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Greta Thunberg

Bombs falling!
Water bombs
What deadly chaos!
Just look at that rain
The world is grieving tears in flood
All those dwellings now covered in mud
Wreckage of lives floating down rivers
That old woman was swept away too
Missed the safety her rooftop delivers
Now can you hear Greta Thunberg’s warning
Still echoing in the wind?
Do you remember the abusive scenes
The daggers of contempt hurled at the Greens
About global warming?
Were you listening to the child’s warning
Or the lies and excuses of the polluters
As they indulged their greed?
To hell with you, you entrepreneurial skeptics
You money making scions of animosity
Murderers of science
Assassins of the future
Creating an end to all the wonder and beauty of earth
Your names will linger forever in the graveyard of nature
Your voices will drone into insignificance
Drowned by the cries
Of all creatures pummelled into the agony of death
That goes with a dying planet
Until the future is but a fantasy of hope
A dream withering away to nothing
People gone
All creatures dead
Nothing left but a landscape of stone
Impervious to the wind and hail and endless tempest
You imposed on what was left of mankind


War is a racket
A fraud, a swindle by the military industrial complex
Never derived from virtue
Although it loudly claims to be
Bogus danger is a meal for the warmonger
Sprinkled with the pepper of fear
Menace is his confidence trick
Conjured forth by the Yellow Press
As armed conflict sells papers so well
And many viewers buy it
Ares* is a tycoon, a mogul, a dealmaker
Upwardly mobile
With a fortune drawn from death
Look now down the ages
At the wreckage of his rages
Yesterday, today, tomorrow are his raw materials
Lists of the dead enumerate his slaves
So beware bold warrior
Willing to take the lives of others
Ready to give your own
Fortune favours not the brave but the knave
You make money for the bosses as you fill your grave
The entrepreneurs of doom are the architects of gloom
And when you die they’ll bury you where the poppies bloom
So act now and walk boldly away
Turn your back on that tainted golden fleece
Give love to those false enemies
And bankrupt those magnates with peace

*Ares: Greek god of war


It’s happened again
My planning has gone awry
What I did was based on insufficient evidence
I should have known better
Now I hear bells ringing
Alarums offstage
But it’s all in my mind
O how I wish I could undo my mistakes
Just try a different course
And get rid of the turmoil I now experience
Not possible
If the trap fits, wear it
When you get things wrong it’s a hostile universe
It’s all happened before too
That’s a problem
You get so sick of things
What’s the point of going on when life is a wall
A barrier with no way through?
And then you are encircled by other obstacles
Other follies, mean things
Brain pains charged with animosity
Reaching out towards you
So you recoil and shrink away in vain
To be clutched in the ugly fingers of self pity
That crush the juice out of your existence
Hopelessness is in the air now
The sun has no warmth
The sky is a blank canvas
An icy wind makes you long for comfort
As regret dominates your awareness
Like a snarling dog
There is no beginning and no end to your feelings
You simply fade away
Like the last notes of your own requiem

A Poem

A poem knocked on my door one day
And wanted to come in
It was an unexpected visit
Which made me feel quite ill at ease
Strangers don’t taunt me but tend to daunt me
It’s all about uncertainty
Unease concerning true reality
That leaves you distrustful of your own mind
If I opened that door
Would I let the world in?
Change it
Or expose myself to the vulnerability and ridicule
That goes with distorted thinking?
I hovered in the hallway for a time
Trying to select a wise response
A little afraid of my own inadequacy
If I opened that door
Would my words ring true
Share ideas with a harmony of sound and imagery
Or would I simply make a fool of myself
An idiot lost in invalid thoughts?
I pondered long and hard
As many mortals do when unsure of themselves
Would I open that door
Or leave it shut to protect myself from self doubt and fear?
My spirit wavered still
I opened the door
On an impulse for me
Of rising courage
These words are the consequence

Arc of Autocracy

Hostile rival nations

Arc of Autocracy
That is a way of putting it
When you need a slogan that’s easy to remember
It’s brief so therefore memorable
Has a neat rhythm to it to catch the ear
Nicely threatening like an iron curtain
Like the Arc de Triomphe
Simplifies a vast human complexity
Into a trite threat
An arrow pointed at the heart of diplomacy and reason
See how it hangs in the air
Like a pungent chemical reaction
A whiff of antagonism
Rhetoric designed to shatter peace of mind
To stir the embers of a warlike fire
And justify investment in the tools of death
See how it draws attention to itself
That stark expression
Diverts your gaze from the embarrassment of other follies
Reaches out to the credulous
With undertones of danger that generate fear
Plus blind allegiance to a questionable cause
It’s so easy
To use such a slanting of news
Stir the mob with calculated conclusions
And other usual suspects…

Dare I say lies?
But you can now
Feed mass destruction into your mission statements
And bow to your deal of an economy based on war
With your last remaining recourse
To close diplomacy’s door


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