And You…


Truth it is an elusive thing
Dangerous for some
As Julian Assange was pilloried for telling it
But when masked
It shapes the destiny of rogues
Are you listening?
You hypocrites who make a living
Or gain power from falsehoods
The reality of your scheming is more and more evident
To an ever increasing number of thinking observers
So take care when you go to war
To sell the weapons you make
Cease your lies that get you elected
And destroy the careers of your political rivals
You corporate dealers
Who rule our lives from backrooms
And lobby lucratively
We are onto you
So your days are numbered
By the real observers who describe reality
This above all
A new day is dawning as the doors of education open
Wisdom is beckoning us
From the stage of learning in schools and universities
Performance there will number your days
Reveal your chicanery
Students of every age
Inevitably are becoming aware of things
A real world is blooming
It is aflame
A beacon at the end of a tunnel of infinite darkness

Deep Affection

Don’t be afraid of love
It won’t hurt you
It may even save you from disaster
Stand by you in times of stress
Give you hope when things have turned against you
Be a reason for living
When life has turned sour
Trust me
When age has crept up on you
And time ruthlessly makes you decrepit
If you have loved someone sometime
That memory will ease your pain
Become a beautiful rose in your garden of despair
So take the chance
Dare to give all that you are in tribute to someone else
Share yourself
Be unafraid
Willing to risk the ignominy of unrequitedness
And become a lover
A true friend
A companion amidst hostile forces of darkness
Yes, give yourself to that cause
And notice what changes
Devotion has many forms
It may be a friendly ear to share another’s sadness
A forgiveness at a time of guilt and regret
Or parental understanding when things go wrong
And the greatest joy
That brings you peace
Amidst the chaos of life’s morbidity
When other dreams have fallen apart
Will be love returned

The Road Taken

Once long ago
I came to a junction of two roads
Equally attractive they were to me
But with directions unspecified
As signposts were missing
Time was not my friend
It was rapidly passing and I had to choose
So I chose this one
And on it I have stayed for all my days
Sometimes it has led me into trouble
Antipathy and questioned virtue
While my progress was hindered by self doubt
Yet I kept on with my journey
For that is the way I tend to deal with things
Other times have been different
Quite often in fact
I have encountered new vistas of awareness
Learnt by observation as I passed by
With a touch of new self-respect
Further still along this path
The road taken
On which I have stayed resolutely despite the scenic change
I have come upon one final encompassing joy
It is a body of listeners
Who share many moments with me responsively
Who question me when understanding lapses
Remarkably at the same time
Helping me gain a better understanding of my own world
And, dare I say it, of myself
That is where I am at this stage of my journey
My voyage of discovery still
To my chosen destination, for I am a teacher

Pills To Cure My Ills

Here I am, old and infirm
Weak and frail and disabled
But I have the ultimate cure
They’re the pills I have recently tabled
There’s one for my moods
When pain intrudes
And one for my aching knees
Blood pressure too is well catered for
Plus a nose spray when I sneeze
My eye sight is weak which makes me seek
A capsule to fix my vision
It costs so much it makes me pay
My chemist with some derision
My feet are sore with pain galore
But I have a costly pastille
It works so well if you fired a gun
I would almost storm the Bastille
My stomach is wild and I tend to belch
Whenever I take a meal
The tablet for this is a hit or miss
It’s just a placebo I feel
There’s one more grief I have to endure
And that is a runny nose
The tablet for this has little effect
Yet that’s where the money goes
Each day for me, as you can see,
Is nothing but a ritual
I’ve learnt to take each caplet I buy
In a manner purely habitual
But there is a pain I must endure
For which all hope is lost
It’s an endless incurable ailment
For my pills the bloody cost


To our first nation

When you educate
Do you lead out along an approved, predetermined pathway
Or do you nourish and let the learner decide
On the destination?
For that first pathway, the derivation is educere
For the second, educare
An important decision this for teachers
Are events to be selected in a prescribed pattern
Or is the learning experience aimed solely at discovery
An enrichment uncontaminated by censorship?
Do you wash the brains for a chosen goal
Or do you nourish unrestrainedly
And wait for a crucial something to happen
In the minds of each fledgling?
Is learning open or selectively controlled?

