Thank You Readers

Strawberry Fair

As I was going to Strawberry Fair
I met a man who hardly seemed there
He told me that he loved the Earth
And knew what human life was worth
He understood the rational rules
That would end the use of fossil fuels
He sighed and made almost tearful admissions
That life might end due to global emissions
He said that kindness would play a role
If caring people stopped digging coal
He said he was cool and not a fool and knew the dangers of heat
If no people knew about CO2 dear old folks could die on their feet
He said the world’s anguish would never heal
If we kept the same buildup of iron and steel
He told of his horror and constant pleas
To end the destruction of precious trees
He spoke of his struggle and constant pain
As he longed to end the flood of methane
Then we touched on the worth of technology
So I gave a thought to psychology
Those skeptics said I, put their faith in invention
But for sun and wind power it gets never a mention
On this we both agreed, and parted in a friendly way
We have met no more, not even once, up to the present day
This makes me sad as I liked his words and we were a happy pair
I long to meet him again some day; yes, he’s out there somewhere


Poor creatures
Caged like boat people in Australia
Definite detention
All you do is lay eggs
Nowhere to walk
No ground to scratch
No earthworms to catch and eat
Not even enough room to stretch your wings
No peaceful sleep at night
No dawn to greet
You are nothing but a machine
Sensorily deprived
All this for the sake of business
Your suffering keeps the price down
Free range is but a dream of the Elysian Fields
That never enters your minute awareness
And when all is done
What is the destiny of this myriad of tiny minds
Crammed together like ants with feathers?
Why, it’s cremation for the dinner table
And a happy Christmas is had by all


2021 Hear This: A leader
has been accused of betraying trust

A friend is always with you
Unmoved by the winds of time
When you struggle on a road leading over a mountain
That ally will help you climb
When you make mistakes or act the fool
That person will stay by your side
And gently support the virtue in you
Even though you have nowhere to hide
No bond, no money, no favour’s required
For that kind of caring to renew you
All you need is the power of trust
To bind that friendship to you
There is often a moment in human existence
When misfortune molests your life
When things that you or others have done
Might lead you to ruinous strife
That is when friendship thrives
The place where it passes the test
As you and that partner are blended as one
And the eagle flies home to its nest
So listen you leaders of every land beware lest trust should perish
Be linked to that friend with bonds of steel
And you’ll fashion a destiny to cherish

But We Bought A Submarine

Poor Jenny passed away with melanoma
She was only eighteen
Funds are needed to search for a cure
But we bought a submarine

Aaron died of an overdose
God knows where he had been
Funds were needed to find the source
But we bought a submarine

Old Jacob died of Alzheimer’s disease
The worst case we have seen
Funds are needed to research the illness
But we bought a submarine

Motor neurones cost Peter his life
He was no more than a teen
Funds are needed to end that suffering
But we bought a submarine

Cystic fibrosis gave Susan Hell
She endured a malfunctioning gene
Funds were needed to prolong her life
But we bought a submarine

Alice was a victim of glioblastoma
And died behind a dark screen
Funds are needed to prevent such deaths
But we bought a submarine

Matthew died while driving a car
It was a ghastly scene
Funds are needed to teach young drivers
But we bought a submarine

Global warming threatens the world
While green to some is mean
Now science needs funds to reveal the truth
But we bought a submarine

A political icon sought a war
By violently venting his spleen
Concord was needed to save the world
But we bought a submarine

The Gift Of Learning

O I can build castles now
That look down on the twisted world
With understanding
I am aware of solutions
To uncertainty that once destroyed my self respect
The gift of learning is suddenly mine
And I have the power to see things as they really are
The rulers of the past
Sought the safety of my ignorance
And tried like overlords to sanction my erudition
But they did not succeed and now they never will
Understanding at this moment walks beside me
Through a troubled wilderness of stupidity
Energised by the power of awareness
Lies of respected political figures
Now are confessions of guilt
Developers reveal their payola to me
Before they build their sanctioned effigies of greed
Defence industries now make weapons of mass destruction
Border security becomes a racist wall
And protecting our way of life
Turns into a triumph of vested interest
As well as this, I have learnt to experience
The wonder of the artist
The triumph of music over iniquity
From street song to symphony
The rapture of beauty untrammelled by personal gain
The power of satire by way of the written word
Which embarrasses the guilty
And the excitement of the theatre
Which echoes so truly the foibles of human existence
So heed this
All you null and void self-promoting misnomers of statesmen
I know who you are


Still More Thoughts


Have you heard?
There’s a secret code adrift in the aether
Used by the shady ones
From the CEOs of banks to devious politicians
Embellishing their lies with apparent virtue
What is it?
You are bound to ask
Now that I’ve stirred your interest
Here is my answer
Don’t spread this knowledge around
As it may be to your advantage
If the villains don’t know you know
I speak of statistics: yes, numerical data
Collected and analysed under the guise of truth
To present a falsely representative sample
Now I understand your skepticism
Concerning my views
Especially if you happen to harness statistics honestly
So I will actually use them to put my case
Let us take unemployment
My point here is
Out of work figures are deliberately biassed for political reasons
Many jobless people are simply not counted in the data
In this year’s figures, for example,
Where are the retired?
Where are the full-time parents?
Where are the full-time carers?
Where are the students?
Where are the permanently disabled?
Where are the professionals or others travelling?
Where are the discouraged job seekers?
Where are the prisoners or other institutionalised people?
Very many people in these categories would love to work
It’s a large number and it’s not recorded in the unemployment data
This example should at least make you question statistics
But alas! If you do, these days you will indeed be far above average

That Man Merely Waves A Book

Australian Politics 2021

There he is
On a stage exposed in the public square
Gathered before him
Is a multitude of avid listeners eager to learn from his words
Minds in tune
Expectancy aroused
Desperately anxious to learn their destiny
There’s a breathless hush at the close tonight
Tension ripples through the air
For ruin has reared its ugly head in recent days
Fires have disfigured the land and ended many lives
Storms have brought destruction so only the heroes survive
Floods have ravaged the rivers and swept many farms away
This as years of drought have passed while vultures romp and play
And then the heat started rising, oppressing, distressing all
So much to fear; danger near; the nation seemed headed for a fall
So everybody listens
Leaning forward in expectation
The pause is pregnant
Indeed it is regnant
What is the plan to save those vastly endangered lives?
Steady now
Here it comes
Matters of import coming; are they really listening?
Ready for the answer to their desperate, dangerous fears
Oh no!
Woe is thee with certainty

That man merely waves a book

The Emperor Has No Clothes

O the wonders of technology!
It is the genie of the lamp
Because of its power
Mere mortals walk in the sanctuary of the gods
With the application of scientific knowledge
For practical causes
We all are triumphant beyond our wildest dreams
Man flies despite Icarus
Walks upon the moon
Has replaced broken hearts
Defied death with vaccination
And built towers far above the gloom of everyday existence
Thus the Emperor holds forth
Promising solutions
That rest on past laurels, to dangers looming
Such words he shares with us
Promises of further magic
There are more things in heaven and earth,
Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy*
Mystical foretelling
Of wondrous remedies to future impending doom
His words sound so fine
But O!
As I listen
I am torn apart by irreconcilable doubt
A device to save you from the inferno of the bush alight
Is pie in the tortured sky
Apparatus tomorrow to counter a Noah’s flood
Is a castle in Spain about to crumble to the ground
Heat as fierce as the fires of Hell
Cooled by devices has a non existent solution
Safety in storms that torture the vulnerable earth
Is one of these many delusions that belong in Bedlam
All eggs yet to be invented, in one basket

Yes the Emperor has no clothes

*Hamlet 1.5.167-8

As Justice Beats Its Drum

Now we shall proclaim
Things won’t be the same
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

