One More Unsavoury Crew

Sporting Hero

He’s a sporting hero is Travistock Hones

Lives in glass houses and doesn’t throw stones

He owns a yacht that is quite a boat

It’s worth so much more than a ribboned coat

He drives a Mercedes and shows it off well

As he glories in the comfort of his sports cartel

He’s regarded by the market as free of sinning

The one criterion is to keep on winning

That’s the secret of life in this age of consent

If you win at all costs you’re from heaven sent

If you don’t win at first you’re regarded as slack

If you keep on losing you get the sack

Gone are the old ways of splendid idealism

Instead we have war and belligerent realism

With your new career you dream to begin it

Until you discover there’s money in it

Then your life changes to conform with new ways

Affluence is the influence for the rest of your days

So that is the tale that Travistock weaves

It’s the ultimate truth and what he believes

Hard cash and rash language are an enormity

Life’s to be governed by servile conformity

Behind this existence is media profit

The hero becomes a big business prophet

People buy while the days go by

As the crowds flow in they will certify

That enterprise is paying off

And only the poets are left to scoff


Climate Skeptic

Australia’s NDC outlines an economy wide emissions reduction target of 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2030.  Parliament of Australia

How many roads must that fool travel down

Before he learns to be wise?

How man years can a man be a clown

Till he stops polluting the skies?

The answer my friend is blowing in the breeze

And climate denial’s a disease

Just look at fire to quell your desire

To let the world stay the same

Will the planet transpire wrapped in the pyre

Or are you moved by the shame?

And what of the drought how can you leave out

Economic ruin of a nation?

Where is the wise voice talking about

The truth of this deadly privation?

And then there is flood with its torrent of mud

Destroying the beauty of life

Is the story of living to be written in blood

With the norm for existence strife?

Questions such as these can influence fate

As so much rests on reply

Suggestions you give can change the debate

Or we kiss our planet goodbye

Just one more thought might come to your mind

Before you answer each query

Time’s running out for our people to find

Respect for scientific theory

Yes the lesson is stark so recall Noah’s ark

Before we sink in the gloom

See the voice of reason as a light in the dark

Or would you prefer a tomb?


Photo Opportunity

I notice how you organise photo opportunity

News bulletins show your impunity

With each session you give the impression

That you are an everywhere man

Posing as a hero who never lacks a fan

Shaking hands or watching a game

Wearing a hard hat or lighting a flame

Cheering up old folks or chatting with a child

Walking with dignitaries driving crowds wild

Posing as a key man thrice blessed with friends

Acting as a film star whose fame never ends

So it is with political intrigue

You turn the world into an sheer blitzkrieg

And what is the purpose of your singularity?

Why to focus on the polls and enhance popularity

So that is why you do it

There is no other way to construe it

Your basic inception is pure deception

As you show a devious persona

You cunningly chart the desired reception

That denies you are a loner

So there we have it detail of your habit

That discloses what you are

The world can see why you grab it

You’ll be visible near and far

But your future is still prone to blunders

For what you are echoes and thunders

So beware of the thought that troubles are fought

By means of natural selection

As in the end success can’t be wrought

Except by the next election

The historian’s pen will all things mend

As truth and nothing but truth will win in the end


Benjamin Rubble: Developer

Benjamin Rubble never has trouble

Knocking famed buildings down

Life to him is but froth and bubble

As he acts the destructive clown

His influence is strong doing things wrong

And he’s paid for his devious work

He lobbies to members who all go along

With each very gainful quirk

So down comes beauty as forsaken duty

To make way for intrusive towers

The city becomes a part of Ben’s booty

A victim of his potent powers

Gone are those days when we lived to praise

The legacy of bygone times

Our children will have no sense of the days

Before these virtual crimes

It is hard to describe the new stark vision

Without complete verbosity

The mind leans heavily towards derision

As we notice each monstrosity

So the sun looks down on an unplanned scatter

Of high-rise bleak intrusions

The planners seem to ignore this matter

While critics are accused of delusions

Above all else time stands aloof

In judgement of this behaviour

The victims soon will long for proof

That Ben will be thwarted by a saviour

If it be not so it will stay sheer woe

While destruction routinely proceeds

In the end with a tear we will see so much go

As everyone’s broken heart bleeds


Weapon Maker

There is one calling that deals with death

More than the undertaker

If you listen hard and don’t hold your breath

I’ll name the weapon maker

Murder is a crime we all understand

Is punishable by law

Unless it is done with a military band

Legally killing far more

When a weapon is made it is on parade

On hand for any buyer

It can be bought with excuses made

By any skilful liar

In the name of peace he will add the grease

To tanks and bayonets and guns

Then comes the killing as the battle won’t cease

Bringing death to fathers and sons

You cannot be sure when it comes to war

How justly your weapon will be used

Integrity is kept outside every door

Wherever peace is abused

So death will come walking by your side

Whenever the mission is harm

It will flow in an ever increasing tide

Ringing the bells of alarm

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

Innocents will die in numbers

If mankind fails to heed the warning

That the god of war never slumbers

So every time you make a gun

You run the risk of disaster

You create the chance to be overrun

And the Angel of Death will be master



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