We must portray a cheerful history
Said a powerful, influential guru
No black armbands belong in our schools
Reality begone
But the facts came inevitably to haunt him
An indigenous voice
Sang a song of sadness that echoed in the hallways
And down the ages as an inevitable consequence
So that the reality of life was discovered
Amidst a learning garden free of dioxin
The tragedy of a treatment was revealed
And another guru said he was sorry


For You Too

So You’ve Lost

So you’ve lost
With your political inanity
After years of your inhumanity
When you blossomed on a tree of deception
Now you’re an item in a trash can
A piece of life lying in a gutter of forgetfulness
Your voice is drowned
By a gathering wind of irrelevance
To be overcome at last
By prayers of reason
What you did is the stuff of your obituary
A cold example of the suffering
You and your in-crowd extolled
While countless victims
Endured the anguish of your schemes
To promote your power
All gone now
Look at you unelected
Cringing in a corner unnoticed
While a new order rises out of the mire you created
Get thee hence then whoever you have become
There is no place left for you here
Your era of rule
Is already a fading memory
That hangs in the air of change
Like dust
Dimming the beauty of the setting sun
Time is our friend and your foe
For it will take away your presence in our minds
Where once you dominated
Now all that is left of you there
Like the Cheshire Cat’s* endless smile

*The Cheshire Cat was a figure in Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland

A Broad Church

You may disapprove
Of some of the things we do
Find fault
With our policy statements
But political life is complex
And we are a broad church
We believe in help for the destitute
As long as the economy stays strong
We strive overtly for peace
Although we sell weapons of war
We seek the greatest good for the greatest number
But channel profits to a selected few
Freedom is our trumpeted dream
Yet we jail refugees without trial
We declare all men are brothers
Even though we invade the vulnerable
We vow to end climate change
But still we export coal
Free speech is a part of the life we acclaim
Though one man owns all our media
Democracy is what we claim to hold dear
Yet we pork barrel without fear
All gender bias we deplore
But women rarely get equal pay
All power rests with the people
But we privatise everything
We proclaim belief in the brotherhood of man
Yet condone hate speak on the airwaves

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
What a noble world surrounds us!

Take Me To Your Leader

There you are
A few words with you if you don’t mind
So you want to be a leader
All right then, let’s see
How good at lying are you?
Not the barefaced type, the obvious ones
It’s the subtle kind I mean
You know, the ones non thinkers can’t detect
What’s that?
You always try to tell the truth
That’s a worry
Even when money is involved?
Oh dear!
A major problem
Let us try oil and gas
Where do you stand on climate change?
You’ve got to be joking
That attitude would bankrupt the nation
And the river systems?
Don’t tell me you would put water for the environment
Ahead of farming industries
The more we speak the more concerned I become
One last hope
What about foreign policy?
Are you behind the latest arms deal?
That’s it then, my friend
Leadership for you is out of the question
Your position is tremulous
In fact another career seems advisable
Politics is for wolves not sheep
I suggest you return to your former profession
Money flows to you in corporate commerce
More fluently
And there are far fewer people to deceive

Treasures Of The Mind

O I am old now
And my body constantly disobeys my wishes
Life is hard
Even when you do nothing
And the official verdict on your usefulness is zero
Yet I have some gems
Of experience
That for others are rare now
Largely unknown to today’s fresh-faced revellers
Once I could see the moon in clear air
Meandering across an uncontaminated sky
Benevolent, gentle
Like a shepherd tending sheep
I drank from streamlets many times
As I walked mountain pathways
Little rivulets of happiness they were, glad to quench my thirst
As they danced gaily by me
The noise of their passing like laughter
I picked wildflowers once, where concrete now stands
Radiances of colour, amazing timeless beauty
Samples of love to give my mother
I went fishing often, in a boat at night
So still, so quiet
You could hear a whisper from the other side of the bay
See the lights of houses reflected in the water
And the stars so bright they seemed just out of reach
I walked where once a forest was
Colourful birds kept me company there
It was fun to eavesdrop their conversations
Shafts of sunlight filtered through the shadows
And the occasional butterfly danced on the air
Breathtaking glimpses of colour
And all was quiet in the world
So here I am, confined to a room
Lonely you might assume and fading away
But how can that be when your mind has such riches?