On climate we will focus
To end the hocus pocus
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We will curb the role
Of dirty dangerous coal
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We will stop the pranks
Of greedy treacherous banks
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll mend poor peoples’ trousers
Give them access to houses
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

So no rich rogue relaxes
We will make him pay his taxes
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll expose the ugly lies
Every media boss denies
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll deflate the lucrative wheels
Of the back room’s suspect deals
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll rewrite the ugly book
Written by each neolib crook
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll put an end to war
And the profits from weapons what’s more
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

We’ll incur a splendid ovation
When we rid the world of starvation
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

With the Flag of Fairness unfurled
We’ll create a heroic new world
We shall overcome
As justice beats its drum

Filial Affection

Away with you you lying son of a lady dog
Why are the masses forced to endure you?
I will admit you hold an important position
And strut around like someone from the Hall Of Fame
Infamy would be a better word
You turn yourself into knots trying to do a deal
All the while pretending it doesn’t matter
Ignominy is your way of living and fraud your modus operandi
While your self praise
Levitates around the firmament like violin music
You never admit a mistake
Although you err more often than G W Bush at full speed
Always an excuse bounces off your tongue as if it were valid
While you cunningly put blame on someone else when it suits you
Your friends are always very rich
Some of them mere dark shadows funding your bank account
As a reward for your chicanery
Your system works so well however
You’ve risen up the social scale like nobody’s business
Outdone your rivals with fake camaraderie
Outbidding them when the chips are down aided by insider trading
No day passes free of your mendacious coups
You’re an opportunist
Who makes friends purely because they are easy to deceive
Your ambition is made of sterner stuff
You’re always on the go, investing here, selling off there
Like the rising sun you know no bounds
While any sign of morality is just an afterthought to tide things over
Until your next coup
And that’s why politics is your game and victory is your destiny
Even though you are just a pain in the you know where
But hey Dad. Can you spare me a grand for my speeding fine?

One Minute To Midnight

The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit shall lure it back
to cancel half a line, nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.
— Omar Khayyam.

The writing is on the wall
Not just a passing reference
It’s inscribed by the Hand of Truth
Vested interests now rule our endangered planet
With deliberate, unflinching, ruthless single mindedness
To preserve the deadly, sordid, profitable past
Though tempests may rend our world into hopeless pieces
Droughts may wither our futures on the vine
Fire may turn our destinies into pathetic ashes
Or floods may sweep away our previous existence
Still the inane words, or is it insane?
Batter our ears in the guise of catch cries
Such as incentivise or jobs jobs jobs
But can you hear the ticking of the clock?
O how it echoes in the empty halls
Once blessed with good will and humanity
Reality is a menace to some
Whose minds are distorted by self interest
You can still hear the hum of their factories creating
Still see the vast loaded leviathans, like wild beasts
Emerging from their mines
Petrol-driven cars still flow in spates from their assembly lines
Bovine multitudes still flaunt their existence in rising temperatures
The air still reeks of toxins without redress to the culprits
And islands disappear under a lascivious ocean
Past, present and future are but an illusion said the scientist
That is food for thought, but note this please
Cinderella just ran past me
Down those steps of Congress leaving her slipper behind
Lucky girl!
So much better to run into the grasp of an evil stepmother
Than into the doom of a monstrous destiny
Grimly waiting for all of us as the planet warms

Humpty Dumpty Falls Again

It’s happened
The Egg has fallen again
It’s no wonder
He’s so stupid that fellow, not organic either
He loves walls as they make him feel important
And above all else he is a climate skeptic
Running terrible risks to put his case to the world
Marching up and down that structure spruiking nonsense
About protecting the regions from job loss and bankruptcy
And that’s not all
He’s been elected deputy leader of his farm
By cunningly ingratiating himself with the farmer saying
Cages are good, cheaper to run and will foster a strong economy
Terrible thoughts really
Even though economically rational
Because claustrophobia had recently swept through all the cages
What else emerged from Humpty’s tiny brain
He said the fear of confinement would disappear
As long as they kept on laying
So there you are
Humpty Dumpty the loudmouth who put profit over science
Prince of Fools, idiot with faulty balance
Paraded on high like a loquacious politician
He had to be headed for a fall
It came with a loud crash, like some of the recent thunder
Then triple egg was called
But to no avail
As all the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Didn’t want to put Humpty together again

The Winner

Verry Elleegant has just
won the
2021 Melbourne Cup

Flemington Racecourse is a part of our world
That comes to our attention
Especially on one haunting Tuesday every year
On that day, there is a winner everyone notices
After that victory a celebration rings around the world
We ordinary mortals observing
Share the excitement for a few entrancing moments
There but for fortune go I we think
As we walk with empathy amidst the winner’s acclaim
But Tout passe, tout lasse, tout casse say the people
Who make French atomic submarines and lose contracts to America**
A shattering loss…
Victory after all, can be such a fleeting thing
And for every victory, by definition there must be losers
For today’s race there were twenty-three
Some were rewarded for being close to victory
But most were like me – losers and unrewarded
Dwell on me for a moment and let me explain a little more
For I am a loser
I no longer work as a teacher
Because I am classified as too old yet I can still think and write poems
I am a loser
As a wife left me and forced the sale of a house worth riches today
I am a loser
Because my car passed away and I cannot afford another
I am a loser
Because I love dogs and cannot keep one because of strata laws
I am a loser
Since the government reduced my pension sans just reason
Only one more thing left to say
I am a winner in spite of everything
After nearly nine decades living, here on Melbourne Cup day,
I am still a member of the human race

**Everything passes, everything becomes worn out, everything disintegrates France has recently lost a multi billion dollar submarine contract with Australia. America got that contract.


Thoughts As I Pass By

The Flames Of Hell

Politics 2021

The boat is terribly overcrowded
Erebus is having a nervous breakdown
Due to unprecedented numbers
Of boat people who are not the usual refugees
Queueing up for end of the line transport…
In the world above
Lies are on Ford’s assembly line
Occurring like flies on thrown away Big Macs
So that below
The flames are curling around the Underworld’s eternity
With radiance never before seen
Why is this so?
In the impermanent domain of the living
Deceit has become normality
Thus, in a New Age of Deception
Hell’s immigrants are suddenly forced
To line up in unprecedented numbers
Because, in the place the gods know as Earth
The times are rearranging frightfully…
For example
Now students are doing postgraduate work
Stating conclusions with an air of omniscient pride
Without the slightest reference to their modelling
No one can check on their methodology
No peer reviews
No helpful viva voce testing
All gone down the plug hole of sham respectability
And yet the academic rewards are phenomenal
Lifting the game players to first class honours
With portentous, historic, momentous consequences
Promoting some graduates
Even to the level of leadership of the land
But despite all this, there is a ray of hope:
False testamurs burn very easily in the flames of Hell

Fire and Brimstone

We know what fire is actually
Seen lots of it lately because of climate denial
But what is brimstone?
It smells a little of witchcraft
Well no, it’s rotten eggs actually
The word itself means burning stone
So when stone burns and volcanoes erupt
You can get your whiff of eggs past their prime
It’s actually burning sulphur, producing sulphur dioxide
So if you are near the eruption and smell the stinking, reeking
Fetid odour, it is no wonder your mind conjures forth a vision of Hell
So fire and brimstone is a phrase that reminds us all of Hades
But this is not the only reason for devilish lines of thought
Let us go along with the fantasy for a brief time
Why would an average sinner go to Hell?
Violence, rape, murder? Probably
Pedophilia? Only if found out
Lies? May not all fit
Fraud? Mostly
Which brings us back to skeptical incendiarists
Fire burns on earth as in Hell

