Rapscallions Still

Vote For Me

Now I declare

You have the chance

To get me into power

So listen well

Here is my stance

My plan at this witching hour

I’m dedicated

And very well able

To make our country great

So hurry now

And vote for the fable

Ere smart owls shut the gate

Now I am one

Of this world’s attackers

And I will fulfil your dreams

I get things done

With the help of my backers

Whatever their devious schemes

Deceit won’t matter

It avoids the mess

Of government behind the times

When you make the laws

There is no duress

And you get away with the crimes

It is easy for you

To assess my might

I rival the god Osiris

Nothing will stop me

From getting things right

I’ll even ignore the virus

I will sweep aside

The opposing crew

And drive them to the slaughter

Even though it’s true

When it comes to IQ

I am but a fish out of water

But that doesn’t matter

I am your man

As long as we’ve got the numbers

I’ll get things done

With a brilliant plan

That no truth encumbers

Yes artifice is the way 

That now I choose

Convinced I’ll avoid detection

It’s the framework of fraud

I’ll astutely use

To triumph at the next election


Love’s Reality

You postured once as my friend

Convivial you might say

We laughed together in joyous mood

In such a friendly way

All the while you hatched a plan

Playing your affectionate part

Devising your scheme that was to become

A dagger to my heart

You stole away my precious wife

My children’s loving mother

You cunningly killed my self respect

Though I treated you as a brother

How clever you were with her

A singer in your choir

You led her on to be in your grasp

A victim of your desire

You used your power

Over enslaved women

Caught up in domesticity

You gave them relief from boredom’s grief

With your shallow eccentricity

Week after week you wove your charm

In the midst of each rehearsal

Had I been there I’d have felt the alarm

That for humans is universal

Schemes and dreams how easy it is

To court a victim with novelty

You laugh things off 

And never scoff

There is purpose in your frivolity

Subtle hints of sexuality

All just innocent fun

But your dark deeds in stark reality

Give your libido a run

Cause no alarms

And sweep her away

Into your greedy arms…

Here I am now many years have gone by

I wonder did you ever know

She came back to me with many a sigh

That softened the final blow

She’s dead I must tell you now

Stolen away at too early a time

Yet still loyal to the marital vow

And I forgave her for your crime

So we parted friends forever

There still was a bond sublime

That your dismal deeds could not sever

And I have a joy left still to save me

A brave reality that will last

Three children that she gave me

So attention please in heaven above

Watch my beat as the fashion

Let us listen to the music of love

That transcends all short-lived passion



So it’s your compliance

Denying the science

The evidence is there

Of the world’s despair

But money in your pocket is all that matters

Despite people dying and lives in tatters

It’s a massacre of burning

Disaster returning 

Over and over again

And the people need to know when

Your shifty mind will master

The truth of the disaster

Just look at those flames clutching the sky

A tragic reason so many die

So don’t deny the deadly white-knuckle cause

Listen to the thunder as the wildfire roars

Yet you still keep your bargain with the Devil

And allow deadly carbon at a lethal level

You pay no heed to calamities of coal

You fund the mines as a sinister role

There is no justice in your behaviour

Global warmers see you as their saviour

So as the flames sound their next death knell

Shake hands with Vulcan, you know him well


The Has Been

O why are you still talking?

You’ve been voted out of your post

You are a delinquent stalking

And you hang around like a ghost

Now you rarely rate a mention

But you frantically seek attention

As you preach your way out views

That find a place in the news

It is shocking to note the reality

Of your herd mentality

Your words are crimes 

That too many times

Promote the acceptance of death

You blindly state

A mortality rate

That leaves me out of breath

Now you’ve found a stage

That is all the rage

You consult in a foreign land

But the bottom rung

That is your tongue

Is decidedly underhand

So heed me now and take a vow

That will save the planet earth

End the violence 

With your welcome silence

That will make amends for your birth


O’Leary Was Weary

O’Leary was weary

And had a theory that the sun

Was about to set

It was a notion linked to emotion

That caused the fool to fret

The trouble was

He needed light

To keep his cabbages flowing

Whereas in the dark

The trouble was stark

As the number of snails was growing

So he got a frog

From under a log

To startle the night with a croak

His idea was simple

Like a baby’s dimple

But it turned into quite a joke

The snails were not scared but sought romance

That seemed to enhance

The frog’s percussion tune

Then along came a bird

It was quite absurd

It feasted by the light of the moon

So the snails were gone

But later on

There was yet even more trouble

Mister O’Leary

The man who was weary

Was caught in life’s froth and bubble

Yes fate turned even more savage

Along came a rabbit

With its usual habit

And consumed every single cabbage

Now the years have passed

With O’Leary aghast

And now he plays different roles

He has given up farming

Which is quite alarming

And pays for his produce at Coles



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