Everything has a money value these days
Time is a commodity
Kindness depends on price
Happiness can be bought from the right shopping list
But check the flyers carefully
Weigh up the spiel most guardedly
Read the evidence like Sherlock Holmes
Forego free bargains
Beware of buy now pay later
Disregard false medical allusions
Turn your back on animated illusions
Condemn fraudulent promotional portrayals
And watch the business world explode in a puff of verity


Hey There…


Well here we are at last
Worn out with life
Cast aside by chief executives
As a penalty for ageing
Adrift, but buoyed up by memories
Of times that were different
Once walking freely with no stick
Leaping up stairs several at a time
Hitting a boundary on that green sward
Teaching as my other game
Always employed when younger
In classes that never end
Shopping for trousers that were inevitably too long
And had to be altered
Plenty of money to spend
Once but now it’s all gone
Pensions are a burden for the current taxpayer
Enjoyed dancing
But a little shy with women at first
People of the past are there in my mind too
Most of them dead now
But not for me
So that’s it
Not much left today
Just a few mementos:
A worn out cricket cap
Some fading press clippings
Tout passe
As I sadly wait for the end
Of everything
But wait a minute
There is a ray of light
I’ve been in love twice
I loved to learn and learnt to love
And that, in spite of everything, has made a difference


To a well known and popular public figure

Look at you
Such a sham
Yet so powerful
Conniving your way to success
With fiction
Placing your honest opponents under duress
With beguiling half-truths
Promoting your virtue
When you speak
By spreading platitudes on the air
Like special treats
For the gullible to devour
And accept you
Despite the reality of what you really are
That is your way
Inconvenient truths are never part of your discourse
When found out
You reply with an artificial smile
And divert attention
With someone else’s sins
And so you float through life
Like a rotten egg in hot water
Inevitably the protective shell bursts
To fill the kitchen of life
With a ghastly aroma
Until an open window saves the denizens
From the sickening, ugly redolence
Revealing what you are

Merchants Of War

O Minister you are an agent
Of weaponry that kills
A paramour of unease that leads to death
The military industrial complex you foster
Keeps the economy strong
Because of the enemies you create
And the fairy tales you cunningly give reality to
There’s profit in the merchandise you promote
You with your fake news of menace
And your sombre face in the news prattling on
About danger unlimited
And the need for Star Wars readiness
Dear God
How you deny the needy
The mentally cursed
The sick and the poor
With your mission statements of aggression!
Hospital wards
Are replaced by atomic submarines
By drones that kill with remote guidance
And food for the hungry
By missiles that mutilate foreign fields
That is the destiny you create
For the dwellers in today
And the children of tomorrow
So that at the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember you

The Furies*

Beware, take care
The Furies are on the march for you
Your treatment of other mortals
Especially your lying
Will wreak their vengeance and retribution
So stop it now
Your twisted, cunning chicanery
Leading people astray
With concocted photo shots
To beguile the viewer
And orations of sucrose
Pretending to be what you are not:
Friendly, kind, truthful and ethical,
Someone grafted into power
You do not deserve respect
For you are a monster of intrigue
You dream up deception
Like Satan on all saints’ day
Concocting fake virtues
That exist only in your devious mind
You cloak yourself in piety
But you prey every day
So heed me now
While you are still allowed
To roam unconstrained
I would not vote for you
If you were
The only lawmaker left on Earth

*The Furies were three Roman goddesses of vengeance and retribution who punished mortals for misdeeds. Perjury was one of their aversions.

Multiple Expletives

There’s a storm in the offing
Despite political denial
The wind murders trees
And the forecast is endlessly vile
The rain never stops
Turns our streets into mud
And assassinates our dreams
While my business is ruined by flood
So that is why
I reply with multiple expletives

Wages are low and profit is high
Corporations rule the land
Kakistocracy runs the legislature
As democracy turns to sand
The law is an ass devised by rogues
Designed to favour the crooks
Robber barons are forgiven their taxes
And their allies rig the books
So that is why
I reply with multiple expletives

Weapons are simply big business
And enemies are created by liars
The profit is high though innocents die
There’s money in warlike desires
Yes conflict is highly lucrative
Making guns and tanks and subs
With your song and dance if you trigger a fight
You’re compatible merely with grubs
So that is why
I reply with multiple expletives

Pardon my cursing
It’s time for change so I’ll start rehearsing


More Political Echoes


An amorphous concept, defence
Sounds virtuous
Implies danger from somewhere
Suggestive of paternal regard
A watching over of the vulnerable
With love and care
By loquaciously adept political figures
But one moment please
What is the point of the weapons you make?
Those jobs jobs jobs
Doing that
Mean big business
Expansion an ever present aim
For that
You need potential enemies
Conjured forth
More often by myth than reality
Jeopardy garnered from fairy stories
As you give forth to Hitler’s non sequitur:
The only way to preserve peace is prepare for war
So border protection is a game of cards
Dealt with a sleight of hand
Sizzling sausages!
Look at all those ways of causing bodily harm
On that new assembly line
And nuclear powered submarines are promised
To our great grandchildren
Yes indeed
Thor’s in his heaven
And all’s right with the world