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Political Voices: October 2021

Concern for regional Australia
Is the latest cry in the political air waves
Swirling around the atmosphere and bouncing off the sky
But why O why is anxiety brewing?
Can you not see what our leaders are doing?
A plan that’s transparent is the way that they do it
So that we of the plebs can see right through it
That is what has been achieved by the plan
Great loyalty to constituents
And jobs, jobs, yes countless jobs all there for the taking
Look at them – gifts to the plebs from climate deniers
Firemen made ready for the wildfire
Well placed everywhere just ahead of the infernos
Lifeguards stationed throughout the backcountry
In readiness for the floods
Weathermen taught at regional TAFEs
To predict the deadly pathways of typhoons
Emergency haymakers trained there too
In readiness for the droughts
Rustics finding jobs in countless pastoral plants
Set up to make lightning rods
Cottage industries spread throughout the regions
Fashioning hand-held fans
Regional factories providing many many other jobs
Producing bottles for example, to hold the only drinkable water
More jobs too in country factories
Making sun-proof hats for outdoor workers
More factories as well with jobs around the zones
Making cooling sprinklers for children’s playgrounds
There will surely be a boom too throughout the countryside
In reconstruction jobs for houses destroyed by the weather
Another item is yet to lift the market due to the transparent plan
Sympathy card workshops for the victims of natural disaster

O Death Where Is Thy Sting

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
1 Corinthians 15:55

O death where is thy sting?
O pity where is your swindle, fraud, deception?
Can you see the cunning twist, the subtle slant of reality
Whereby tricksters harness a nation’s racist trends
For their own ends?
Ah how sad it is, this cremation of compassion,
Where innocents are punished in a heartless fashion!
What is a crime?
The breaking of a law is a handy definition
But there is another extraordinary rendition
Punishment for obeying a law…
Some refugees defer to one law I mention*
Yet have their lives destroyed by indefinite detention…
There is a shadow of shame
That follows the perpetrators of this deed
The arrogant poseurs
Who look into the eyes of their audience
With false saintliness
Cunningly claiming motivation to keep borders safe
And claiming virtue by ending the illicit trade
Of people smuggling
But with inhumanity and an eternal blot on their escutcheon
Can you hear the cries of their victims
Echoing into the future so that historians will write the truth?
Is suicide a tragedy in your eyes?
There have been too many refugees committing this
Should children be prised apart from parents?
Not in any idyll devised by man
Will the future see repercussions of this behaviour
Punitive invasion by newly arisen enemy nations perhaps?
Or will we be forgiven by more civilised aliens?
But one certainty exists
The honourable gentlemen responsible for the sting
Will not die respected

*The Universal Declaration of Human Rights supporting the right of all people to be able to seek asylum (Article 14). There is no illegal form of arrival so boats must be permitted.

The Honourable Member Will No Longer Be Heard

“I will give them my Congo, but they have no right to know what i did there.”
― Leopold II Of Belgium

Politics 2021 Style

Look at them stifling debate
Political chicanery within the rules
Silencing free speech because it embarrasses them
Is this cowardice?
More likely deliberate suppression of damaging truth
The opponent silenced
Is aware of your failings, your shortcomings, your faults, your lies
So you overcome him by force
Like Wakford Squeers of Dotheboys Hall*
Hushing a miscreant…
In what ways is this speech embargo significant?
Well now
Overtly, every member of parliament in any land on earth,
Will boldly proclaim respect for FDRs four freedoms**
With the light of sincerity in his or her eyes and fist pummelling air
Rhetoric that reeks of noble integrity
Will follow this gesture
To imply unflinching, righteous sincerity
And integrity beyond question
But if the truth be known, what is the reality of this political act?
Have you heard of the crimes of King Leopold II of Belgium?
Millions massacred and hands cut off for the disobedient
All the while proclaiming paternal virtue
Have you dear lover of truth, read the Casement Report?***
Have you studied the words of Mark Twain:
King Leopold’s Soliloquy, Boston 1905?****
If you have, regarding those voices, how fortunate you are
Not to have been kept in the dark
By such words as
The honourable member will no longer be heard

*From Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby.

**Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear

***The 1904 Casement Report. Modern estimates range from 1 million to 15 million murdered

**** A quote from the text: “exposures of a king, a sacred personage and immune from reproach.”

Trouble In The Backcountry 2050

From Politics 2021
Methane in the regions was so well protected in 2021
Posterior openings of the digestive tracts of cattle
Were sanctified
And the bountiful Bovidae were free to graze
A wondrous plan
And the noble creatures sought to serve a glorious business
But O woe is us!
Horrendous consequences came to haunt us
The little grass left by the drought was burnt by wildfire
Water shortage was almost life-threatening
Then premium bulls and many a herd died in lethal floods
Most buildings in our farms were torn apart by tempests
Gales blew down the fences so intruders ate the clover
Weeds were the only other growth that survived the heat
Heat stress cut back milk and calf birth for surviving cows
Pest invasions almost drove us out of our ruined houses
Coastal salinisation brought salt ions into soil and water
Rising seas meant that seawater flooded our swamps
Hail storms ruined any crops left alive by the heat
Wild things of all kinds invaded us as food was scarce
Costs of home insurance, food and electricity rose vastly
Higher taxes were the last straw as our life became ghastly
What is left of the methane however,
Still wends its way happily into the sky


Typhoons Of 2021

O how the tempest rages!
Lightning carves up the sky
Into little chunks of troubled existence
The wind is wailing a funeral dirge
Which turns into uncontrolled expletives
As it beats frail buildings into submission
Hail storms break windows with furious dementedness
Fists of ice beat on roofs as well, demanding restitution
Thunder shatters normality like wild beasts afraid of themselves
And then is a drum beat of demonic intensity keeping chaotic time
Rivers rise in disarray like frightened prey fleeing Nimrod
Then spread themselves relentlessly
Trains die between stations terminated by water
Birds flee in fear to other places
Psychopathic dogs run for it to dark corners
A pungent smell of leaking gas haunts the fetid air
Lights and other appurtenances writhe in suspended animation
Roads become morgues for cars
While helpless humans crowd onto hills
God one believes, is still in his Heaven
But all is not right with the world


As I Wandered Through The Day


There you stand
Whip in hand
Bright colours catching the eye
White gloves
Black boots
Helmet for protection and subtle padding elsewhere …
Beneath the pizzazz that you wear
Lies subtle bravery
Not obvious as you stand there in the mounting yard
Looking casual and relaxed
Diminutive yet significant
For you will make decisions in the next short time
That will matter to the apostles of greed
With a touch of luck
Your reputation will improve
And that is a matter of vital importance
A constant link to your life’s emoluments…
Now you mount
With a little help
A lift of your left leg from a momentary friend
To begin a journey soon
Where fate is your constant companion
Your steed greets you
With a toss of the head and a lunge to the right
But you take control as the master
Is this Pegasus?*
The name is profoundly less well known
But he is all you have
And your duty begins and ends with him
So it’s off to the starting gate
Graciously in a gentle canter
To save energy for the race
And then into the starting stalls
With the help of attendants
Wearing helmets
And dressed conspicuously in advertisements
To make every post a winner…
Soon all are in
You can feel the passion
Smell the tension
As the starter reaches for his lever
Wait a minute not ready says a rival
You take a deep breath
You’ll be racing soon
Yes soon
Horses to the left of you horses to the right of you
Into the valley of death rides the one
Dirt flying, hits your protected eyes
The thunder of the hooves seems to need lightning,
So loud
That clumsy rival took your running
You nearly went down
But you’re still in that precarious saddle
Watch out for that railing
Don’t bump it
There’s an opening
Oh no!
Shut off!
A moving wall of tails and hoofs ahead of you
Take it easy
Not many behind you
A mile to go
This colt is already getting tired
Poor thing
On we go, engulfed in a horde of obedient, struggling creatures
And on
And further on
Now the home-straight
You’ll have to use the whip now
Yes but in vain
Flesh and blood are limited
You are riding an also ran
The winning post means nothing to you
There are so many obeisant successful chargers ahead of you
And very few behind
For every victory there must be losers
No room for tears
You are paid for this deed you have completed
Whether you are first or last
Winning is more profitable
But on losing you will still eat
Despite the fear and pain of the struggle…
The race is over
You rise in the saddle and gently ease your momentum
Slowly you lessen the speed
From gallop to canter to walk
Sweat on that neck meets your gaze
You feel pity for the horse
And gently stroke its mane
Then you turn him
And it’s back to the paddock
You dismount
Saddle off now
You tread on a mall of useless betting tickets
On your way back to the dressing room
Next a shower, as your work day is over
You need a rest
Better hasten home
For tomorrow it’s track-work at dawn

