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Love is a powerful friend amidst chaos

A cooee when you are lost in the mountains

A visit from a doctor when you are ill

Water in a desert of loneliness

A warm fire when you come in from the cold

A kind hand when defeat bars your way

Laughter when gloom thinks it is winning

If you regret a mistake it understands

When the world condemns you it forgives

If you are ostracised it ensures you do not walk alone

Love is magic

It casts a spell on whoever it touches

Love is a connection

For with it two or more become one

Love is eternal

As it survives even after death

So don’t feel sad for me please when I die

For I have found love in my life


Those flowers are nearly dead now

Lingering as they do

In that vase

Watered with human kindness

How lovingly they were put there

Aiming to give delight to a returning loved one

Who had been through the Hell of living with an illness

You can see the last traces of colour

Remaining determinedly

As an incentive to make the most of each hour

Shape is changing too

The way of all living things 

In the end succumbing to time

Shrivelling wrinkling transforming

Into the livery of death

So that soon all that will remain

Is a memory of beauty

And yet

Despite the momentary grief of decay

There is an antidote to ending

Recollection of the smile those flowers conjured forth

When first they were seen

By that troubled, ailing soul

In that sense

A thing of beauty lasts and lasts and lasts

While tomorrow

There will be more flowers

And another vase  

When Will They Ever Understand?

Afghanistan August 2021

It has happened again

Intruders bringing chaos to a foreign land

Yet another invasion

Repulsed by resentful denizens

Desperately hanging on to their own code of ethics

Which is their right according to international law

Irrespective of the inconvenience it causes foreign potentates

Not the first time either

It has happened again and again and again in this place

No child’s learning there is ever free of warfare, bloodshed, struggle

They study mathematics with a data base of death

And the land itself protects all fugitives

It is easy to hide in its caves and valleys and hills

A favourable sanctuary for rebels and dissenters

Who have flourished there down the years

Constantly evoking the ire of powerful, trigger-happy aliens

For whom conference, dialogue and negotiation are dirty words

Where is the wisdom of this intrusion?

When will they ever understand?

When will they ever learn?


Only yesterday I found the tag for faults was solutions

For hate was love

For anger kindness

And for war peace

All this because an old and dying man

Said he still enjoyed living…

All things bright and beautiful were still there for the seeing

He cheerfully helped me understand

His category for existence obviously lingering on

Even though days were hard and seemingly numbered…

He had lived a long life

That old man

Watched the doers of dark deeds get their way at times

Felt the pain of injustice to others

And the triumph of getting things right occasionally himself

With his own learning process

He had been married to someone he held dear

Raised three children

Paid off a home

And worked like a vassal for his pay

Now his time was running out

Children far away

That wife dead

With nothing to do in retirement but think

And write his memoirs…

So feed all this into your computer, reader

Get the tags right

And the best category I can think of is humanity

Post it on your blog

For all the world to see

That old man by the way, the one I mentioned, was me

Liar: Proud, Magnificent


You are welcome in my presence

As long as you toe the line

You know what I mean

Believe my lies and act accordingly

I need

No demand, respect from you


For I am the world’s most powerful liar

Believe me

That’s the truth

And I grow more powerful every day

Because of my army of acolytes

Who thump their fists against law and order

Walk the streets

Storm the balustrades of truth and justice

To give me power

By denying all reality

Don’t you dare mention logic based on evidence

In my presence

How dare you think in my company

The lunacy of logic has long departed this globe

Lies lies lies

Are the essence of existence in this new age

And time will confirm my deception sublime

So come with me now

Bow your head respectfully

Dance to my seductive music

And it shall follow

According to my plans

Heaven will be discovered in Hell

And we shall all rejoice



I am a number now

Infinity minus one

Part of the data base for all mankind

Someone I have never met

Knows me today better than I know myself

Where I go

What I read

What I spend my money on

Even what I eat

Somewhere in the world

A data base exists

Created in the last two years

More vast than everything mankind ever wrote

Since time began

And there I am, little me

Somewhere in that vastness

A tiny speck

Naked, exposed, available

To any inquisitor who wants my details

For whatever reason providence may decide

It’s a strange feeling this

Found recently

A big brother I didn’t know I had

Someone who clearly cares about me 

What worries me though

Is my sudden awareness that he may well decide

If I am not careful

What happens to me next

There is no soul in a database

It doesn’t reason; it merely calculates

That is the difference between it and me

And that is my danger


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