Poetry Still Emerges


On Recent Troop Movements

Get to Hell out of my place
I don’t want bullies sharing my time and space
Peace and love are my partners
Not fanatical oppressors
Who march around the countryside
Flexing their muscles, flaunting their power
Looking for a fight
And threatening to destroy divergent spirits
Are you listening to me
Or is our pseudo friendship
Merely a device to promote your power
Forcing me to share your ambition
Your enemies
Your mission to rule the world?
What will others say about your intrusion?
You are never an agent of peace
You don’t shake hands you clench your fist
You breathe fire and brimstone
And every word you say is a mission statement
As you praise yourself
And set fire to your future
Still you stay in my land
Deaf to my passionate pleas
To my statements which you brush away
Like flies from your angry face
Leave those flies alone
They have been here far longer than the half-life
Of the nuclear fission
That is part of your weaponry

Election Lies

Look at you
Storming the barricades of truth
Like a Vandal invading Rome*
Promoting lies like the Devil incarnate
There can be no doubt that you lost that election
It’s written in the archives of integrity
So be off with you
Get thee to a place of veracity
Where validity reigns above self interest
And people such as you cannot lust after lies
Like harlots in the streets
Force is the unnamed child of fraud and corruption
It will misbehave in manner unbecoming
Begging for unhealthy food when it is not hungry
Seizing frail elegance
With clumsy destructive hands
Crushing fair opinions mercilessly
And so you demand satisfaction
Cry out for false syllogisms without a strain of evidence
Claim integrity
When deception haunts your every day
Threaten the truthful
With a voice of menace
That terrorises peace
And ends forever future longings
So hear this and heed it well
What you are
The truth of everything you do
The reality that lives on when all else dies
Is a danger signal
That must be heeded
Before the good life as we know it
Becomes a hallucination

*Under their leader Gaiseric, the Vandals captured Rome in June 455.

Aren’t We Lucky?

Aren’t they lucky?
While most people haven’t enough money
Some have more than they need
Their lucre is a tool that controls their lives
Sometimes conspicuous kindness pays dividends
And a sporting team will get money from a sponsor
To buy their uniforms and gear
Aren’t they lucky?
Now givers are choosers
And there’s gain in the donor’s overt virtue
As sponsorship is a lucrative trick
That can win friends
For the sponsors
And this could lead to other big deals
Aren’t they lucky?
But look, all in that team must wear the logo
To verify the patron’s brand
But wait a minute; what’s this?
One player, indigenous, has a moral dilemma
As the founder of that generous firm was a supremacist
A fact that does not trouble his surviving kin
Aren’t they lucky?
Aha! But wait another minute
That solitary player won’t wear the corporate logo
As a matter of principle
And Wow! Look at that: all funding is discontinued
But wait a third minute
A new, untainted sponsor is coming to the fore
Aren’t they lucky?
There will always come a time, note please
In the lives of the unkind
When their behaviour
Casts them aside
In favour of those motivated by love
So that wisdom and kindness triumph at the end of things
Aren’t we lucky?

Press Conference

So that’s it then
This government I lead cares about the people
Works assiduously for the good of all
With a strong economy, safe borders
And a market where industry truly thrives
Thank you Prime Minister–now for the questions
First I call Terry Blot
Terry Blot Sydney Evening Blurb
Thank you for your speech Prime Minister
My question: What is the future of education?
Mmm thank you Terry for the question
My answer is that other expenditure is more important
Next I call Larry Linger
Larry Linger Weekly Conspiracy
Thank you for your speech Prime Minister
My question: What is Australia’s future as a Pacific power?
Thank you Larry for the question
I ‘m afraid I’m unable to answer you until I ask America
I now call Willy Energeezie
Willy Energeezie of Last Post Weekly
Thank you for your speech Prime Minister
My question: How close to the Paris Climate Agreement are we?
Thank you for the question Willy
Ho Ho To be honest, we are still left out in the c-o-a-l-d
Now Lulabel Mingle
Lulabel Mingle Saturday Evening Plot
Yes. Thank you
What is the place Mr Prime Minister of women in the work force?
Ah! Yes. Thank you so much Lulabel
Yes. Yes indeed. Clearly there’s no place like home
And now the last question: Eddie Misanthrope
Eddie Misanthrope Independent Radio
Prime Minister where lies our future
Eddie, just now it’s in the fine hands of our corporate lobbyists
Thunderous applause

No Tax For The Rich

Look at me
See how I swagger with a spring in my step
And a glint of triumph in my eyes
It’s all because I am rich
And I don’t pay income tax
Keep paying attention to me
Notice the timbre of my voice
When I outline the profit of my business
As I have the Midas touch
And I don’t pay income tax
Mark well this too
As you read my mission statements
You will observe
I make my fortune out of greenhouse emissions
With political support
And I don’t pay income tax
Further study will reveal
My vast use of government goods and services
Provided to all citizens of my native land:
Free medicine
Family Court
Security in border protection
And consular services
To name but a few examples
And then to conclude
Let me reveal finally the reasons for my success
I am ingenious
I am industrious
I am intensely creative
I serve my shareholders brilliantly
I am held in high regard by the banking community
I donate willingly to several charities
I am a distinguished board member of numerous corporations
And I don’t pay income tax


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