*Pegasus is the famous winged horse of mythology.

The Times They Are A Changin’

The lamplighter no longer lights the lamps
But do the last lamplighters
In dumb show light them to keep their jobs?
Switchboard operators now have nothing left to do
But do those last dear women in our times
Wearing headphones, play with toy phones to keep their jobs?
The chimney sweep no longer delves in soot
But does the last one
Camouflage redundant chimneys to keep his job?
The soda jerk is these days out of work
But does the last jerk
Shake milkshakes extraneously in a final effort to keep his job?
The powder monkey no longer loads cannons with death
But does the last boy seek charity from a jingoist to keep his job?
The milkman no longer comes to our door
But does the last one
Confront a supermarket crying: “Milk-O” to keep his job?
The ice cutter no longer cuts the ice
But does the last one
Offer to break the ice with hermits to keep his job?
The leech collector no longer serves our doctors
But does the last one
Sit in a swamp desperately counting parasites to keep his job?
The elevator operator no longer tells you which floor you are on
But does the last one
Seek to count sheep for insomniacs to keep his job?
The earth no longer survives the heat of man
But does the last coal miner
Work for the monkey
Whose business will destroy the world, to keep his job?

We Just Want The Facts Ma’am

Let the people know the facts, and the country will be safe. Abraham Lincoln

Look at them
The gods of power
Deliberating behind closed doors
In an effort to reach a conclusion suitable for public gaze
To appear united with a mission to help mankind
But O the secrecy!
Duplicitous cunning, furtiveness, surreptitious fostering of deceit
Zeus* may not be pleased to learn of their self-centered plans
So mum’s the word
Pretend there us unity of purpose in everything you do
And silence the dissidents with threats of Hades
That’s it then
Suitable announcements have been prepared
Ready for Stentor** to speak magisterially
Thus the truth dies
If the recusants are not discovered
Storm and flood and fire and famine will descend upon the earth
To hide them, thus they mind their words
Guard the truth with the dexterity of Prometheus***
And it shall follow as morning the night
No soul will discover our perilous plight

*Zeus deposed his Father Cronus. He then drew lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. Zeus won the draw and became the supreme ruler of the gods.

**In Greek mythology, Stentor was a herald during the Trojan War. His voice was loud.

***In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan, the supreme trickster, and a god of fire.

There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home
Be it ever so humble
Ah but the price will be too much
See how money now flows to the endlessly rich estate sellers
They live by the hammer
And triumph when someone can buy a dream
But for Ernest Maverick
The dream is a nightmare
Retrenched by age when he was still quite young
Forced to sell
Could not pay the mortgage
Lives now on welfare
Alone and divorced
Children now of age
And away busy with worldly affairs…
For him
Rent is a bondage to ruthless vendors
Whose undue power
Controls your very existence
Your own garden now
Is an elusive, intangible fantasy
As is a free standing residence à la maison de Monsieur Toad*
Phooey to worldliness!
Even a Big Mac delivered these days
Tests his finances
So how could he buy a dwelling place?
Yet life goes on, doesn’t it?
The alternative remains forbidden
But to some only just…
Ay, there’s the rub
Hamlet would probably understand Maverick’s troubles
But Chen Wang
Billionaire investor from Hong Kong
Would be his only model left for the purchase a home

*Like Mister Toad’s house

The Wizard of AUS Speaks

We have a plan
And we’ll approach it
In a considered and responsible way

Transparency will continue
You can see through our plans

We have a plan
We’ll be ruined if we don’t and be ruined if we do

100% supported by our government
Transparency will continue
You can see through our plans

Thus floods will still flow
Fires will still burn
Tempests will still rage
Grass will still die
Oceans will still sweep away our houses

Transparency will continue
You can see through our plans

All will be well
In our best of all possible worlds
We will apply technology
Yet to be invented
Thus emissions will come down through choice
63,000 new jobs in mining and industry

We have a plan
100% supported by our government
Transparency will continue
You can see through our plans

Thus floods will still flow
Fires will still burn
Tempests will still rage
Grass will still die
Oceans will still sweep away our houses

We have a plan
100% supported by our government
Millions in investment in steel and aluminium
Explosive growth in technology


Transparency will continue
You can see through our plans

Thus floods will still flow
Fires will still burn
Tempests will still rage
Grass will still die
Oceans will still sweep away our houses

So let it be.

Truly yours,

Colonel Wimp

Advocate of Unintended Stupidity


Still Not Averse To Verse

They Who Hesitate Will Be Lost

On Current Political Discord In Australia: October 2021

Look at them
Mumbling and fumbling while the world is crumbling
Into the dust of self interest
As a powerful minority
Holding the reins of the horses of the Apocalypse
Gallop over the cosmic cliffs of climate denial
Into the turbulent fatal ocean
Of no return
Where lie the shipwrecks of egomania
Can you hear their voices
Ranting and raving behind closed doors
Creating the pretence of logical discourse
But in reality
Merely protecting their own
Intolerant, illiberal, provincial self-serving interests
To the detriment of all mankind
They look before they keep
Squirm within their dangerous, deadly subterfuge
Sprouting media lies
As if they were oracles of Delphi
While fire and storm, drought and flood
Threaten with deadly menace
The provinces they claim to protect
Ah woe is thee!
So many suffer the pain of fear
Because of the deeds
Of an arrogant few
But that door will be opened soon
With the key of truth
For there is a tide rising with inevitability
That will whisk away this deadly minority
Like sun rays on a morning frost
When nature’s demands are finally understood by all
They who hesitate will be lost

Life Is Not What It Seems

Observations Of Misdeeds In 2021

Life is not what it seems
Politicians fund their own dreams
Chicanery of our time
Life is not what it seems

The poor must fend on their own
We are lumps of stone
Cruelty of our time
The poor must fend on their own

That dear child is a user
Preyed upon by an abuser
A crime of our time
That poor child is a user

Good women are second best
Purely at men’s behest
Male chauvinism of our time
Good women are second best

Too many creatures are dying
Only the children are crying
Blindness of our time
Too many creatures are dying

So many fires are burning
People to wreckage returning
Chaos of our time
So many fires are burning

People are stealing water
Rivers are part of the slaughter
Fraudulence of our time
People are stealing water

The temperature’s constantly rising
Big business is eulogising
Deadly greed of our time
The temperature’s constantly rising

The people are threatening mutiny
As modelling is hidden from scrutiny
True grit of our time
The people are threatening mutiny

Ghosts fund a politician
A warrant for fitting derision
Corruption of our time
Ghosts fund a politician

