Yet Again

The Answer Man

A Tribute To A Political Icon:
Identity Obvious

O have you met the Answer Man
Who always has a reply?
If you catch him out or discover his tricks
He will simply tell you a lie
His face radiates integrity
But he never provides any proof
He fakes a smile endorsed with guile
And pretends to tell you the truth
He’s quick off the mark, never hesitates
Ever ready with a solution
If you see through his game and question his fame
He’ll fake a revolution
Rapprochement is his stock in trade
Whenever the going gets tough
He’ll sign a treaty with the Devil
If the outcome puts a blanket on his bluff
He loves to find a media op
To divert attention from his crimes
He poses like a saint in a bed of roses
As on high ever upwards he climbs
If perchance by a whim of the gods
Your path and his should cross
You won’t get a word in when he speaks
Though his words are but fairy floss
So hear this now you would-be voters
When next there is an election
The only way you can save our world
Is to give him a vivisection

Chain Reaction

Strange things just happened in Eternity
A town in the USA
They altered the lives of so many people
On an otherwise normal day
It all began when a bird
Plucked a worm from the ground near a bush
This frightened a bee which hid in a flower
So that when a florist picked that flower
He was painfully stung by that bee
He gave forth a yell as loud as a bell
That frightened an arborist in a tree
Who dropped his saw
Which fell to earth in a highly dangerous way
Striking a passing tourist on the foot
The visitor let forth strong modes of expression
And painfully hopped away
He went too far with his hopping, overbalanced
And fell into a pond
A biologist was doing research in that pond
So a welcome was not forthcoming
The scientist gathered up his tools in a rage
And angrily left the scene
On his way home in his four-wheel drive
His anger ran away with driving skill
And he plunged off the road into a farm
Without opening the gate
The farmer was a quiet, gentle man as all farmers are,
So he hurried across to check on the health
Of his unintended visitor
All was well, apart from a broken light,
So the two began a friendly chat
That was when the rural man learned the truth of global warming
So impressed was he that soon he owned
The world’s first solar driven farm
Such an outcome from such a simple deed
Is why all children need to know about the birds and the bees

Apocalypse 2050

It was the worst of times
Mortal danger was in the air
Fear raised an ugly head
Riddled with snakes like Medusa’s
Nights were silent save for brain crushing thunder
Black but for lightning’s flashing scimitar
Wildfire devoured the forest and houses
Like a starving tyrannosaurus
The wind was a wailing banshee
Shrieking through your bones
Floods were clenched fists
Around everything that moved
And the heat was an incessant fire stoked in Hades
Throughout this maelstrom danced the effigies of fools
Denying reality like men of straw on steroids
Telling lies like Madoff in Wall Street
Creating a fantasia of excuses for not acting positively
In the face of truth about global warming
Never forget how they diverted your attention
From their inane lack of informed action
By replacing scientific verification of our deadly danger
With fairy tales at the bottom of a garden
As part of the destruction and decay of all living things
O how life cries out for mercy
In the face of everything wrongful existence incorporates
Tears stream from eyes beholding consequences
Productive landscapes for food are now deserts of iniquity
Architects’ dreams lie shattered in the rubble of chaos
Islands once havens of endless beauty
Now lie forever entombed beneath the sea
Creatures that once shared with you a varied and exciting world
Are now nothing but IDs of dead species in a text book
Yet still their ghosts look you in the eye
And seek to know with anguished voices
“Why oh why on earth did you do this to me?”


O is success your dream?
Or rather your sinister scheme?
Ride boldly then you unholy strategist
Into the fields of deception
Where the cleverest deceiver
Master of mere appearances and what people see
Becomes the King
Lord of Heaven and Earth
Arbiter of the destinies of gullible fools
Shape there as you will, the destinies of the greedy
Build your empires of unjust power
With the energy of tyrants born to rule
Create towers of dominance reaching to the sky
So that thinking reeds are never allowed to digress
Crush learning as the dangerous tool of the uninitiated
Build alliances
With the chosen affluent few
As you reach with your tainted hand to the stars
Guard your providence well
Bolster it with lies or threats of danger
Invent enemies to excuse your crass investment in war
But beware
Somewhere in a corner of your dark domain
There is a child of tomorrow
This sapling has escaped your control by learning the truth
From an old and dying victim of your curse
One day inevitably, that innocent will prove your guilt
To a new and awakening world

To Write A Poem

So, that’s a good idea
Or, that’s not right
I think I’ll write a poem about it
So the adventure begins
Sometimes the words flow like a river in flood
Other times like a river in drought
That’s no good the rhythm is terrible
That’s better
Still a bit gauche though
What about a rhyme?
That’s better
Now the music’s starting to appear
But it’s a bit artificial though
What really matters is the rhyme of ideas
My best adviser, my son John,
Tells me that
He’s right of course
But my publisher tells me not to say of course
It’s arrogant
So I’ll withdraw it and just say
It seems to me
Meaning is the ultimate solution
You’ve got to find ways to make it crystal clear
Or even inspiring
The old tricks similes and metaphors
Hyperbole, alliteration and assonance for example
Are well known
I might add repetition and say it again
But they in themselves are not the answer
You can’t just push buttons and get a poem
Something else has got to happen
Speak to you from who knows where
Shake you and break you shiver you and shake you
And suddenly you seem free to do what’s necessary
Yes, that’s it
I think I’ll write a poem about that


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