More Poems To Share

Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing Be silent always, when you doubt your sense;And speak, though sure, with seeming diffidence: ‘Tis hard to say if greater want of skillAppear in writing or in judging ill,But of the two less dangerous is the offenseTo tire our patience than mislead our sense Alexander Pope: An Essay On Criticism CanContinue reading “More Poems To Share”

Poetry Lingers Still

Paramedic There I wasUnsure of my existenceAnxious and afraidBody mechanisms just not workingI wondered if my time had comeHis voice was gentleThat greeting almost tenderThe concern for me was obviousHe was calmly so proficientHe checked my blood pressureFelt my pulseLooked carefully at my eyes and faceAll the time talking in a friendly, unruffled wayHis auraContinue reading “Poetry Lingers Still”

Poetry Still

Modelling Enter the modeller…SoThe alchemist returnsTurns lead into gold in his modelAha!It is pyrite disguised as platinumAnd how well the deceiver stands in statusPaid with lucre fit for kingsWith the well funded persona of counterfeit respectabilityA well paid shadow in the persuasive halls of pretenceFree as a bird, a bird of prey,To generate the illusionContinue reading “Poetry Still”

Yet More Sharing

Trust That portrait was my first wifeA happy smile the world beguilesContrary to modern trendsShe was my very first loverAnd I was very definitely matureOur togetherness was like my first breath of lifeA dawn revealing a landscape I didn’t know existedBirds seemed to sing their songs just for meThe windWrapping itself round the two ofContinue reading “Yet More Sharing”

Still More Thoughts

Statistics Have you heard?There’s a secret code adrift in the aetherUsed by the shady onesFrom the CEOs of banks to devious politiciansEmbellishing their lies with apparent virtueWhat is it?You are bound to askNow that I’ve stirred your interestHere is my answerDon’t spread this knowledge aroundAs it may be to your advantageIf the villains don’t knowContinue reading “Still More Thoughts”