The Speaker has been defied
Something history will deride
Illegality of our time
The Speaker has been defied

A mass of people are dying
Their vaccination denying
Disaster of our time
A mass of people are dying

Too many guns are loaded
Peace is by business eroded
Fascism of our time
Too many guns are loaded

We shall not be denied
Even though our masters have lied
As the triumph of our time
We shall not be denied

Forsaking all other

We walked together you and I
Hand in hand
Along the road we chose together
Sharing joy as the opportunity arose
Sheltering each other from the winds of loneliness
Speaking as one
Of the power of the thing we called love
They were platinum days those
For the most part
As we banished the whims of worldly stress
Side by side
Welcoming as if we owned them
The songs of birds
Butterflies dancing on the air
And industrious bees seducing the flowers
In the garden of the home we shared
I learned from you to consider others
To listen as well as speak
To respect in the world what others seek
And to grow according to canons beyond myself
Yet in spite of this
The bonds were flimsy
And subject to the winds of whimsy
For suddenly I am alone
With a troubled heart that tends to break
As you have found another not to forsake

Family Love

Which of you, having a son or an ox
that has fallen into a well on a Sabbath day,
will not immediately pull him out? Luke 14:1-35

When the world wrongs someone you love
Takes him by the scruff of the neck
And makes his life a wreck
Your way is clear
You must find a way to reach him
For there is little worse in life than to be alone
Isolation is a monstrous punishment
Reserved in the way of things
Mostly for aliens with a cryptic alignment
So you break their code with solitary confinement
But there he is to your dismay
Maligned, confined, defined as flotsam
Amidst his debris alone
Save when you talk to him on the phone
So you keep in touch though you can’t do much
But you gladly share your days
And then you discover
An astonishing mind that so often will amaze
A thinking reed surrounded by a swamp of indifference
Who follows the news
And skillfully detects each ruse
In a world that is geared for gain
Who reads the net as a guru, to make
The complicated plain
He understands so well the workings of the world
He can even foretell rain
Loves music of all kinds and ever so gently makes it
Is a lover of history and knows when Krueger* fakes it
And detects the wrongs of society like Sherlock Holmes
O could I find a magic thread
And with a loom be able
I’d create a tapestry to make his life a fable
On it I’d weave the wonder
Of the tales he tells
The beauty of his music
I’d reveal with singing bells
I would proclaim his loneliness with an empty space
And show him then with company as part of the human race

*In 2003, Abrie Krueger of South Africa was named the world’s biggest liar after saying he was crowned King of the Wasdale Valley.

Flash Jack From Gundagai

If your mind hasn’t set you free
You won’t have heard of me
I’m a star in the Western sky
With a pile before I die
And I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

Pests might worry some folk
For me they’re a sick joke
I charge like Muhammad boxin’
Then hit ’em with a toxin
And I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

I have millions of sheep
So I count ’em all then sleep
Or pray for space on my knees
Then I cut down all the trees
And I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

I met a jolly swagman
Who was nothing but a bag man
He stole my sheep and I sought his hide
But he committed suicide
Yes I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

One thing is habit forming
The lies on global warming
So I say to hell with science
As from me there’s no compliance
And I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

I never use my brains
Who needs them when it rains?
I just make the cunning choice
To vote for Barnaby Joyce
As I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai

I’ve one more thing to say
In my sentimental way
Please let me be the master
At the next disaster
Yes I’m known in all the bars
As Flash Jack From Gundagai


The Realms of Gold Still Open

Compliance in 2021

Some folk
Are so afraid of other people
They will never follow instructions
Even edicts backed by law
Are defied
Under the pretence of freedom
Or similar clichés of wrong doing disguised
Orders are a curse
To these divergent ones
Who these days tend to cluster in the streets
Or other public places
Waving banners and shouting abuse
At integrity
Mind you, one should always note
The words of Saint Augustine:
“An unjust law is no law at all.”
And against this madness
It is a noble deed
To storm the barricades of iniquity
As some will do
Even in the face of time in prison
Such deeds stand like mountains of stone
In an age of expert wickedness
But how will we know
When compliance or defiance is justified?
There are two positive answers to this question
Support of what’s right will make you important beyond the grave
But when people may or do die because of your actions
Because of your disobedience
You must change your ways at once
And do as you are told

Non Geniuses Sed Asini

The Latin: Not Geniuses But Donkeys

The saddest thing about science right now
is that science gathers knowledge faster than
society gathers wisdom
. Isaac Asimov

Well what do you know?
There they are
Look at them here now in 2021
Those bogus Einsteins dominating their micro world
Luring the ingenuous into colluding media viewing places
Like flies to animal dung
Where lies are repeated ad nauseam
How they endorse themselves
These puffed up noticeboards of nonsense
Behaving like PhD graduates
From courses taken for a song in America
Denying reality
As if the sun didn’t greet the morn
Babbling balderdash like evangelists
Speaking with the Imprimatur of the ages…
So global warming is a fallacy
Vaccination is a Mafia conspiracy
Hydroxychloroquine will cure the virus
There IS such a thing as clean coal
The wind doesn’t always blow
And the sun doesn’t always shine
So renewable resources will send the nation bankrupt
What can I say to these people?
All I can think of just now is Sieg Heil, Auf Wiedersehen
And don’t forget to shut the door

I Was Born About Three Thousand Years Ago

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Archimedes in his bath, Aristophanes raise a laugh
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Cook who spread disease and Darwin fail to please
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Saw Victoria act improperly and Carnegie create a monopoly
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Saw Bernays market Freud and Billy Sunday quite annoyed
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Saw Hitler buy trucks from Ford and Mussolini praise the Lord
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Saw Mossadegh in Iran thrown out by Roosevelt’s plan
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I Saw Dulles go astray with his brother of the CIA
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Kennedy come to harm and Johnson rape Vietnam
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Armstrong walk the moon and Nixon act the loon
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Blaire concoct a war with John Howard’s help what’s more
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw GW acting rash and Dick Cheney keep the cash
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Obama kill with drones and wiretap Merkel’s phones
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Dr Fauci inspire us while an idiot abetted the virus
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Trump tell a bogus tale and Sidney Powell help him fail
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw a President cause a riot and legal eagles deny it
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw a moron lose an election and his lies escape detection
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Murdoch misreport as a kind of evil sport
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Tony Abbot’s blunder denied by claps of thunder
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw valid climate clues mangled in Fox News
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw Chomsky trumpet the cause of human rights
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
I saw fine vaccines save most from an early grave
Yes I learned a lot as all those years passed by

I was born about three thousand years ago
And I’ve seen more things than you can ever know
Now as the years go by, the truth I’ll never deny
And to recognise reality I will always try


Consensus is the concern of the politician
Everything he does seeks to portray universal support
No matter how wild or extreme or personally lucrative
His intrigue may be
Add to this the myside bias
A deadly dangerous thing, that accepts
Only data that supports its views
And there it is
The formula for absolute power, dictatorship or Fascism
Let us look now at climate change reality
The nemesis of mining and steel corporations
O how violent has been their attack on science!
So what of this?
In essence climate science is verifiable data
A positive link to the real world
How different this is from slanted dialogue
From the self-interested mission statements
Of some giant corporations and their media allies
Crying out blatantly and undisguised
From a convenient, fabricated consensus
For permission to destroy the world
Science in stark contrast
Does not depend on consensus
And yet science consensus does exist
It is not always bad
But what really matters is the outcome of scientific research
Some of history’s greatest scientists have defied consensus
So what of reality for us here and now?
Without doubt in the years to come
If wildfire burns so many futures away
If storms beat their fists and homes disastrously crumble
If farmlands turn into nothing more than deserts
If floods turn carparks into deathly whirlpools
We will recall the Jones deceit with the devil with coal in his hand
And the consensus then will be forever real

