More Poetry

Fascistic Mission

Make our nation great again
As in the good old days
Rally round the flag boys
Crush all dissent
Beware of the generalised others
Fight for our martyred middle class
Conspiracy is in the air, beware
Our foes are strong but we will always win
Pacifists are tools of the enemy
We are not spineless weaklings
But heroes born to rise and rule
Our mighty weaponry will control the world
It’s time to crush our foes who do nothing but cheat
Replace smart-arse language with steadfast simplicity

So there you have it
Fourteen Points to outdo Woodrow Wilson*
An echo of Eco**
What is the significance here?
Why, to condone villainy…
Fulfil the elite’s plans to rule
Onward ever onward now
To a victory for the chosen people
Declaration: opponents cheat to win
But if the chosen win the election this time,
They will end deception forever and never lose again
And they will forever be strong
Machismo will be the norm
All hail too, to a superstar leader
A champion, warrior, knight who is popular
A headman to claim victory now and evermore
And glory glory he will rule yer
With words of no more than one syllable

*The Fourteen Points were a proposal made by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson in a speech to Congress on January 8, 1918 as a vision for a lasting peace.

**Inspired by Umberto Eco’s fourteen qualities of fascism.


So here we stand on Remembrance Day
The deaths of the brave
Noting their sacrifice for those of us who remain
How sombre we are!
Keeping a ritual and depositing flowers
And standing tall in the conformity
Imposed upon us by authorities
Once a year
But where are the questions?
Cross examination to determine why so many died?
Was it oil that killed them?
A quest for a market share?
A need to exploit the cross of gold of weaponry?
The time for answers is now
For the sake of the young men and women of the future
Who may die for the same reasons
And be remembered annually
Millions have been victims of war again and again
Markedly down recent ages
So many were not soldiers too
Often killed but more often maimed
Or driven ruthlessly from their homelands
This then is the plea
Let us commemorate peace
Not only with bagpipes and trumpets and ritual
But with a commission of enquiry
A quest for knowledge
Led by the leading minds of our age
With a true incentive to determine reality
The reasons for the folly of each war…
Then age will not weary us
Nor the years condemn
And at the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We shall know the truth


It’s a common pejorative term isn’t it?
A term used to condemn a rival
You hear the birds chattering
Aimlessly it seems, and you disregard their sanity
Their wisdom
And judge them foolishly and wrongly
In fact
That chatter is true communication
In the evolutionary scheme of things
Those birds taught us to talk
So think again stranger as you denigrate
Remember they fly in aeronautical best formation
They build nests with the primeval skill of architects
They feed and protect their young
They warn each other when danger threatens
Some hide their food like magicians
And some have vision like radar
And hunt prey with amazing dexterity
Look again when that bird flies past you
Notice its mastery of the air
Unmatched by man
Above other things listen to the music
So many birds sing a distinctive melody
It may be a love call
A warning of danger
Or simply an anthem of happiness
A laughter that rings around the heavens
And exposes your inability to know and understand nature
Therefore dear friends
Should you be moved with disrespect
And seek to refer to me as a birdbrain
I will smile
And say thank you for the compliment

Validity Of Argument

Why does your argument
Always match a predetermined conclusion?
Every time you speak
Evidence for you is irrelevant
Existence in your world depends not on reasoning
But on chosen outcomes
And so you chatter away with a flowing discourse
To support a point of view already decided upon
Without a sprinkle of valid research
So all refugees will run off with our jobs
Tax concessions to the rich will trickle down
The gaoling of indigenous youth is valid and just
Budgets must never ever be unbalanced
Existing jobs are more important than global warming
War overseas is essentially our business
And free enterprise will save education and health
There, that’s it then
The misfit in control fumbles around like a monkey on steroids
Darting here
Swinging on branches there
Mumbling incoherently and totally ignoring forethought
As life changing decisions are made
Without the gift of reason
Thus time passes
Beneficial outcomes are rarely predicted
And even more rarely eventuate
Failures haunt each passing day
Yet the same feeble thinkers hold on to power
Aided by media that decide what news we are fit to hear
And desirable change is meticulously avoided
By an old order
That whistles cheerfully on its way to the bank

When will they ever learn?

Just look at what they are doing
They make learning so expensive
Only the rich can do it
So the left-wing poor can stay ignorant
Shame on them!
University study
Is not a right but an investment these days
To study Marx or Shakespeare there
You will have to pay off a loan
So ignorance is chosen by so many
This is such an encouragement for the connivers
Who plan the economy
So that slavery exists
And will provide the ideal labour force
To keep the wheels of industry turning
The source of this sad resource
Is the bewildered herd*
So many of us have barely enough money to survive
And our family eats at McDonalds
What of schools?
Education interferes with capital investment
Tax concessions are deserved by the rich
And we must make the parents pay for learning
So that money can be saved for more important things:
Weapons should war arise
An open market for free enterprise
Mining to match the demand of world markets
And high rise replacements of our heritage…
When will they ever learn?
Long time passing
When O when will they ever learn?

*Walter Lippmann used the term “the bewildered herd” for those needing to be controlled.


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