Lord Of The Irregular Shapes

This book has an interesting CV I wrote it some years ago. In recent times I found a brilliant illustrator, John Taylor of Taylored Toons, and it was published in 2011. If you suspend disbelief, you can have some fun with the story. You need to imagine a world where humans are geometrical shapes. TheContinue reading “Lord Of The Irregular Shapes”

A Survival Guide For Dishonest Political Bastards

  This bit of great fun was the first book I wrote in my exciting “retirement” after 2004. There are seven different titles in the National Library now. I simply love the “busyness.” I’ll let this battle-scarred image of me on YouTube do the talking here. That will do for now. The same PayPal buying conditions as inContinue reading “A Survival Guide For Dishonest Political Bastards”

Letters to Nowhere

Just for interest: I have a film contract for Letters To Nowhere This is first a book of stories about human lives. It may also help you towards a better understanding of refugee realities and also international law. The central figure in this story is a mysterious refugee detained in a remote centre amidst a hostileContinue reading “Letters to Nowhere”


Fate plays strange tricks on ordinary people sometimes. It did with me when I first met Ernest Mervyn McQuillan. That was about two years ago. I was the ordinary person. Ern was, among other remarkable things, the trick that Fate played on me. The meeting arranged by my friend Les Johns did the trick. ItContinue reading “THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST McQUILLAN”