Yet More New Poems

Mission Statement

Everything is a part of the economy
Balance sheets determine all destinies these days
People don’t act with free will any more
They simply obediently consume
Brains are no longer merely washed
They are dry cleaned
So you do as others wish
As fashionable consumption
While the state funds private power
So rally round the flag boys
You journeymen with a mission
Privatise your garbage bins
Let your rubbish get a commission
Brave is the spirit that surrounds itself
With entrepreneurial schemes
You never can tell what might befall
If you cash in on your dreams
The era of affordable study
Is now a thing of the past
Fees are so high no one can deny
This leaves each poor scholar aghast
You no longer can serve the human race
As a student in any faculty
Unless you can pay for your place
So you sell junk food for the corporate rich
For peanuts to fund your remittance
Your life goes on at a fever pitch
As you struggle to live with a pittance
That the budget is strong is all that matters
Cast the poor and the old aside
No help for those with lives in tatters
They’re the nuisances you deride
It’s another brave new world at last
Designed by the corporate few
Visionary thought belongs to the past
And there’s nothing we fall guys can do

But prey

False Idols

I speak today of a manic oppressor
I name not the land I defame
But it reaches with hungry talons around the earth
Pretending kindness and shamming virtue
Proclaiming the while a manifest destiny of hope
While its true intent is its own enrichment
It is brutal
A killer of innocents to achieve its ends
A pitiless schemer
It organises overthrow of hostile governments
With tyrannical cunning
Sowing seeds of discontent by furtive means
To remove dissent through orchestrated rebellion
And then sets up false idols to do its bidding
Puppets with ill-gotten power
Who share the loot of the expanding empire
And make possible that expansion…
Thus it has been
A century of misdeeds that murder morality
An age of gain on many a foreign plain
One after many another
Time has not wearied them while few condemn
And the coffers grow like wildfire in summer
The power of this land is frightening
More potent and widespread than ever known before
Yet its leaders boast of humility and good taste
And proclaim their way is the only way that matters
They boast of empathy and kindness
Yet their land is beset with guns
Everywhere, and Death marches where black men walk
Do you hear me O Genghis of modern times?
Are you aware of the cries responding to what you have done?
Your Fascism is now recognised, and we the people
The victims
Are now united on the global computer network
With a voice louder than you’ve ever heard before

Angry Words

In the name of mercy will you stop talking
Silence when you speak is golden
Your every sentence
Is a life sentence for your listeners
Everything you say
Is designed to enhance your reputation
Or malign your enemies
Your lies
Have a ring of truth about them
Because of the way you frame the message
You are cunningly innocent
Not making damaging statements
And praising popular inanities with a fake smile
Creating the illusion, or is it delusion,
Of golden haired virtue
Before you speak you check focus groups
To gain awareness of popular trends
You give Gallup polls biblical significance
And newspaper moguls are your spoilt children
Words are your counterfeit tools
With which you create a devious art form
That hangs in the halls of power
Your acquaintances are not friends
As friends are dangerous when they err and lose face
Instead those contacts are either allies or foes
You shake many hands however,
Fawn on old people and nurse children
All for the sake of imagery in your deadly poem of life
So, in the interest of my survival
Will you please stop polluting the sounds that I hear
Give the world a breathless hush
Do a course in taciturnity
Spread the joy of quietude around you
Or preferably cast your lot with the Foreign Legion

Death For Sale

Smoking kills
Stop now
For help call 13 Quit
Get your cigarettes here
At bargain prices
Indulge you habit with approval
Because it funds the government
And fulfils schemes of cigarette corporate overlords
Who willingly pay taxes for your demise
Your deadly habit is approved by us for the profit
Supported glowingly
Even though you may die as a consequence 
Eternal rest managed by the marketplace
So step right up folks
Drugs for sale
Unlimited supply
And the dealer it totally approved
Even given prime location at the marketplace
Hurry now
Less you die of old age
We know you are struggling
Worried about passive smoking with family
And restricted smoking areas
But look at the benefits
No trouble with this purchase
No problem with the fuzz
No standover men for payment
All you need is a click or a tap on
So buy now while the going is good
Make way for happy smoking
Yours sincerely
Mephistopheles Inc

Political Freedom

Free at last
Now I’m elected with a resounding majority
I can twist reality to suit myself
Get out the clichés
Our way of life
For the good of the people
A strong economy
Prosperity for the masses
Border protection
Then stimulate the market
But that is just the beginning
It’s time for me to bind my raison d’être
In hoops of steel
Endorsing the sacred quest:
Money money money
Funds that are fundamental
Finance for the corporate few
Who sponsor our party
Grants for parking lots in our electorates
A purse to build weapons
That create jobs jobs jobs
Nest eggs for developers
Who mutilate our landscape with high-rise monstrosities
Cut back on services
Hospitals aged care and education
To finance global emissions of greenhouse gases
Ah me!
What a golden age this is!
The prospects are so bright for like-minded us
Prosperity is everywhere
And we are ready
To crucify the loudmouths who decry global warming
And globalisation
Yes, that’s it
Let’s face it
Democracy is the utensil of the neoliberal master class


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