Closed Doors

What are they hiding?
There is a meeting going on over there
A cause célèbre is being resolved we are told
It is linked to human behaviour, that gathering
Indeed to the very existence of mankind
So the enclosed debate goes on
And on
Day follows day without an outcome
And still the doors are closed
Why is this so?
The answer my friend
Is not blowin’ in the wind
Because even the windows are closed
O accord! it is a gentle thing
Beloved from pole to pole
But when there is dissembling
The doors will close
To hide the woes
And heads will begin to roll
Extended time with doors closed
Is writing on the wall
The longer the time the greater the strife
And for all one knows, the more will be headed for a fall
If one or more speakers at that meeting
Has a point of view
Unpopular with the general
That is the probable reason the doors stay closed
Closed until the divergent one or ones
Can be silenced or overthrown
And desired appearances for public consumption
Are established
O joy then! the opening of the doors
And the veneer of unity is spread abroad
But beware you leaders who strive for a better world
The black sheep on that other side often wears wolf’s clothing
And may well use other closed doors for the seizing of power


More Poems Knocking On The Door


Development is the way of the world
Let us expand
Not according to the needs of civilisation
But merely in terms of the triumph of opportunists
Whoever does the deal
The best deal
Becomes the authorised vandal
To eliminate the old
Hide the sky with concrete
Build stairways to the heaven of profiteers
Crowd gullible people into belfries with no bells
The slums of tomorrow
Mutilate the landscape with discordant shapes
Irrelevant to Nature’s loveliness
You can hear the coins of corruption
Tumbling into accounts in complicit banks
An unplanned cacophony of chaos
And so progress blunders on
Bringing change for the aggrandisement of the few
And the detriment of the many
Let us go then, you and I
And find a place unoccupied by greed
Where beauty created when time began
Still remains
Let us make there a new city
A place where all the elegance of the world belongs
Planned, inspiring, welcoming
And shared by all
In the calm tranquility of justice

“A Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

Words heard in the news: October 7, 2021

So things are looking up, rumour has it
Only eight people in our part of the world
Died yesterday from coronavirus
One in his twenties too…
Any man’s death admonishes me
If I am ending the lockdown prematurely
But not to worry
There are other matters to consider
In the light of business interests
That light at the end of the tunnel
We will defy danger and struggle back
To customary existence
Just look at the overriding benefits
It’s the best of all possible worlds
Normal funerals will be allowed for those eight dead
Schools will resume early
To bring normality back to the lives
Of parents who can do what they are supposed to do
And go to work
Pupils will fill classrooms once again
Sharing the air with each other
Especially if the windows don’t open
It is certainly possible some may die of the virus
Teachers too, more likely
But we must yield to reality, the Trojan Horse of sentimentality
And get on with things that matter
Before it is too late
This above all
That virus will be with us for ever
That is the way things are
We must learn to live with it
And surge boldly
Heads held high
Into the stock market of death

Get The Hell Out Of Dodge

Bribes are everywhere
And politicians building shooting galleries
To get people’s votes
Mining licences expanded
Using shady deals
Alcohol flowing in the gutters of the streets
Banks robbing people
Instead of the other way round
Snake oil legally sold
Just by changing the name
Professed doves carrying guns
The local rag
Printing only lies authorised by the boss
Land grabs by rich bastards
So the poor can’t afford a house
Large crowds gathering where infection abounds
Riots by blockheads in favour of dying
That’s it
I’ve done my best and failed to put things right
There’s nothing left for me to do
But get the hell out of Dodge

Lilliput Revisited

You may not have heard the news afoot
Of the social change in Lilliput
The conflict between big and little enders
Has been changed by liberals with strong agendas
They have solved the opening variance riddle
By impaling all eggs in the middle
But alas for the poor people’s peace and quiet
Other matters have caused a riot
Stupid things done across that ocean
That inevitably led to disastrous commotion
When doctors needed to jab with impunity
Some zanies declared their rights to immunity
As peril threatened outside their homes
They flocked to the meadow where danger roams
The warnings came with gentle insistence
But they foolishly failed to keep that distance
Then a war was kindled with Blefuscu again
By a former leader, the most warlike of men
No one at all gave him a mention
So he threatened the peace to get attention
Thus I can say things are now much worse
And that is one reason for this verse
Which will end with words on the death of trust
For Gulliver’s gone home once more in disgust

Star Gazing

Look at that star
Gazing down on us
Like a fact-finder
Observing the consequences of our lives
So bright it is
Part of our pathetic existence
That seems so mundane
Yet they are wondrous, those stars
Look at the rest of them up there
Conquering the darkness
So many of them
All so far away
The light from the nearest one
Travelling at many thousand miles per second
Is more than eight years old
The soft radiance from others
Began its journey to our eyes
Before we were born
From others still
Before mankind was born
So to view the stars
Is to rest your eyes on the enduring past
History bidding you good evening
But who are we?
Just grains of sand on the beach of the universe?
No! We are questioning reeds
Growing in a forest of uncertainty
Yearning to discover
Wanting to uncover
The realities of everything around us
Determined to keep the air clean and clear
So that we can study the stars forever
With feelings that enhance our humanity


Pollution! Pollution!
Pollution is not the solution
It’s time for all creatures
The good word reaches
To stage a revolution
Steel! Steel!
The profit’s not real
And that is a reason
In this visionary season
To tell you the way I feel
Coal! Coal!
Plays a ruinous role
Infects the air
In a manner not fair
With gain its cardinal goal
Oil! Oil!
The king to whom rich men are loyal
When they burn it in cars
We can’t see the stars
A foul scheme we must foil
Plastic! Plastic!
Let’s be iconoclastic
Promote this caper
Use wrapping paper
And trip the light fantastic
Joy! Joy!
Let’s fashion for the hoi polloi
A world that is pure
With eternal allure
That no pay dirt can destroy


And Yet Still More


I once knew a man
Years ago
Long time passing
Who was treated very harshly by my peers
Maligned with abuse
Cast aside from the normality of endorsed existence
Into the isolation reserved for the guilty
Where even the virtuous fear to go
Lest they too are ostracised
Like a leper from the past
Decried by voices
That questioned his humanity
I met him once
In his prison of distrust
And noticed the pain in his eyes
When we spoke of the past
I leant towards him
To touch his shoulder with compassion
As all he had done
Was come from another country

Pandora Lives

A global leak of nearly 12 million documents,
dubbed the Pandora Papers, unlocks
the financial secrets of politicians and billionaires October 4, 2021

There you go
You shamefaced hangdog parasites
Basking in your vile iniquity
While we normal people
Meet the requirements of the morality
You despise
Look at you now
A pillar of civilisation
Successful beyond infinity
Treated as a divinity
So much lucre
You make Midas seem down and out
So much power
The whole world moves when you shout
I see you now
In the light of what you truly are
A disease that eats away
At the anatomy of our being
A plague like the Black Death
Because until recently
We have not known the cause
But hear this now
The box Pandora has found
Is a turning point of history
All those roads apparently not taken
By you depraved architects of secret villainy
Are now revealed
We, your victims, the honest ones
Will travel those boulevards and destroy them
With your own weapon of mass destruction
The money we save
By making you pay your bills

