Still More Passing Thoughts


Truth is what you seldom hear

When on members you are relying

Politics is a shady business

Highly dependent on lying

It is even worse with news reports

When your country’s at war

The enemy is always in the wrong

Doing things that you deplore

Don’t ever trust the memoirs

Written by a political giant

It is rarely the truth that stands him aloof

Apparently self-reliant

Beware of dot-orgs when they come before you

In the role we define as rookies

They can seize control of your very existence

By means of their dangerous cookies

Note well too the hullabaloo 

Of the adman’s glossy deal

Things are never what they seem to be

But the marketer’s profits are real

Above all things the world needs science

Whose advice should be habit forming

We must cast aside with endless rage

All the lies about global warming

So rise up people and don’t be afraid

Let the voice of truth hold sway

Turn away from liars and their hellish desires

And heed what the angels say

Such Is Life

I began to wonder the other day

Why unwanted outcomes take place

Some useful thoughts came into play

Concerning the human race

When you stop to think about things

Your mind is prone to scramble

There is so much to do and our thoughts have such wings

You tend as a struggler to ramble

We are forced to participate here and there

Meeting challenges every day

Bound to encounter at times despair

As part of nature’s way

Critics will always be there finding fault with what you do

Posturing superiority

With judgements rarely true

Implying inferiority

But carry on you doers of deeds

As you strive for a better life

And struggle to do what our poor world needs

At the risk of failure and strife

Prepared to suffer, you dare to dream

Your face stained with sweat and tears

Existence for you is a raging stream

Filled with anguish and laced with fears

But yours is the destiny bravery chooses

For those who dare to try

Fainthearted ones neither winners nor losers

Are those who just sit and sigh

You may fall short again and again

In your quest to discover some joy

Until you create in your lion’s den

Something fine no one can destroy

So be of good cheer dear venturing soul

Unafraid of failure and sorrow

You play for us all a valiant role

And your courage brings life to tomorrow

The Last Resort

Life has been very cruel lately

Things are not going well

The world is wracked with injustice

And agendas devised in Hell

Millions of people are fearful

Caught up in dangerous lives

Forced to flee their native lands

And let fortune decide who survives

Across the sea they have sadly come

Desperately riding the waves

To be placed in indefinite detention

Condemned to suffer like slaves

There they stay throughout each day

Guiltless but kept in prison

While their gaolers enjoy political status

Like saviours newly arisen

On and on the years have passed

So many in half-lives confined

Tragically enduring the pain of existence

And how justice is defined

For some of these victims it is all too much

They are too long kept inside

They chose the relief that self harm brings

And commit suicide

How tragic is our lack of compassion

Without it fellow humans are distraught

No pity is a crime for all time

Death must not be the last resort

Rage Ends

Sometimes I need to repress my rage

I tend to rant and this rules my existence

Wherever I walk on the human stage

To my angst I meet folly and resistance

Deception is the norm I note when men trade

Lies rule the political scene

Refugees are subject to unjust tirade

Climate sceptics despise things green

So I shake my fist and stamp my feet

Write letters to a paper that ignores me

My total anguish is finally complete

When a selection committee deplores me

The world goes on with truth frowned upon

Nonentities struggle to exist

Virtuous behaviour brings contempt anon

While celebrities have the funds to persist

Yet strangely in spite of my mental stress

There is someone to set me free

Somebody acts to end the duress

In my world as it tends to be

This person has the power of an ancient crowned head

Takes me past places that fill me with dread

Gives me the strength to contend with self doubt

Turns rivals into a rout

Sets me free of the iniquitous shelf

Helps me have respect for myself

Above all, this friend raises hope amidst strife

My greatest good fortune is to have such a wife


Yesterday is a book written by a stranger

For time is a re-arranger

It twists events without finality

So the mind struggles to determine reality

Though you walk in the present some things will last

To prove you cannot escape the past

Your mind will re-enact deeds you have done

Some will haunt you one by one

Others will free you from guilt’s shrouds

And lift your spirit beyond the clouds

How should you treat the days gone by?

With the scorn of a shrug or a twinkle in the eye?

The wrong things you’ve done will tend to haunt you

Kindle regret and sometimes daunt you

Good deeds however will be joy to recall

As recollections they will make you stand tall

There is no doubt that the follies you’ve created

Will turn into smoke when you are cremated

Yet what you have done, in the minds of others

Will linger in ways no chronology smothers

If you shared hate and were always irate

People will forget you and ignore your fate

If you gave kindness and sometimes love

Tributes will echo in the heavens above

So fill your world with affection before you die

Then with yesterday’s memories you will fly

Old Age

Many people link old age with woe

But time can be your friend and not your foe

Your data base from the years beyond youth

Is so vast it empowers you to see the truth

The lessons learnt are truly the rewards of time

They can lead you from the tawdry to the sublime

Set you free of the bonds of worldly delight

And give you the sense to know what is right

Thus when fools plan another war

You vote against them as you’ve been there before

When the same clods seek to reduce your pension

The social media’s power can get your attention

When a lying adman draws paradise from a hat

You will turn your back – been there; done that

When a pompous ass hits you with a verbal grenade

As a secret weapon doff your hearing aid

So to Hell with the fools who tell you what to do

Who call you decrepit and smother you with the new

Turn away from the errors you’ve seen before

But compensate the young with your open door

Ride boldly still across the plains of destiny

Cry: “The world is yet to see the best in me”

Stand tall despite pain; let the years go by

And reap a golden harvest before you die


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