Poems Continue

Back To School

You are reckless with other human lives
Those deaths cannot be ignored
Yes, the virus is a problem
And too many people are dying
But for you business must come first
There is no point in denying
Parents can’t play their usual role
For they are the core of commerce
Those children prevent this when they stay home
So send them back to school
Bury the dead and test the sick
It’s just a diversionary ruse
Fill the seats in those classrooms
And to hell with the latest dire news
That is the plan with its touch of élan
To keep all enterprise thriving
Who cares that the teachers and staff of each school
May be concerned with surviving
Enterprise first though we fear the worst
It’s the curse a state is conniving
All learning is a blessed thing
But not as important as earning
So spread the word though it’s quite absurd
Keep the wheels of industry turning
Let death have its way the keen planners say
All reason and justice denying
As each day passes fill up the classes
And ignore the wise voices’ decrying
That’s it
Be brave in other people’s danger
And a plague on all their houses*

*Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet 3.1.94

Conrad Sillyman

Conrad Sillyman is a major problem
And he boasts of many friends
He’s formed a political party
But that is where wisdom ends
He’s very rich with money to burn
To fund his political schemes
He gives forth mottos like a braying sheep
Pretending to solve your dreams
He’s very active and thus attractive
To the misfits he gives a commission to
They follow his plans and do all the things
He blandly gives them permission to
False promises are his stock in trade
He expands his fame with illusion
The followers he has all succumb to his wiles
Their loyalty based on delusion
As for honour, truth and virtue
He does not care one iota
He will twist reality and fashion bandwagons
In a desperate appeal to the voter
As for the nation, there is no ovation
For this consummate deceiver
And there is a need, yes dire indeed,
To make sure he’s not an achiever
So rally round the flag folks
Be alert to this man’s threat
Reject his promises and empty words
Before more suns have set
Question his motives whenever he speaks
Demand your right to proof
Watch him crumble and see him falter
As he clumsily stays aloof
And then it will follow
As storms follow global warming
He’ll be cast aside as an empty vessel
An ailment that’s habit forming

Political Fantasy

He’s honest
Tells the truth at all times
Doesn’t use Facebook
Or WeChat to promote his image
Abhors glossy phrases
That focus on himself
Gets no lobbyist funds
Or corporate finance
Respects the poor and the disabled
Wants all medicine to be free
University for all without cost
Seeks an independent corruption commission
No alliances with warlike nations
Has compassion for refugees
Supports local industries
Loves the best not the cheapest
Hates war and promotes peace
And justice for all first nations
Condemns global warming demonstrably
Invests willingly in public education
Calls nuclear submarines a stupidity
Detests media monopolies
Is unheard on talkback-radio
And puts social needs ahead of balanced budgets

Why is he so dejected? you may ask
It’s because he is never elected


How dare they impinge on my sanctions
He moans
Take away the free reign our fathers have fought for
He listens to the stentors on radio
On TV and the net
They control his vulnerable mind
They have convinced him
Taught him the lessons of so called freedom
That we all seem heirs to
He will not wear a mask
He will not give obeisance to a lockdown
Above all
He will not be vaccinated
And to Hell with your boosters…

Sure, he may well infect other people
Yes, people may die
But that is a fate we all succumb to
Give me liberty or give me death
Said the icon of human rights*
Our hero chooses death – death for others
According to his rights
In our world of free competition
He will get on with business
Live his life
According to the rights he has learned
Normality will pat him on the active shoulder
As the right to be himself triumphs
And it shall follow
As morning the night
Funerals will be other people’s business
As the death toll rises

  • Said to be Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.
A Prosperous Society

Everything depends on a prosperous society
You dreamers can dream away your future
Without prosperity
It will all come to nothing
Medicine costs money
Education has a price
Vital border security has a balance sheet
We all must attend to
O the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
So what?
That is the way things are
Wealth will trickle down like honey
As long as the weather stays hot
Preserving liquidity
So if you are poor, it’s just too bad
Dregs get what they deserve
So don’t give me any more of that balderdash
Failures are not getting any of my money
To promote their disastrous ways
With me, if you earn it you can wear it
If not, just bear it
So reflect on the mores, the veritable truths
Of our advanced society
If you don’t know it, stow it
Prosperity is the answer
Wealth for the few, sure
But we will share when it suits us
Because all power is in our political hands
I say again
Everything depends on a prosperous society
And the trickle-down fallacy will keep the masses happy
Progress depends on profit
So jealousy of the rich is misplaced
Money is all that the nation needs
This the poor and the needy, the old and infirm just cannot deny
They must find their way amidst the prosperity of others


Here I am
Ignore me at your peril
But notice me and things are worse
My ego is very weak
So I align myself with successful people
Whenever I can
I am often embarrassed by my gauche demeanour
But to counter this I shout loudly
In praise of heroes
Condemning failure
With alarming voracity
Booing is commonplace with me
As a token of my disdain
Sometimes I hiss vehemently
To reinforce potently my disapproval
I have no interest in the welfare of others
So I waste no time on manners or courtesy
Life has given me a set of values
That enable me to focus on the true centre of the universe:
Yet I strongly deny narcissism
Your interest in my identity is understandable
It is proudly revealed to you
At the Australian Open tennis championships
I am a spectator


To the late Betty Shaw, teacher

We walked together you and I
Tears at times
Yet the laughter we shared
Still rings like music around my brain
A caring soul
Rearranged things that harmed the innocent
Lightened the burdens of the needy
And drew attention to wisdom
In an unwise world
These are the things teachers do
A daring soul
Did not tolerate administration follies
Or shoulder arms to fight for ridiculous causes
But showed the power of love
In a cold and calculating world
These are the things teachers do
A sharing soul
Gave knowledge to the dwellers in tomorrow
Found a place in their minds that will never fade
In an awakening world
These are the things teachers do
We talked together you and I
Fears at times
But the words we shared
Still linger as if you were by my side


3 thoughts on “Poems Continue

  1. They keep getting better! Thanks Royce… I like the Shakespeare parallels.

    Robin xx

    On Tue, 1 Feb 2022 at 10:17 am, Royce Levi Australian Teacher and Author wrote:

    > royciebaby posted: ” Back To School You are reckless with other human > livesThose deaths cannot be ignoredYes, the virus is a problemAnd too many > people are dyingBut for you business must come firstThere is no point in > denyingParents can’t play their usual roleFor they are” >

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