The Power Of Recollections

I am old now
Confined indoors
By the crumbling of the body’s bits and pieces
That promote mobility
Never experience the sun these days
Lean against the wind
Or shelter from the rain
Just sit on my chair at my computer
Wandering around the internet
Looking for distractions
From the decrepitude of age
Writing the odd poem occasionally
That’s life when you have excessive maturity
And yet there is one thing
That stands like a beacon in the night
That stops you
Longing to escape with the Dark Angel…
It is memory
That is mine until amnesia sets in
I own it totally
No one on earth can take it from me
Dispute it yes, but steal it no
I was there when storms were exciting things
Not national catastrophes
I saw bushfires as tidy-ups by Nature
Not holocausts
I remember when dams were always full
And floods were rare events
Reminiscence is a sweet thing now
For the air in my childhood was pure
The moon danced lovingly on the waters of the bay
Where more fish were swimming in peace
We played Cowboys and Indians
Where the bush hadn’t been cut down to build high rise
And you climbed still-standing trees to catch cicadas
All in salad days that never really leave you


How devious facts are
Hiding themselves
Behind the lies and pretence of important people
Fascinating, isn’t it?
The way
Leaders gain power with subterfuge
Masquerading as something other than what they really are
Concealing the truth
With clichés like freedom, security, and things we hold dear
And all the while
Planning the obverse
Carrying out the will of powerful backroom personages
Whose names we never know
That is usually why
Leaders on the sea of reform afloat
Are unduly careful not to rock the boat
Always there is impediment to the change
As vested interest limits the power to rearrange
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Peace, Land and Bread
Liberty or Death
How the dreams have echoed down the ages
Holding sway for a time
Before yielding to the tyranny of greed
And ill-gained power of successful subversives
Depressing isn’t it?
But is all lost?
What can we do to change the way of things?
Why, tell the story
Education is the only ultimate solution
History is the golden source of truth
And therein lies the reality of revolution


How many lies must a politician tell
Before he reaches the top?
Why is deception the usual practice
And when will it ever stop?
The answer my friend is written in the sky
In words only fools deny

How many years must justice fail
As the rich exploit the poor?
How much longer will lawyers earn rewards
Helping criminals within the law?
The answer my friend is written in the sky
In words only fools deny

Who tells the stories hiding true facts
That make people go to war?
Why do the affluent weapon makers
Promote this tragic flaw?
The answer my friend is written in the sky
In words only fools deny

Now tell me this please why does triumph
Arrive when you bend the rules?
Do our masters in life depend for success
On the gullibility of fools?
The answer my friend is written in the sky
In words only fools deny

O can there be a time more important than now
For the vault of heaven to speak?
Are not responses to life-and-death questions
What we must for ever seek?
The answer my friend will be written on our graves
If we choose to remain fraudsters’ slaves


Poems Still Appearing

Rich Man Poor Man

There once was a man who was top of his class
Because he was very rich
Money seemed to flow through his welcoming veins
As a mine he owned and two take-away chains
Raised his profits to fever pitch
Success was his motto so he crushed his rivals
And power was one of his yearnings
He built his fame in the Yellow Press
Placed every opponent under duress
And annually doubled his earnings
One of the things such men often do
Is embark on a political career
So he eagerly found an appropriate party
Gave it his voice faking hale and hearty
Though his virtue was but a veneer
As is the way of this dubious world
This man found further success
With his power anew
His fortune grew
Proving nothing succeeds like excess
But as the years sped frantically by
Fatal illness sans warning arrived
Few people cried
When this man died
Though his reputation survived
The funeral was a rococo event
Its glamour made critics rave
A coffin of gold
With a monument bold
Plus Tom Tipster to dig his grave
Now Tom was quite poor earning modest pay
Yet he never stepped out of line
And the rich man’s death gave him food for his kin
Helped him care for his wife who was pale and thin
And to live to be ninety nine

Undeclared War

For the children around the world acting for truth

An undeclared war is raging now
A terrible struggle
More violent
Than any affray ever know before
With appalling consequences
If the right cause fails
Horrific, horrendous, horrifying
Leading humanity
Towards an alliance with death
With destruction an afterthought
O how the conflict rages
Across the Fields of Understanding
That paradisiacal place
Where hope once blossomed
In a garden of reality
You will of course
Question the identity of the combatants
A natural enquiry this
For those who determine the future of mankind
Demand identification
So note well these belligerents
Storming down from the hills of greed and self-interest
The vandals of archaic industry
Riding steeds of steel
And bearing torches so powerful
They scorch the air itself
With them, just a little ahead
Is an array of trumpets
Sounding forth brassy lies
That stifle the cries
Of the people
Whose land must suffer under
The hooves of the invading horses
What of the other combatants?
The opposition to this force of terror?
They are also strong
Potent adversaries
Poised on the brink of the Armageddon
Looming in this time
The wise folk of tomorrow they are
Children of the present
Who do not flinch in the face of evil
Reject the lies and myths primeval
And demand action for global warming

Black Dog

Hello Charlie
How are you today?
Not the best Ethan but thank you for the call
OK then
We’ll see what we can do about that
Open up to me
What’s the problem?
Let’s make this phone health system work for us
You’re at home
Not out mingling with COVID sources
I’ve enjoyed working with you all these years
So how can I help today?
O things are bad just now Ethan
Too many demons to conquer
Some times I’m OK when I wake up
What a nice word OK is
Sounds good
No need for details
Just a general impression of survival
But not OK this morning though
Too many things I can’t fix
More disasters threatening and happening
Than I can mend…
All right then Charlie
That’s what I’m here for
Let’s see if we can deal with this
Tell me the problem
Fill me in
More than one Ethan
You know many of them already
You remember my wife left me to live with another woman
My son was a victim of the Afghanistan War
You know I was sacked from my lifetime job
For being too old
You know I have lost other employment because of the virus
I load garbage for the Council now
And I’ve told you my car is at the wreckers
Because I forgot to water the radiator
I’m deaf as a beetle
With one hearing aid I can’t fix
Because I can’t leave home to get it put right
All this you have helped me with before
And other things too
But now
Yesterday came the last straw
The explosion that blew me away
My Uncle Charles
CEO of Make A Killing Inc
And my mentor for many years
Told me of all things I should go to a psychiatrist
And he cut me out of his will
All because I demonstrated agains global warming
And joined the Greens
Last straw Ethan
Somewhat ironic
Because I have been going to you
As my psychiatrist
For all these years
But now that’s it
I’m blown apart
When you attack someone’s self respect
With all guns blazing
You’ve got to get the facts right
Otherwise you are only enslaving your victim
For your own peace of mind
That’s me just now Ethan
A slave to Uncle Charles’ equanimity
And disintegrating
Everything is a shadow and there is no sun…
All right Charlie
Take a deep breath
Let’s go after these demons
Thanks Ethan, I’m listening
Well now
How old are you?
Good. Didn’t die young.
How’s your cancer?
I don’t have any
I knew that Charlie
Just a joke
Good. More years likely
How’s your blood pressure?
MY GP says it’s like a young man’s
Heart in good order?
Good. Still more years looming
Do you get hungry much?
Well not really
The farm and garden give us ample food
Good. Yet even more years likely
How are you and Jessie getting on?
She’s the most loving wife anyone could have
She’s my treasure
You’re not lonely then?
Far from it
Good. Makes those extra years contented as well
What about hobbies?
Anything to escape boredom?
Well yes actually Ethan
I have found myself recently
A volunteer with the Police Boys Club
Quite involved I am
Those kids
Poor troubled souls
Many from broken homes
Desperate for a friend
I teach them boxing a bit
And coach the soccer team
Quite moving actually
Cheers me up considerably
That’s it Charlie
You’ve found your own solution yourself
To become a vital part of somebody else’s life
Is not to die
It’s a way that doesn’t stop with you
It spreads like a benevolent pandemic
I’m convinced Doc
It’s the one thing I do that lights me up
I’ll get into it more
Every day if I can with a smile and a helping hand
Yes Charlie
That’s right, a good plan
Go for it
I’ll boost your Duloxetine to 120 mg
And we’ll see what happens
That’s it my friend
The hour’s up
Time for me to go
Call me if you need me, I mean really need me
Thanks a lot Ethan
It’s made a difference
The black dog’s asleep in the kennel

