Words Are All I Have

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

O you, the builder of weapons of war
Under the guise of virtue
Claiming to save the world from a non existent foe
Conjuring forth enemies in every closet
To make yourself seem alert and provident
Proudly proclaiming your planning skill
Creating ways for the newly employed to kill
Signing treaties with belligerent allies
Who help you with funding in the guise of friends
Now hear this
Your schemes and dark dreams
Are understood by some who suffer from them
There is a courtroom unknown to you
Where judgement will fall upon you
As a guillotine of truth
The true nature of your mind
Will be revealed in a symphony of reason
Exposing you for what you are:
A greedy, cunning, scheming agent of death
Who lingers in our lives
Like the stench from decaying corpses you plan to create
So begone now before it is too late
Confess your guilt and leave your position of power
Before the world that you create
Incinerates the rest of us in the conflict you design
And note this too
Your name will be present forever
In the lists of charlatans
Compiled by the historians of tomorrow
That name emblazoned now in the servile Press
Will finally be a label of iniquity
Warning the world of the curse of your offensive planning
And the deadly animosity you create
Will sink with you in a mire of utter contempt

The Rage Of The Giants

O have you heard of the angry giants
Elag, Mrots and Tsepmet?
Their rage is infernally destructive
Tempestuous without end the wise might say
All because of our deeds in their domain
We have burnt their forests
Carbonised their air
Flooded their land
Poisoned their rivers
And their oceanic destinations
The punishment is destruction beyond imagination
A response tragically destroying human dreams
Wrath hitherto unknown
By the hands of these fabled creatures
Delivered onto man’s complacent world of normality
Countless villages
Have been destroyed by their fury
Buildings believed strong and durable
Have been converted to a chaos of wreckage
Many, many living souls
Have met with untimely death
Children have lost their parents, parents their children
All due to the giants’ vexation
In the heat of punishment for human misdeeds
What now? What next?
Your questions will clearly relate to deep anxiety
The answer must be change
New styles of living to end this fearsome displeasure
Yet these near deities
With all nature at their fingertips, are in many ways benign
In the past they have merely frowned on minor follies
Even helped to make the world a better place
By gentle disregard of trivial faults
But learn your lessons now, you fools of the past
Revise your ways in a changing world
These behemoths are too powerful to be ignored

In Search Of Truth

I felt it was out there somewhere
The truth
I have used so much of my energy searching for it
Thought I might have found it at school
But all they gave me were idealised impressions
I know it’s on the net
But somehow I just haven’t googled aptly
l tried my luck with a former advertising executive
A highly respected man
But all he did was advertise himself
Then I tried telecasts of news
But no. All the stations were owned by one man
Who focused only on crime, sex and disobedient political rivals
Hopefully I went to university sites
But was horrified to find
They had all closed down due to lack of funds
Then ever hopeful
With determination undiminished
I rang my council
But all I got there was a developer’s address
As a last resort
I rang my local police
Which led to the final blow
I was advised with arrant kindness to ring Lifeline
So here I am
Unfulfilled yet still undaunted
It is an ancient longing, mine
A quest down all the ages
And so many people in that past have been wrong
That’s it then
The truth is only an experimental thing
Something you hold onto patiently but tentatively
Until the next contradiction changes your mind

Common Sense

There once was a leader
Obsessed with market forces
Who said lockdowns were a nuisance
So the infections increased
Ah! What a tragic failure
To show common sense
Another leader
Obsessed with his own importance
Said the virus would disappear
So many thousands died
Ah! What a tragic failure
To show common sense
Another leader
Obsessed with the need for war
Flagged weapons of mass destruction
So a deadly affray took place
Ah! What a tragic failure
To show common sense
Another leader
Obsessed with gaining power
Chose to invade Poland
And millions of people died
Ah! What a tragic failure
To show common sense
Another leader
Obsessed with peace
Gave love not war
And people went on with their lives
Ah! What a beautiful way
To show common sense

O for more commonality
To end all stark reality

Yes We Do

Do you believe in learning
The struggle to find the truth
So children are taught to reason and think
And not merely to conquer a test?
Yes we do
Do you believe in integrity
The challenge to do what is right
So leaders are forced to rule with morality
And are checked by the arm of the law?
Yes we do
Do you believe in science
The analysis of man’s world
So respect is given to rigorous findings
And research will protect the earth?
Yes we do
Do you believe in forests
The shelters and cleansers of the air
So trees will be guarded and given long life
And not felled by greed and corruption?
Yes we do
Do you believe in the sun
The star that belongs to us all
So we can strive to harness its power
And put an end to global warming?
Yes we do
Do you believe in the wind
The servant of man through the ages
So power can be churned by the wings of mills
And the climate will be made our friend?
Yes we do
Do you believe in love
The reason we have all survived
So the rich can change and be kind to the poor
And so many of the needy will be saved?
Yes we do


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