Still More Poetry


There is wonder in the manner egg yolk tends to thicken

And with time’s pure necromancy it becomes a chicken

Another marvel wondrous and old you can see everywhere

How a bird’s fragile frame and feathers are able to conquer the air

Yet more majesty circles the globe when the wind flies on its sorties

Stirring the sea with a hostile identity known as the Roaring Forties

O how triumphant is an ant’s conquest of a hostile fate

It can carry a massive load twenty times its own weight

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet

Always the same in the spectrum and no deed of man can defile it

Now the oyster’s home is strong enough to resist the ocean’s swirl

But let an intrusion enter that space and it can become a pearl

The rising satellite growing huge is known as the moon illusion

See it upside down through your legs and bring that to a conclusion

Green, blue, purple and red as Aurora Australis lights the sky

Another miracle for all to see if you can before you die

But the strangest case of all I’ve found, an even greater sensation

Is how a scheming evil crook could be chosen to rule a nation

As I grow old and live my life I hope no more such harm to see

As one more miracle I may even buy my epiphany in a pharmacy


Reality is an evasive thing, mercurial as thought on the wing

When you find it you truly believe you can hear the angels sing

Knowing it changes your existence amidst the floundering fools

Into someone who can think, guided by wisdom’s rules

A person one can trust, a guide forsooth

Shining through the darkness of doubt sharing invincible truth

The real world is an ephemeral entity deceiving the naive 

Who destroy the peace of man with mendacity they believe

So many schemes invade our minds to disastrously interact

Leading astray with assumptions that act under the guise of fact

So men go to war, invest in shame or die for a false belief

Driven astray by fantasy or madness without relief

So come with me you would-be lions longing for success

Seek the right to check things out with no pain or duress

Note for example to find America Columbus was not the first

As healthy food dark chocolate is clearly not the worst

All people in the middle ages we now know did not die young

And despite the word of some experts perfect pitch is often sung

Indigenous people are not inferior but masters of their space

While obedience to a white man’s dogma can harm the human race

So question the indisputable; look past every saying

Be alert for refutations behind each axiom straying

As well as this test, carefully to bring all lies finality

Scrutinise the rich, the great, and the press to unmask a true reality


War it is a cursèd thing despised from pole to pole

Started by agents briefed in Hell with power their only goal

O chauvinist, your reasons to fight are rarely if ever right

Yet steeped in anger, fear and spite they set the world alight

You find overtly a convenient enemy doing what is wrong

Or else you invent a villainy and sing a patriotic song

Weaponry is a lucrative deal made with cunning stealth

All warmongers are disciples of the God of Wealth

Crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, sly, ambitious

You jingoists sign your plans with blood, making death propitious

So shut your mouths you men of war and cease your vile deeds

Judgement from you is but a vice that crushes truth till it bleeds

Go back to your battlefields where law hangs by a thread

Squirm on the gibbet of justice as you count the dead

Visit the homes of your victims totally destroyed by your crimes

Explain why you turned their life spans into the worst of times

Enemies are your source of profit yet shield you from all blame

Thousands of innocents die by your hand to your endless shame

So listen to the voices crying in the wind

Hear the tales, the mournful wails, exposing how you’ve sinned

Count up your tainted silver on devices impervious to sorrow

But be prepared to read of your disgrace in the books of tomorrow

This above all, the medals you promote are fakes

Mere trophies of immorality, a record of your mistakes

An Architect Of Doom

O murderer: self-seeking, self-serving, self-obsessed

You who put all plans to cope with climate change to rest

Criminal in deed you are yet shielded by your fame

A beautiful world is being harmed forever in your name

Even now disaster taunts us

A fire or flood or famine so often grievously haunts us

You ignore the pain of others and treat science with disdain

Soon nothing but the battered shell of Eden will remain

Herod is away on business making the world his own