Another Dream

I have a dream, another dream
Where in an age of anger
Poor benighted souls find comfort
A greeting in my land
To them a foreign strand
Yet made friendly
With love and understanding and compassion
Where all men are brothers
All women sisters
All children playmates
And each day is not a prison but a sanctuary
I have a dream, another dream
Where colour is not a signal of difference
Where slanted eyes are beautiful too
And new words have a meaning to be discovered with patience
In that dream I play a model role
As a person of significance
Revered amidst dark days of despair
Because my country
Greets refugees with consideration and care
And with my joyous approval

The False Prophet

Will seriously address
The issue of climate change
Thus spake the false prophet loudly
His mind adrift in a deadly sea of deception
And the people heard him
Gathering intently around him as they were wont to do
Belief invading gullible minds
But note well
Reality disputed his twisted words
To reveal his folly…
That recent drought lasted almost forever
Crops cried out in pain and died
Farms became airborne and covered even cities with their dust
And old Jacob’s tractor atrophied from lack of use
Then came the holocaust with angry flames
Devouring everything
The aroma of death maiming the air
While water dribbled aimlessly from a malfunctioning hose
Next came the flood
Aquatic violence unleashed in a torrent that showed no mercy
Water vanquished fields and roads
And that reckless man drowned in his car
The tempest followed
Sonic wind bellowing in anger
Beating its fist on crumbling walls and tearing roofs apart
That child died in a demolished playroom
As a power failure spread darkness around
And so it was
That prophesy was so easy to make
Delivered as it was with such eloquent confidence
Yet sadly so remote from a real world
Well might you ask when doom next knocks upon your door
What can a pipe dream do for me today?

Anzac Day For A Stranger

I am a stranger
Born far away in a foreign land
Where war destroyed my home
And killed my parents
I was a boy soldier
Who learnt to kill instead of going to school
To strike foes surreptitiously
After hiding in unexpected places
Death was a normal thing for me
It was everywhere
A consequence of invasion
Part of the routine organised by invading mercenaries
Today I have been to your dawn service
Heard the gentle sounds of the echoing trumpets
Saw old men marching
And the occasional tear in the eyes
So moved I was
For I too have memories
Now that I have grown old and the years condemn me
Age tends to weary me
Yet I have found a brotherhood in your ceremony
Beyond the going down of the sun
And in the morning
I too remember
And I am no longer your enemy

Dog Whistle

I hear you
You with your subtle political message
Your virulent
Persuasion of chosen stooges
With talk
Cleverly phrased to gain the support of the unworthy
And generate wrong deeds
Yes I read you
You with your pretence of virtue
But beware, take care
Those words of yours will ring around the firmament
Turning back towards you
Like daggers
Pointed at your corrupt heart
All that you are with your cunning ploy
That turns
Deceit into sinister music to lull the guilty
Into degenerate behaviour
O yes
You seem to win don’t you?
But beware; take care
Your petard can destroy you
As scoundrels so often erase themselves
Since evil deeds tend to echo
And come back to haunt you
Some of us who have been there before
Are once bitten twice aware
So mend your ways
Or learn the power of silence before it is too late


Political Echoes

We Have A Plan

When bad men combine, the good must associate;
else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice
in a contemptible struggle.

Edmund Burke

O we know the secrets of monetary wrangling
To govern we have a plan
Our political game won’t stop at a mangling
Of the truth since time began
So we pander to the rich with tax relief
And ignore the needs of age care
Cut back on health beyond belief
And our wages policy’s not fair
Unemployment is low but the jobs are part time
And the cost of living’s excessive
Home violence is an unsolved crime
While our market for child care’s recessive
The virus has led us to stark machinations
Giving rise to lies by the score
We have been too late with vaccinations
And our testing was bungled what’s more
So vote for us soon and give us your push
For we are the devil you know
A nerd in the hand is worth two in the bush
Now’s your chance to make this so

