The Poems Keep Coming


Dear sharer of meanings

Who brings effigies of sound into the silence

Endured by others

There is love in your energy

Gentle caring for the deprived

Your face is a mirror of everything

A link to understanding for the cloistered

Strangers who hear nothing

There is passion in your compassion

Such willingness to reach out

Such drive in your movements

As if you truly know the needs

Of your special audience

Understanding is a golden gift

What is life without shared meaning?

You give answers to such questions

And there is triumph in your mastery

So there you are

Unnoticed by the busy majority

Just a part of the furniture

Serviceable, functioning, trusted

To be of service

Yet there is something more:

The tenderness of your movements

The wonder of your signing

Make the world a better place

For everyone

I’m Headed For The Last Roundup

Well here I am on the edge of my own antiquity

People give me a seat on the train these days

I am in that category of need

Kind souls raise their voices too, and slow their speech

To deal with the flaws my age predicts…

On a pension too

No place for me in the workforce now

I was once a teacher

Had an active place in many lives

Learning with others

To participate in life with some decorum

Discovered the hard way what not to do

And felt needed from time to time…

Life now is so different

There’s not much comfort on the shelf

You are dusted off so frequently

And company is so scarce

As you pay the price for living so long

But why is it so?

Why am I now no use to anybody?

After all, I pioneered the use of TV and the net

Heard FDR respond to the Great Depression

Saw lots of spies come in from the cold

Observed Neil Armstrong make one giant leap for mankind

Watched the Berlin Wall come down

So much more I could share with you dear friend

And with the generalised others if they cared enough to listen

Not much luck with an audience so far

But not to worry

Time is a good tutor

More people will learn the truth as their own lives grow longer

And we all have the same destination don’t we?

There are lots of cattle at the last roundup

As I head there I think I have what I need: a final plan that empowers:

Don’t hurry, don’t worry and don’t forget to water the flowers

Yippee Yai-oh, Yippee Yai-ay,

That’s about all that’s left for me to say

The Man Who Doesn’t Exist

As I was going to Strawberry Fair

I met a man who wasn’t there

He was but a thought in the bright sunlight

Yet I knew something wasn’t quite right

When a voice loudly spoke to me

A whisper on my shoulder advised me to flee

But I stayed, although I was anxious and weak

Then in a daze I heard something speak

It said it had built a wondrous wall

And the cost would be not a penny at all

So I looked around me in my daze

Confused by what such a voice portrays

And then I heard it again

“I am the most powerful of men.”

I thought I should bow but didn’t know how

I still don’t know how even now

Then the voice pierced the air again

I knew not how but when

“I cure a disease that is not there,

“I have followers everywhere,

“I’m the richest man on earth.”

These words for me had an eerie mysterious worth

How strange it was on this sunny day

To hear such powerful words at play

With not a person in sight

I curled up my toes in fright

Then came a tirade that blew me away

It made me afraid; what more can I say?

It said an election was all but a fraud

And threatened to put all cheats to the sword

And bury them in a garden

Without a pardon

How I trembled with each fearsome word

Even though the meanings were quite absurd

I paused and raised my hand to shield my eyes

In the bright light I was struck by the same surprise

I looked so keenly and my eyes roamed everywhere

But still not a soul appeared; there was no one there

Time passes to restore the happiness of life

Memories fade and end all pain and strife

Now here’s a thought years later I cannot resist

I no longer fear the man who doesn’t exist

Where Have All The Tall Trees Gone?

Where have all the tall trees gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the tall trees gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the tall trees gone?

Gone as lumber every one

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?

Where has all the lumber gone?

Long time passing

Where has all the lumber gone?

Long time ago

Where has all the lumber gone?

Dealers took it all away

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn? 

Where have all the dealers gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the dealers gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the dealers gone?

Into boardrooms every one

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?

Where have all the members gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the members gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the members gone?

Into parliament every one

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?

Where have all the statesmen gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the statesmen gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the statesmen gone?

To plant trees in deserts every one

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?

Weather Obituary

Dearly beloved

We are gathered here together

To mourn the demise of the weather

Yes there is a sense of loss

Derived from pain inflicted across

The days and nights of our time

Yet memory is a defender that relives the sublime

We remember when the wind was a gentle friend

Not a tyrant of force that brought lives to an end

We all recall still the gentle rain

That helped our pastures grow again

Not the recent agony that troubled flesh and blood

Derived from tempest and destructive flood

Coming to mind as well is the gentle cycle of life

Found through sun and rain without the strife

Of drought and the dreaded curse of fire

That tears apart ambition and desire

So here we are remembering

Conscious of the dismembering 

Power of global warming

Dear friends of the earth

Let us come together united

To save a world benighted

By the follies of our fellow man

That careless indifference abroad since time began

We can change even as we mourn the loss of worldly beauty

Coming together with a sense of noble duty

To comfort nature with a loving embrace

And cool the world for the sake of the human race

I Don’t Know

I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.

Rudyard Kipling

I don’t know what hatches the plot

To destroy the fair air’s charm

I don’t know what causes the rot

And does the earth so much harm

I don’t know why there is dirt in the sky

Pollution to foul the air

I don’t know why man’s deeds go awry

With folly that leads to despair

I don’t know when the world will awaken

And stop making such a mess

I don’t know when they will all be forsaken

Those fools whose names you can guess

I don’t know how in the stark here and now

We can stop the world being tainted

I don’t know how the sacred cow

Is so blindly contaminated

I don’t know where the answer lies

To this universal disaster

I don’t know where I will find clean skies

It’s a problem no mortal can master

I don’t know who the culprit is

The source of this hullabaloo 

I don’t know who’s the destructive whiz

But I hope it isn’t you


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