Felling forests and digging coal, acts only loons condone

So the planet will meet a deadly, ruinous fate

As the world of tomorrow inherits the debris fools create

Island paradises soon will vanish beneath the sea

Their people having dreams of deliverance that can never be

Yet still you carry on possessed by your toxic acts

Even with CO2 you coldly suppress the facts

Come now money maker, who profits from misdeeds,

You the abhorrent seed on which corruption feeds

Where ere you walk the icons of justice will stalk

And keep on file the crimes you commit every time you talk

It’s you Midas that now I name, you with your bevy of lies,

Destroying the lives of innocents, the losers you despise

You who lets fires burn and kill as you’re under profit’s spell

Perniciously turning our Elysian Fields into a living Hell

Cataclysmic floods, ignored by you, give to you no pain

Your guilt for doing nothing is washed away with the rain

And when deserts of drought invade our farms

To support your own graft you refuse to raise alarms

But justice is a powerful thing more so than you believe

It will find you out in ways that you cannot conceive

In time your name will be revealed splattered on history’s pages

Tainted, detested, scorned and reflected in your victims’ rages

You will be seen across the world in an ugly aura of gloom

As part of an age of infamy, an architect of doom

Lemuel Gulliver Goes For A Walk

It was a lovely day

Lemuel Gulliver left home in the morning to go for a walk

He went for that walk to the Big End of town

It was his usual practice

So not to put all his eggs in the one basket

He sortied to many places

Trying to spread his influence evenly and fairly

One of the reasons he did this was that people were so stupid

Clutching at air trying to expand their empires

The Local Government Area of Tiny-town for instance

Where Gulliver currently lived

Was intent on a merger with Google Menda City

The most powerful LGA in the country

GMC on the other hand,

Was intent on amalgamation with the Facebook Hills District

Famous for being liked by many people of questionable intellect

Who moved about a lot and so were often not all there

All of their nonsense was such a waste of time

As he walked Lemuel had the ovum of an idea

The thought came to him

That clearly all men are not equal

Some who think well, are gigantic in their influence

Others, timid souls, motivated by self interest

Are of Lilliputian significance

Wending their cautious way between the egg shells of life

Knowing neither victory nor defeat

This had to change

The insignificant ones had to be egged on to greater things

And so was born the Hypothesis of Free Range

All people in need of a boost

Identified by their best friends on Twitter

Could be set free for a year of all responsibility

And enabled to wander the world

Inciting change wherever it was needed

What a brilliant idea this was!

Let me tell you it soon became a practice in that society

The Free Range Practicum became known as Gulliver’s Travels

As for the rest of the walk on that day, 

Things fell into place very well

Gulliver remained inspired by social change

The weather stayed fine and numerous salutations rent the air

As he passed by

He was welcomed home by his loving wife

They two shared a very happy bond in life

In her loving, dutiful way

Lilli put a tasty omelette garnished with Blefuscu sauce 

On the table for lunch, to the traveller’s great pleasure


So your dream has failed and you are alone

The lover once yours is now out of your zone

You worked very hard; no toil did you shirk

But a hostile boss put you out of work

Those fields you ploughed welcomed your seeds

Though with not enough water you grew only weeds

You decided to study and enrolled with ease

But your university put up the fees

That essay you wrote earned you an E

Ranked last on that list for all to see

Recently at cricket you lost your wicket

The umpire’s folly: you didn’t snick it

You went fishing yesterday and last night

You were terribly lonely and didn’t get a bite

That band you formed was as good as I’ve seen

But there is no audience thanks to COVID-19

Climate change is deadly for all flesh and blood

You lost all your cattle because of that flood

Then you bought TV for more than most pay

But lightning struck the aerial and blew it all away

Life is full of pain and trouble and can cut you to the bone

When needing help in our busy world you are often left on your own

Yet don’t despair; cheer up my friend; there can be joy detected

Bareknuckle Boyce with the amoral voice has failed to be re-elected

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