Military-Industrial Complex

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
H. L. Mencken

There’s money in war
Foes bring profits galore
Each conflict down the pages of history
Draws an income that is no mystery
Keep our nation safe is a lucrative cry
Munitions bring proceeds no one can deny
Though people will die, it’s the earnings that count
With utter denial of the Sermon On The Mount
All bombs are deadly effacements
But there’s lucre to be made from replacements
Soldiery means income so launch propaganda
Go into battle where rivals meander
Dead opponents mean cash in a manner chilling
There’s a mint to be made from every killing
Praise the dead at each opportunity
Give medals to heroes with stark impunity
Sound your trumpets and erect your shrines
Jail pacifists now or hit them with fines
Twist the truth via helpful media
On earth now there is no one greedier
Collect your winnings from each soldier’s last breath
As you corporatise each Valley of Death
Days shall not weary you nor the years condemn
Riches await you, so carpe diem*

*Seize the day

I’ve Always Been Very Consistent

I’ve always been very consistent
When found out
I lie constantly
Especially at press conferences
I am rude to women privately
While publicly I am a perfect gentleman
I never admit mistakes
It’s my standard practice to blame someone else
Condemnation flows from my tongue like climate change rain
But when I am rebuked I walk away
At times of crisis
I am never on time with a remedy
I always have a plausible excuse
I despise the working class, reducing their wages
While I give huge tax deductions to my corporate soul mates
I build car parks only for my friends
Old people annoy me furiously
So I neglect them with great care and perseverance
I do not hesitate to break a contract
Even though
A consequence is a loss of billions
A strong economy is my catchcry
So I invest in oil, coal and weaponry
While to foster that neoliberal marketplace
I ignore the welfare of the poor and infirm
And reduce education funding to a pittance
After this revelatory description
I am sure you can guess who I am

This Election Is About The Economy

Our economy is strong
Triple A rating
Four percent unemployment
An example to the whole world
Some salaries create slave labour
Part time work demands two or more jobs
Hospitals are underfunded
Age care is even worse
Less fortunate still is education
Child care bankrupts families
Costs make the living stay hungry
Home sweet home is too often a fanciful dream
Accountability eludes the favoured ones
As reality dies
Corporations mind their own business
And control policies
The rich get richer and the poor get taxed
Fraudulent politics go unfettered
Global warming is diligently funded
While weather forecasts foretell more disaster
Weapons industries flourish
And lies are the secret code of the captain to the troops
So vote now to maintain
This best of all possible worlds

We Are A Pro-forestry Government

We are a pro-forestry government
And it’s jobs jobs jobs
Our axes are sharp and our chain saws thunder
The way we get timber is a wonder
As we cut down trees
Once saplings when Columbus was a boy
Wood is good and recyclable
We don’t care what those activists say
Don’t listen to their negative voices
It’s at work that the axeman rejoices
To Hell with photosynthesis
Who cares if trees turn CO2
Into oxygen without ado?
They use the energy of the sun
To clean our polluted air
But we do not care
Forests are the havens of many living things
No problem the death that cutting down brings
So there, and that is the value of Arbor Day
To increase the volume of the logger’s pay
What we cut down has brought on the rain
And made our place look like the Nullarbor Plain
But although the heart of each bark-hugger sank
We all stood tall on our way to the bank

I Designed The Boat Turn-back Policy

I designed the boat turn-back policy
It’s all my work and I’m proud of it
Refugees are my source of promotion
I spread the lie
That there was a queue
Even though it didn’t exist
I ignored the international law
Refugees have a right of entry
I devised a scheme of indefinite detention
Implementing it without compassion
Habeas corpus meant nothing to me
Year after year after year after year
People were to suffer the detention I condoned
Even suicide or self harm of my victims
Failed to soften my rigour
I knew that racism exists today
Often secretive
Although the White Australia Policy
Is evidence that inspires me
I know recent success of extremists shows
There are votes in it
I understand too that dangerous entry by plane
Is possible
But the people-smuggler game plan
Is a convenient subterfuge to validate my cruel procedures
Promote the myth of border security
And get votes
Yes I agree, my brilliant scheme
Has been very costly
And diverted funds from health and aged care
Education and climate policy
But of course economic management is my strength
And I have covered my tracks well
So vote for me because unemployment is down


Poems Again


Purgatory is where I live
Otherwise known as Nauru
For I sought asylum
To be doomed there instead
In bondage
Although I have done no wrong
There is no queue I am accused of jumping
To travel by boat is not a crime
Refuge sought is not a dangerous thing
But an end of suffering for damaged souls
In this place
Morning is a herald of sadness
Each day is a punishment for living
We the unwanted ones
Are mere shadows of existence
The sun and the moon and the endless stars
Do not belong to us
They are part of a future we do not have
A property of others
The wild creatures in the bush around us
Are the lucky ones
They are free
Born in the right place
Not subject to inhumane ordinances
Defined as border protection
O how the years pass
Relentlessly long for me
Time is a curse
That changes me into an android of impotence
Longing longing longing
To find my humanity
So here I stay
Pretending to be alive
Knowing that my destiny
Is merely to survive

