Thoughts As I Pass By

The Flames Of Hell

Politics 2021

The boat is terribly overcrowded
Erebus is having a nervous breakdown
Due to unprecedented numbers
Of boat people who are not the usual refugees
Queueing up for end of the line transport…
In the world above
Lies are on Ford’s assembly line
Occurring like flies on thrown away Big Macs
So that below
The flames are curling around the Underworld’s eternity
With radiance never before seen
Why is this so?
In the impermanent domain of the living
Deceit has become normality
Thus, in a New Age of Deception
Hell’s immigrants are suddenly forced
To line up in unprecedented numbers
Because, in the place the gods know as Earth
The times are rearranging frightfully…
For example
Now students are doing postgraduate work
Stating conclusions with an air of omniscient pride
Without the slightest reference to their modelling
No one can check on their methodology
No peer reviews
No helpful viva voce testing
All gone down the plug hole of sham respectability
And yet the academic rewards are phenomenal
Lifting the game players to first class honours
With portentous, historic, momentous consequences
Promoting some graduates
Even to the level of leadership of the land
But despite all this, there is a ray of hope:
False testamurs burn very easily in the flames of Hell

Fire and Brimstone

We know what fire is actually
Seen lots of it lately because of climate denial
But what is brimstone?
It smells a little of witchcraft
Well no, it’s rotten eggs actually
The word itself means burning stone
So when stone burns and volcanoes erupt
You can get your whiff of eggs past their prime
It’s actually burning sulphur, producing sulphur dioxide
So if you are near the eruption and smell the stinking, reeking
Fetid odour, it is no wonder your mind conjures forth a vision of Hell
So fire and brimstone is a phrase that reminds us all of Hades
But this is not the only reason for devilish lines of thought
Let us go along with the fantasy for a brief time
Why would an average sinner go to Hell?
Violence, rape, murder? Probably
Pedophilia? Only if found out
Lies? May not all fit
Fraud? Mostly
Which brings us back to skeptical incendiarists
Fire burns on earth as in Hell

Jobs Jobs Jobs

Political Voices: October 2021

Concern for regional Australia
Is the latest cry in the political air waves
Swirling around the atmosphere and bouncing off the sky
But why O why is anxiety brewing?
Can you not see what our leaders are doing?
A plan that’s transparent is the way that they do it
So that we of the plebs can see right through it
That is what has been achieved by the plan
Great loyalty to constituents
And jobs, jobs, yes countless jobs all there for the taking
Look at them – gifts to the plebs from climate deniers
Firemen made ready for the wildfire
Well placed everywhere just ahead of the infernos
Lifeguards stationed throughout the backcountry
In readiness for the floods
Weathermen taught at regional TAFEs
To predict the deadly pathways of typhoons
Emergency haymakers trained there too
In readiness for the droughts
Rustics finding jobs in countless pastoral plants
Set up to make lightning rods
Cottage industries spread throughout the regions
Fashioning hand-held fans
Regional factories providing many many other jobs
Producing bottles for example, to hold the only drinkable water
More jobs too in country factories
Making sun-proof hats for outdoor workers
More factories as well with jobs around the zones
Making cooling sprinklers for children’s playgrounds
There will surely be a boom too throughout the countryside
In reconstruction jobs for houses destroyed by the weather
Another item is yet to lift the market due to the transparent plan
Sympathy card workshops for the victims of natural disaster

O Death Where Is Thy Sting

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
1 Corinthians 15:55

O death where is thy sting?
O pity where is your swindle, fraud, deception?
Can you see the cunning twist, the subtle slant of reality
Whereby tricksters harness a nation’s racist trends
For their own ends?
Ah how sad it is, this cremation of compassion,
Where innocents are punished in a heartless fashion!
What is a crime?
The breaking of a law is a handy definition
But there is another extraordinary rendition
Punishment for obeying a law…
Some refugees defer to one law I mention*
Yet have their lives destroyed by indefinite detention…
There is a shadow of shame
That follows the perpetrators of this deed
The arrogant poseurs
Who look into the eyes of their audience
With false saintliness
Cunningly claiming motivation to keep borders safe
And claiming virtue by ending the illicit trade
Of people smuggling
But with inhumanity and an eternal blot on their escutcheon
Can you hear the cries of their victims
Echoing into the future so that historians will write the truth?
Is suicide a tragedy in your eyes?
There have been too many refugees committing this
Should children be prised apart from parents?
Not in any idyll devised by man
Will the future see repercussions of this behaviour
Punitive invasion by newly arisen enemy nations perhaps?
Or will we be forgiven by more civilised aliens?
But one certainty exists
The honourable gentlemen responsible for the sting
Will not die respected