Kindness Is An Antibiotic

Kindness is an antibiotic
More powerful than penicillin sometimes
Gets rid of the poverty virus for example
More quickly than a surgeon deals with cancer
Just apply often, before and after meals preferably
Especially after disaster
And before the chaos of argument
As for the latter
Recent research seems to indicate
The surest remedy
Is a grain of salt
As a treatment the kindness drug is needed now
More than ever before
Owing to the pandemic of sadness
That clutches the world of today
In its callous fingers
Laughter is in lockdown
And tears are flooding the market
An outbreak of self-interest has been noticed recently
Especially in the mining industry
Many important people
Are going down with it with disastrous consequences
And despite the kindness
Delivered diligently by paramedics
Temperatures continue to rise
We have now reached an important moment of epidemiology
Requiring more drastic action
From tomorrow
Kindness will be supplemented
By the powerful purgative of taxation
And the main sufferers
Will be fitted with pacemakers
To control dangerous enthusiasms
So let it be
And may good health return to the world

Now Hear This

Deafness is a hard deal
For every human being
It immerses you in potential ignominy
When your only resort
Is to guess what they are saying
Since I have grown old
I have suddenly found great compassion
For the sufferers of hearing deficiency
All my days
I barely noticed their anguish
Just let it go by
As I enjoyed my infallibility
Wondered a little
Why my aged parents
Had their television thundering so loudly
Slightly annoyed I was
Seeing their behaviour
As predictable evidence of senility
How things have changed at this moment in my time
So much now I cannot hear
Beethoven is but an echo of his former self
I lie with gesture in conversation
Nodding as if I heard what was being said
Throwing in a neutral comment
Such as
How interesting!
And hoping it is not a faux pas
I watch comic television
To enjoy the chuckling
But cannot hear the reason for the laughter
Yet my life goes on
With me more sensitive to the troubles of others
While, for example, with broadcasts of political speeches
Even with the volume up
I still enjoy the beauty of appropriate silence


Some Poems Won’t Stay Hidden

Classroom Conquest

Many educators
Leave the classroom for higher status
As soon as they can
One of the reasons for this
Is that in every classroom
There will always be an idiot
This makes it so hard for the autocratically inclined
For the teacher of the young
It means a challenge
Every day of the school year
For the high school guru
It is at least twice in every week
While for university teachers
It is forever
One of the things you cannot do
And this is what makes it so hard
Is tell the idiot in your classroom
He is an idiot
Merely to diagnose his mental condition
And leave it at that
Is the kind of behaviour
That gives us Hitlers
Instead you must walk towards that haunted soul
And say: “We have a problem…
Let us sit down together and try fix it.”
Then you try something
And something else
And another something else
Those troubles – you are doomed to fight ‘em
And so proceed ad infinitum
It is not always rewarding, this challenge
Sometimes it leaves you shivering in cold despair
But when you win occasionally, something happens
That makes you glad it was you who was there


Let’s switch on the telly and study it well
Get all the details of the happenings in Hell
Find out what the world’s icons are doing
What schemes of self-interest they are pursuing
See if the death toll from the virus is rising
Assess if polluters are still enterprising
Tally the deceased in third world lands
Killed by a vaccine not in their hands
Grow aware of the endless acts of terror
Count the innocents killed by our drones in error
Get details of the latest slaying
Weep for dead soldiers while the bands are playing
Find a lost child drowned in a pool
Be irked by politicos playing the fool
Have your eyes fixed on women abused
With close ups of faces battered and bruised
Notice the old folk dying alone
With all that is left of them mere skin and bone
Pay attention to the climate change report
Drown your fears in wine as a last resort
Television was born in 1926
When John Logie Baird got up to his tricks
When you switch it on now without convolution
You are part of the horror of a news revolution
Switch it off when the time comes without hesitation
Then go and kick a dog for relaxation

Lost Child

Away into a wilderness of uncertainty he went
Towards the place that has never been
Where dreams fade away
Into the cold insignificance of unreality
He was tremulous
And looked at the ground when he walked
Afraid of things
In trouble he was, often
Because he didn’t seem to listen to warnings
A black sheep in child’s clothing
A nuisance to busy parents
He often lingered out of their sight
In a corner beneath the house
Where spiders were his friends
Because they didn’t seem to notice him
He had no other allies
Even his brother and sister despised him
And gave him angry looks unfailingly
Time was his enemy
As days of resentment passed ever so slowly
Until one day
He left it all behind him
He was gone before anyone knew it
No warning
Just a dawning, followed by absence
A token search was made for a while
But quickly discontinued
All this was a long time ago
That family has not heard from him again
Yet he lives on in another place
Fate deals strange cards
For elsewhere he has found love and kindness
That is why he is writing this poem


The lowest trick of the scoundrel
Is to pretend to be good
To profit from war in the name of peace
Is to stand where Judas stood
To work for a cause that brings you gain
While you hide the fact from others
Resembles the work of a thief who steals food
From the mouths of his starving brothers
In parliament sometimes a question time question
Is one of the scoundrel’s tricks
To design a query that promotes a dogma
In the guise of Dorothy Dix
Far more heinous is the charity
That works at a fever pitch
And uses the weak, the poor and the needy
To make its director rich
Along with this is the salesman
Who masquerades as your friend
But leaves you with a pittance beyond remittance
And troubles that never end
Another case for the human race
Tends to shroud many lives in dismay
A philanthropist giving flamboyantly to the poor
While his workforce earns little pay
But life goes on in spite of all this
The tapestry a charlatan weaves
In the end he will die like the rest of us
While none of his victims grieves

The Games We Play

Sport is a corporate business now
Played for financial gain
To sponsor a mogul and launder his funds
With cunning legerdemain
It harnesses crowds and uses tradition
To cash in on people’s dreams
You might say the job of courting the mob
Is one of life’s lucrative schemes
And so they roll in adrift in the mire
Of conjured up belligerent loyalty
While the money flows in to pay the investor
Most often from HD royalty
So the players play as if ready to die
For they know that winning is all
And the media profit from the tales they tell
Especially when players fall
Now the seasons come and the trophies flow
The golden rule is to attack
For the also-ran knows he costs the boss money
And losers get the sack
So it’s play up play and play the game
Not just for a ribboned coat
If the money flows as the saying goes
You won’t have missed the boat

On Getting Things Right

Don’t be dismayed dear colleague
Even though you are maligned
If you do your best and still get blamed
You just have to be resigned
Remember Gödel’s incompleteness theorems
Things we think we know but don’t
If I understood them completely myself
I would tell you, but I won’t
Yet this I will make plain
Advice from me on the shelf
Nothing is impossible for each critic my friend
If he doesn’t have to do it himself
So do what you have to do each day
Stay steadfast as you go
And let those appraisers share with the birds
Their pathetic tale of woe
My-side bias is adrift in our planet
Some believe the whole world thinks they’re right
So if truth happens to be on your side
You can’t win without a fight
But ride boldly lad up the hills of contempt
Crouch low on the power of your horse
Good research in the end will always triumph
And that is a matter of course
Vaccine is not an infringement of freedom
Injustice from the past
If they don’t take it now and follow the rules
Their next breath could be their last
And the climate is now a deadly threat
To our present way of living
If we cut and burn and dig to earn
The weather will be unforgiving
That’s enough for now; you deserve some peace
I will let my argument rest
Work on, do your job, let evidence rule
And you will pass every test


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