Deadly Diversity

Under the Southern Cross no more
Do we make cars as we did before
Goodbye to Holden, Ford and Toyota
They are now part of the import quota
But wonder of wonders all is not lost
Armoured cars are now made at half the cost
Weapons of war are the new solution
As hostile relations promote convolution
A military industrial complex now thrives
And that is the way our budget survives
Yes war is a business the pundit declares
So call it defence and brandish your wares
Next will come submarines, rockets and guns
Plus dignified killing for our daughters and sons
So polish each barrel
Don hostile apparel
Find a foe, spin a yarn of fictitious woe
Then watch the money flow
Yes warfare is a golden ruse held dear by the rich and wily
Who’ll start a conflict cunningly and make their profit slyly
So once more into the battle boys with your warlike friends
Battlegrounds are where profit lies, a market that never ends
And if history tends to criticise, you needn’t walk the plank
Just stand aside if others deride and enjoy your stroll to the bank


A funny thing happened to me yesterday
A stranger told me the truth
I knew he wasn’t misleading
Because the evidence was very strong
Provided you looked for it
With an open mind
He seemed to have no ulterior motive
As some people do
Especially those with a political agenda
His demeanour was in no way furtive
He looked straight into my eyes
Voice calm and gentle yet poignant
We seemed to enjoy our meeting
Ongoing with lasting respect
Our discourse was gentle and pleasant
Kindly responding to each other’s curiosity
Tinctured with a smile or two
Exchanging ideas in a way
That could begin a beautiful friendship
We exchanged details of our lives
With unusual veracity for a first meeting
We brushed minds willingly and honestly
Yes, company enjoyed
Then came the words
That rang rings around my brain
A truth I dared not deny
He said
At my age
All that I am
Will soon exist only in the memories of others
Yes that was right
So now I struggle incessantly for worthy recollections
Every day
And sometimes every night

That Is The Way Of Things Now

I don’t walk very well these days
It’s because I am so old
Every step is painful
My balance is rather shaky as well
Travelling from point a to point b
Is an adventure, a challenge
I keep thinking of the best way should I fall
Planning carefully
And deciding I will be a balloon
Suddenly deflating
Yes that’s it, relaxation is the salvation if I crash
I will melt into the ground
The way I used to die on the stage as an actor
I’ve just hung some washing on the line
The journey from the laundry was infinite
Never ending
I made it, eventually without falling
Although I came very close to that
Pegging out the clothes is far from easy
As your atrophied neck
Resists upward movement of the head
But somehow I managed
Then it was back to the house
Another odyssey
This time disaster struck: down I went
My survival plan worked
I relaxed and survived
But wonder of wonders a beautiful butterfly didn’t
It flew under my falling body
That lovely creature would no longer dance on the air
I looked at what I had done to that crushed poor thing
Suddenly I became wise
What was left of me was still alive
Yes life remained mine despite my decrepitude
And there was so much more left to do
That is the way of things now


Yet More New Poems

Mission Statement

Everything is a part of the economy
Balance sheets determine all destinies these days
People don’t act with free will any more
They simply obediently consume
Brains are no longer merely washed
They are dry cleaned
So you do as others wish
As fashionable consumption
While the state funds private power
So rally round the flag boys
You journeymen with a mission
Privatise your garbage bins
Let your rubbish get a commission
Brave is the spirit that surrounds itself
With entrepreneurial schemes
You never can tell what might befall
If you cash in on your dreams
The era of affordable study
Is now a thing of the past
Fees are so high no one can deny
This leaves each poor scholar aghast
You no longer can serve the human race
As a student in any faculty
Unless you can pay for your place
So you sell junk food for the corporate rich
For peanuts to fund your remittance
Your life goes on at a fever pitch
As you struggle to live with a pittance
That the budget is strong is all that matters
Cast the poor and the old aside
No help for those with lives in tatters
They’re the nuisances you deride
It’s another brave new world at last
Designed by the corporate few
Visionary thought belongs to the past
And there’s nothing we fall guys can do

