranoid hands

And your egotistical schemes a fearful castle

Made with the brickwork of your evil dreams

There is a moat which only seems to exist

Fashioned from falsehoods hand over fist

With what seems to be a bridge across it 

That can be raised if truth threatens

It’s watched over by a gate that rises and falls

Made from the steel of the lies one recalls

The castle walls are tall and devilishly dark

Fashioned from promises broken

At their top there are threatening spaces

Whence mystic knights with pallid faces

Fire arrows of pretence as a token of unfettered power

Dungeons infest this dismal keep

Lurking in the gloom of misinformation

Where your enemies dwell

Chained to walls by false prophesy

You can see a mist too curling icy fingers

Around the uncertainty where suspicion lingers

There too is your lectern within this travesty

In a vast hall where darkness never reigns

And your adoring throng gather to hear you speak

Unaware of your treacherous intention

To rule by deceit you dare not mention

Thus you stand on shoulders of demons not giants

And the shadow of your monolith hides the sun


But My Round Of Golf Will Be Played

“I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you. Now watch this drive.” – George W. Bush


The world is in pain

Many thousands are dying

It makes the people afraid

Death has its sting

As the church bells ring

But my round of golf will be played

Lockdown’s should begin

Rebels complain

Though excuses can’t be made

Now only fools

Will ignore the rules

But my round of golf will be played

Hospitals moan

With wards over full

While the nurses’ tempers are frayed

There is no respite

For doctors at night

But my round of golf will be played 

The weather is foul

With conditions extreme

Climate skeptics feel betrayed

Denial of warming

Is habit forming

But my round of golf will be played 

Wild fires rage

Dwellings burn

Families are crushed and dismayed

Climate change

Hits the stock exchange

But my round of golf will be played

The plebs have no work

In this depression

And lots are underpaid

With income halved

Many are starved

But my round of golf will be played

It’s a tragic time

This deadly age

When courage must be displayed

Too many suffer

Without a buffer

But my round of golf will be played


Poor Souls

Prometheus gives fire to mortals—not to mortals of a certain type

Centre For Hellenic Studies, Harvard University

Poor souls defined and then maligned

Unjustifiably confined

For political reasons

In detention detained for all seasons

Food deliverers desperate ones

Working in the streets on dangerous runs

Slaves for a pittance with safety denied

In the past five weeks four have died

Mother with a child all on her own

Working to pay off her loan

Young one sick on a working day

She takes the day off without pay

Troubled young man with no home

Has no family and forced to roam

Sleeps in a subway underground

Dreams of a place where peace is found

Old man dying and counting his days

Eking out existence in its last phase

His past glory no longer exists

He’s riven by time and no friend assists

Now here’s a thought for these luckless ones

A place in our mind where fair play runs

As we fund the rich at a furious rate

Why not some place for a welfare state?



The President pardoned a man today…

I sing the song of right and wrong

Mine is the power that hides in its tower

Guilt is determined by others

But freedom’s determined by me

Another’s judgement my will smothers

And I will decide on lenience

To protect each friend of convenience

For the law is an ass and truth a morass

That is bought and sold at a sale

Justice must wait in a shrivelled mass

As power and status prevail

So jurisprudence get thee hence

To hell with the laws of the land

I’m the one who sits on no fence

Holding your fate in my hand

The time has come to beat my drum

Each court is a place of laughter

I don’t have to wait for kingdom come

I rule today and hereafter 

I am in charge with an iron hand

Within this earthly domain

I’ll dictate by decree throughout the land

While all of my vassals remain

So bow to me now if you’ve gone astray

And I’ll throw your crimes away


Herd Immunity

A rally was staged today…

Face death all of you

To hell with masks and social distance

I need a crowd to promote my image

And respond with acclaim to my speeches

Fie on science

Away with logic and avoidance of dying

I create a throng to show adoration

And cheers from gullible creatures

Rave on fools

Respond to my lies like golems

I beguile the mob with glib propaganda

And the guile of warlike preachers

Begone dull care

Let me sway the ignorant crowd

I will control the masses

While quietus is one of my features

So ignore the dead

Nothing will come of nothing

That’s how much I care as people perish

Herd immunity is what each day reaches


The Truth About The Weather

O the wind doesn’t always blow, they say

And the sun doesn’t always shine

This is the reason in their cunning way

They condone the life of the mine

Deceit is in fashion with profit high

It’s the myth of the invisible hand

As we sigh in view of a tortured sky

While free markets rule the land

Thus storms will come like a funeral drum

Till destruction shatters our sanity

Fires will burn a death knell to some

With a doleful dirge for humanity

Political lies will come frequently forth

With pretence that something is done

But gales still rage from the south to the north

In a struggle that cannot be won

Politicians give doom an evasive function

Amidst deadly global warming

They commonly speak with overdone unction

Telling lies that are habit forming

So species die and home losers cry

With disaster overtly deplored

Houses in floods float sadly by

And the real truth of drought is ignored

What fools leaders are to go this far

Without bringing all people together

We will soon be singing our last hurrah

If we keep on ignoring the weather


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