Yet More Words

The Angel Of Truth

O lately have you seen the Angel Of Truth?
It’s not surprising if you haven’t
As the brave soul
Has been harassed by the forces of darkness
Demonic figures scheming, conspiring, intriguing, conniving
Planning with ruthless aplomb
To triumph unseen and surreptitiously
Over the integrity of human existence
On the heavenly notice board the Angel uses
You will find one warning after another
Foretelling danger from deeds of connivers
But it’s such a task these days for the poor informer
Lies are so widespread
Especially concerning climate and the treatment of illness
With simple trusting souls led astray
Even leaders deceive to stay in power
And the exposés concerning this are daily events
On the notice board
Despite all of this turmoil however
The paragon remains incredibly cheerful
If you meet him you will see a light in his eyes
And notice the resilience in his voice
It seems to me he has insight into the future
Today I saw one of his notices that was very different
Quite a surprise
Be of good cheer, it said
Slanted news, biased headlines stories and articles
Are hereby declared non sequiturs by the Highest Authority
The days of such things are numbered in a single digit
So watch this space for further good news
He walked past me this afternoon
Whistling away with an air almost of euphoria
I waved to him, too shy to speak
He waved back, gave me a smile and then a wink
So here I am now, writing this
And you can tell why I am looking forward to tomorrow


O have you heard of the noted rebel
By the name of Edgar Crisp?
You may not yet have heard of his fame
As he is a Will-O’-The-Wisp
But it seems that Edgar whom I’ll call Will
Up to the hilt had had his fill
Of assaults on human dignity
By the makers of advertisements
Which he thinks are the Devil’s divertissements
His wrath was kindled by crass examples
To wit the overt guzzling of food
A sight causing aberration
While swilling to make harmful beer look fulfilling
Was worse than defamation
The amorous glamorous sirens selling
From chocolate to scented soap
Battered and shattered his peace of mind
Leaving no strength left to cope
And the fake bliss tainting television screens
Actually made him sick
While the lies used to foster the market
Were to him an evil trick
So what of each aberration?
Did he seek collaboration?
No. He just changed his life forever
As a gesture of defiance
By joining a well known commune
Where money has no reliance
No television, no advertising,
A kind of New World charter
And when he needed the goods of life
He simply resorted to barter
Now life goes on for this sensitive man
Unpolluted by greedy duplicity
While those who use lies to make their dollar
No longer destroy his felicity


To an unnamed journalist

You exposed the masters of all they survey
The psychopaths who have no empathy
The sociopaths with no trace of remorse
The conspirators, the machinators
Who seek to govern with crime undetected
And for this your head is vulnerable
Your body is tortured in solitude
Your life is threatened with eternal internment
Your future is riddled with doubt
The inquisitors
The self-important guardians of conspiracy
Demand your presence in their courts
Your karma forever in their hands
But hear this O persecuted warrior of truth
By your deeds
You have become a sacred icon
Your words are written in the timeless annals
Your name will be spoken
By the abused, oppressed, mistreated souls
In all the ages still to come
Stand tall therefore in the face of interrogation
No questioner dares deny your truth
Which has the echoing ring of justice
Forever alive and sure within itself
Yours is the cause of certainty
On which the fate of mankind depends
If you survive, then so will we all
Your downfall
Has no place in the recorded history of the human race


When a guilty voice
Tries to shape your choice
In denial of global warming
What should you do?
When a warlike proponent
Defames an opponent
With an aim to buy weapons of war
What should you do?
When a nation’s arming
Is quite alarming
And plunges the land into penury
What should you do?
When you hear machinations
To ban vaccinations
In a frantic attempt to cause violence
What should you do?
When lies about science
Condone the reliance
On the unfettered use of coal
What should you do?
When a politician
Promotes sedition
In response to a valid question
What should you do?
This above all
As night must fall
When the sinister depend on the ditherer
What should you do?


Where precisely can I find perfection ?
I’ve been looking for it for quite a while
Haven’t found it yet
I’ve received quite a few false leads
Television teems with pointers
Often linked to bargain prices
But somehow
Usually as a consequence of time
The paragon turns out
Not to be perfect in some way
Then there are political vicissitudes
Perfection is their constant claim
But alas that is just another elusive dream
So here I am
Still wondering and searching in vain
Where is it? That precise perfection?
I’ve been searching for some time now
Back as far as Aristotle indeed
Where I found some relief with his golden mean
The middle ground between two extremes
Now that seems promising
A kind of theoretical framework for perfection
Without final precision
But anyway I have long believed
There is no such thing as absolute truth
Oh dear! Now I’m in trouble
If that statement is true,
Then it cannot be the absolute truth
But if it is not the absolute truth.
That makes it true
But it cannot be true…
So know I’m in a bigger mess than when I started
Which brings me to Gödel’s incompleteness theorem
And the thought that exact precision may not be possible
That is where I am just now – but my search continues


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