But prey

False Idols

I speak today of a manic oppressor
I name not the land I defame
But it reaches with hungry talons around the earth
Pretending kindness and shamming virtue
Proclaiming the while a manifest destiny of hope
While its true intent is its own enrichment
It is brutal
A killer of innocents to achieve its ends
A pitiless schemer
It organises overthrow of hostile governments
With tyrannical cunning
Sowing seeds of discontent by furtive means
To remove dissent through orchestrated rebellion
And then sets up false idols to do its bidding
Puppets with ill-gotten power
Who share the loot of the expanding empire
And make possible that expansion…
Thus it has been
A century of misdeeds that murder morality
An age of gain on many a foreign plain
One after many another
Time has not wearied them while few condemn
And the coffers grow like wildfire in summer
The power of this land is frightening
More potent and widespread than ever known before
Yet its leaders boast of humility and good taste
And proclaim their way is the only way that matters
They boast of empathy and kindness
Yet their land is beset with guns
Everywhere, and Death marches where black men walk
Do you hear me O Genghis of modern times?
Are you aware of the cries responding to what you have done?
Your Fascism is now recognised, and we the people
The victims
Are now united on the global computer network
With a voice louder than you’ve ever heard before

Angry Words

In the name of mercy will you stop talking
Silence when you speak is golden
Your every sentence
Is a life sentence for your listeners
Everything you say
Is designed to enhance your reputation
Or malign your enemies
Your lies
Have a ring of truth about them
Because of the way you frame the message
You are cunningly innocent
Not making damaging statements
And praising popular inanities with a fake smile
Creating the illusion, or is it delusion,
Of golden haired virtue
Before you speak you check focus groups
To gain awareness of popular trends
You give Gallup polls biblical significance
And newspaper moguls are your spoilt children
Words are your counterfeit tools
With which you create a devious art form
That hangs in the halls of power
Your acquaintances are not friends
As friends are dangerous when they err and lose face
Instead those contacts are either allies or foes
You shake many hands however,
Fawn on old people and nurse children
All for the sake of imagery in your deadly poem of life
So, in the interest of my survival
Will you please stop polluting the sounds that I hear
Give the world a breathless hush
Do a course in taciturnity
Spread the joy of quietude around you
Or preferably cast your lot with the Foreign Legion

Death For Sale

Smoking kills
Stop now
For help call 13 Quit
Get your cigarettes here
At bargain prices
Indulge you habit with approval
Because it funds the government
And fulfils schemes of cigarette corporate overlords
Who willingly pay taxes for your demise
Your deadly habit is approved by us for the profit
Supported glowingly
Even though you may die as a consequence 
Eternal rest managed by the marketplace
So step right up folks
Drugs for sale
Unlimited supply
And the dealer it totally approved
Even given prime location at the marketplace
Hurry now
Less you die of old age
We know you are struggling
Worried about passive smoking with family
And restricted smoking areas
But look at the benefits
No trouble with this purchase
No problem with the fuzz
No standover men for payment
All you need is a click or a tap on
So buy now while the going is good
Make way for happy smoking
Yours sincerely
Mephistopheles Inc

Political Freedom

Free at last
Now I’m elected with a resounding majority
I can twist reality to suit myself
Get out the clichés
Our way of life
For the good of the people
A strong economy
Prosperity for the masses
Border protection
Then stimulate the market
But that is just the beginning
It’s time for me to bind my raison d’être
In hoops of steel
Endorsing the sacred quest:
Money money money
Funds that are fundamental
Finance for the corporate few
Who sponsor our party
Grants for parking lots in our electorates
A purse to build weapons
That create jobs jobs jobs
Nest eggs for developers
Who mutilate our landscape with high-rise monstrosities
Cut back on services
Hospitals aged care and education
To finance global emissions of greenhouse gases
Ah me!
What a golden age this is!
The prospects are so bright for like-minded us
Prosperity is everywhere
And we are ready
To crucify the loudmouths who decry global warming
And globalisation
Yes, that’s it
Let’s face it
Democracy is the utensil of the neoliberal master class


And More New Poems


Is that image really you?
Who have considerable influence on the lives of others
Including me
It’s amazing how many places you visit
In a single day
Even more amazing
Is the presence of cameras there to film you
Are you really a convivial, caring, wise paragon of goodwill?
Or are you nothing
But an icon with manufactured identity?
I hear what you say
Responses flow from you like saliva at a victory feast
You are never wrong
Or at least you never admit to be
When disaster eventuates
As a consequence of what you do or don’t do
The cause is always something beyond your control
Or a folly of someone else
You add abuse to this fallacy
With vituperative curses maligning the alleged miscreant
And utopian daydreams about what you intended to do
Thus you ply your trade, or is it tirade?
And your public identity is far from reality
Your influence lingers like an irksome odour
In spite of what you are
As your schemes attract attention
And catch the ear of the grateful opulent and powerful
Yet everything passes
The triumph you have known
Is tremulous like a dying mirage
Things are changing
Slowly I admit
But time is the enemy of pretence
And favours eventually one precious human virtue
It is integrity


In a strange land strange thou art;
To her will incline thy heart;
Honour whatso’er the State
Honours, all she frowns on hate.