*The Universal Declaration of Human Rights supporting the right of all people to be able to seek asylum (Article 14). There is no illegal form of arrival so boats must be permitted.

The Honourable Member Will No Longer Be Heard

“I will give them my Congo, but they have no right to know what i did there.”
― Leopold II Of Belgium

Politics 2021 Style

Look at them stifling debate
Political chicanery within the rules
Silencing free speech because it embarrasses them
Is this cowardice?
More likely deliberate suppression of damaging truth
The opponent silenced
Is aware of your failings, your shortcomings, your faults, your lies
So you overcome him by force
Like Wakford Squeers of Dotheboys Hall*
Hushing a miscreant…
In what ways is this speech embargo significant?
Well now
Overtly, every member of parliament in any land on earth,
Will boldly proclaim respect for FDRs four freedoms**
With the light of sincerity in his or her eyes and fist pummelling air
Rhetoric that reeks of noble integrity
Will follow this gesture
To imply unflinching, righteous sincerity
And integrity beyond question
But if the truth be known, what is the reality of this political act?
Have you heard of the crimes of King Leopold II of Belgium?
Millions massacred and hands cut off for the disobedient
All the while proclaiming paternal virtue
Have you dear lover of truth, read the Casement Report?***
Have you studied the words of Mark Twain:
King Leopold’s Soliloquy, Boston 1905?****
If you have, regarding those voices, how fortunate you are
Not to have been kept in the dark
By such words as
The honourable member will no longer be heard

*From Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby.

**Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear

***The 1904 Casement Report. Modern estimates range from 1 million to 15 million murdered

**** A quote from the text: “exposures of a king, a sacred personage and immune from reproach.”

Trouble In The Backcountry 2050

From Politics 2021
Methane in the regions was so well protected in 2021
Posterior openings of the digestive tracts of cattle
Were sanctified
And the bountiful Bovidae were free to graze
A wondrous plan
And the noble creatures sought to serve a glorious business
But O woe is us!
Horrendous consequences came to haunt us
The little grass left by the drought was burnt by wildfire
Water shortage was almost life-threatening
Then premium bulls and many a herd died in lethal floods
Most buildings in our farms were torn apart by tempests
Gales blew down the fences so intruders ate the clover
Weeds were the only other growth that survived the heat
Heat stress cut back milk and calf birth for surviving cows
Pest invasions almost drove us out of our ruined houses
Coastal salinisation brought salt ions into soil and water
Rising seas meant that seawater flooded our swamps
Hail storms ruined any crops left alive by the heat
Wild things of all kinds invaded us as food was scarce
Costs of home insurance, food and electricity rose vastly
Higher taxes were the last straw as our life became ghastly
What is left of the methane however,
Still wends its way happily into the sky


Typhoons Of 2021

O how the tempest rages!
Lightning carves up the sky
Into little chunks of troubled existence
The wind is wailing a funeral dirge
Which turns into uncontrolled expletives
As it beats frail buildings into submission
Hail storms break windows with furious dementedness
Fists of ice beat on roofs as well, demanding restitution
Thunder shatters normality like wild beasts afraid of themselves
And then is a drum beat of demonic intensity keeping chaotic time
Rivers rise in disarray like frightened prey fleeing Nimrod
Then spread themselves relentlessly
Trains die between stations terminated by water
Birds flee in fear to other places
Psychopathic dogs run for it to dark corners
A pungent smell of leaking gas haunts the fetid air
Lights and other appurtenances writhe in suspended animation
Roads become morgues for cars
While helpless humans crowd onto hills
God one believes, is still in his Heaven
But all is not right with the world


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