What Do YOU Think?


You want to build weapons
More powerful
Than we could ever dream of
Vast devices linked to fission
Perfect in every way
But O so costly
Not millions but billions is the prediction
So someone must be inspired to pay
Though what is the point in a peaceful world?
Of course, yes
Enemies are needed
So devise them, contrive them
Then stir the witches’ brew
With the spoon of twisted reporting
Devise tales to spread fear and anxiety
Spin to the right of you
Spin to the left of you
And everywhere in between
Next create tension linked to fear
As you twist that misleading recorded news
According to a plan
Politicians can then sound the false alarm
And so the wheels of warlike industries will begin to turn
With approval from the misguided populace
As those masses cheer
Reacting blindly to the carefully crafted fable
With tragic ignorance
That’s it then
Mad-dogs are barking
And something is wrong with the world

“Eternal Patrol”

April 10 1963
Nuclear submarine lost at sea
Pride of the nation
Latest model
Finest technical proficiency
The fastest
And quietest submarine of its day
A masterpiece of its time
Advanced weapons system
Missile equipped
Complex technology unmatched by foes
Whoever they might be
O can you see now
How the best laid plans of men and mice
Can falter
And fumble into disaster?
There it was
An ego trip to its creators
But esteemed as perfection
Yet failing
As man made things
So often do
And resting now
In a watery grave
Radiating death
For a half-life
Of too many thousand years

Never to be decommissioned
And said to be on “Eternal Patrol”
Thus manned by 129 ghosts

Jobs For The Boys

O how lovely is war
It makes the wheels of industry
Run faster
Even when a threat
Is merely implied…
Is so profitable
When the dogs of war
Sniff danger
And then bark loudly…
Jeopardy can be a blessed thing
For assembly lines
Even though it exists
In the minds of military industrial magnates
Blessed with weaponry
That is then turned into mission statements
So let us rejoice
As we arm to the teeth
See those dark satanic mills surging
Nice, nice
Look at that:
A dozen industries bursting forth
In the name of hypothetical conflict
Blessed are the makers of the instruments of war
See those shares multiply
In the market where lies are bought and sold
A golden upturn, upsurge, upswing
All a result of disinformation
Menace is the magic catalyst
So spread the word loudly
Find a threat here and there
Dwell on it
Twist the details
In a voice that reeks of fake integrity
Evoke the idea of peace with pious intonation
And then respectfully bless the fallen of the past

Liars Inc

Look at you
Spreading disinformation for profit
Tapping on people’s consciousness
Exploiting their dreams
With your cunning schemes
I know you well
As you’ve been twisting my awareness
As long as memory informs me
Glorifying pretence
Dressing up deception for money
In a world of make believe
But hear this
I press mute every time you speak
Each word you say
Wriggles into the dust of my apartment
My only sadness
Is the interruption of my viewing
And yet
There is a healing of my pain
When I vow
Never ever ever
To buy the goods you advertise
That is my choice
My power
My response to your guile
And in the end the source of a winning smile


They’ve caught up with him
At last!
That lying cheating icon of duplicity
That public figure of ill-gotten power
Who rules the roost like a rooster
Gesturing triumphantly every few seconds
With his fist
While babbling non sequiturs
Like an out-patient of Bedlam
A power crazed usurper he is
Searching for ways to rule
And now they’ve got him
Caught up with the crimes
He disguised as virtue
Pleading innocence
With his usual perfidy
And believed
Only by those deprived of logic
That’s it then
The trial is coming soon
Truth will win
As justice decides the truth
So be it
Who can this be?
Perchance you need a name
Not so
For his deeds define him
His identity is obvious


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