Sophocles –Oedipus At Colonus

I have done no wrong
My only crime
Was to travel by boat to a foreign land
I am
The last remaining child
Of a family crushed by war
Nine years a prisoner without a voice
Now, in this hostile land
To comply with the harsh laws of a heartless State
I am imprisoned without a trial…
How that time dragged slowly by
Each day a branding iron burning into my soul!
Suddenly I am set free
I know not precisely why
But it seems a sudden political expedient
The sun and the sky are mine again
I am one of a chosen few
But still there are others confined, defined as villains
For furtive unclear reasons
Banned from freedom to deter others
Defined I was, as unwanted
Condemned in a land where justice is on suspended animation
Where compassion is a dirty word
And habeas corpus another unwanted intrusion
O how I pity my fellows still confined
For them my heart is broken still
And I will plead for their freedom
As long as this mangled soul of mine is able

The Solitary Wanderer

Alone I am
Doomed to loneliness and isolation
Shunned by a world preoccupied with itself
Like a piece of flotsam in a sea of anguish
No others dare to share my ignominy
As I am contaminated by the sordid deals of life
Cast aside still
Because of follies in my naive youth
By the shallow minds of ruthless people
But I am a thinking spirit in that hostile universe
I understand because I have the gift of reason
The follies of venerated fools are obvious to me
As I am free of the usual distractions
I see, I think, and I discover
The waywardness of those who rule us
The deception is obvious to me
The lies are coloured red on my page of thought
The greed and prestige of the rich
Disturb my every waking hour
But my spirit evinces the joy of being not like them
I see around me everywhere
The approved wreckage of normalised disaster
The slavery of the poor as servants of the moneyed
The burning of the air in defiance of science
The ghastly schemes of the military industrial complex
The madness plunders on and on in defiance of wisdom
Into a chaos of endlessness
The world outside me is under constant threat of disaster
And the strength of the powerful increases every day
Like the rising of a deadly sun
You might suspect despair from me in this lethal situation
Anticipate frustrated pleas for pity
From the lonely soul that I am
But fear not
Though solitary I roam
I still have the power to write a poem


So on you go with your life
Coldly indifferent to obvious villainy
With a pious, righteous smile
That is too frequently the way of things
In today’s egocentric world
If someone is planning an evil deed
Whoever it may be
And you know about it before it happens
Yet do nothing
Guilt is your pseudonym
More important and more sad
More worthy of condemnation
Is your indifference to observed suffering
By someone known to you
We all have the courage
To endure other people’s misfortunes
If someone is crying out in despair
Whoever it may be
And you know about it as it happens
Yet do nothing
Guilt is your pseudonym
Vast is the significance of conscience
There comes a time so often
When you have to make a choice
Awareness is the prosecution
And what you do is the verdict
You must plan wisely dear struggling human
Think long and hard before you decide
To act or do nothing
That person you know
Steeped in villainy or woe
Calls out to you for positive action
What you do or fail to do will determine what you are

Raising A Storm With A Skeptic

Don’t know why
There’s no sun up in the sky
Stormy weather
Since my man and I ain’t together
Keeps raining all of the time

“Stormy Weather” is a 1933 torch song written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler.

Look at it
Rain falling incessantly
There is no sky
It is hidden by the pummelling drops
Rivers have no banks
Water is everywhere
Rising, rising
Until it grasps everything in aqueous fingers
Houses are submerged
Some float away
Hurtling off downstream
Like flagships of the fleet
Water invades your home sweet home
There’s mud it
It will remain when the water goes
Safety is scarce
Sometimes only a roof will save your life
Some do not find that refuge
The toll grows
Fatalities are mentioned in the news
Sheep and cattle find a watery grave as well
That Prevent Bushfires sign is under water
Cars and horses are marooned on a part of a bridge
Little boats
Search and rescue you if you are lucky
Wrecked cars and a bus or two
Conglomerate haphazardly where the torrent puts them
And an abject skeptic believes suddenly in global warming


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