Poems Still

Ein Reich

Look at you
Flaunting your racist catch-cries
Posing as well meaning but suffering heroes
While all that you desire is power
The ill-gotten gains from lies and subterfuge
The case you put for white supremacy
Rings around the firmament like auction patter
Stressing this, condemning that
Like witless herdsmen’s bellowing at cattle
While you pose as righteous
You punish the needy
With your violent antagonism to welfare and justice
I hear your voice
Strident, angry, devoid of integrity and endlessly wrong
As you go ahead building castles of deceit in the air
Trumpeting lies in a fanfare of deception
And shaking your angry fists at the virtuous and the needy
Yes we hear you
You with your blueprint for corrupt control of society
Contempt for justice and rejection of support for the needy
Stark resentment of all steps to end suffering
Amidst the heartless rivalry of modern existence
Very well then, so be it
The time has come for the rejection of your schemes
To cast aside your axioms and sordid dreams
And fill the world instead with love and guidance
That ends for ever your epiphany of hate
Go then; begone
And take your callous code of life with you

Let us hear no more or ever again
Your howl:
One People, One Nation, One Leader

Vox Populi

Your plan is obvious
To stifle vox populi by depleting funding
At the same time you force our public entity
Into privatised compartments
To save costs
As another surprise
You appoint to potent authority
Someone who is shaped relentlessly by private enterprise
A previous voice of right wing media
A child of that PRESS that controls the minds of the masses
So look at what you are doing
You and your henchmen of iniquity
What is unfunded, you hope, will wither away and die
What is privatised
Will be cheaper and tend to support a chosen point of view:
Mercenary and right-leaning
Even so, in your favour
It is true that you tend to air both sides of chosen argument
From time to time
True too
You importantly spread valuable information at times of disaster
A genuine service to mankind
But where are the plays and films
Created powerfully by a government owned facility?
Where is the leadership
That makes the voice of the people always heard
And where are the sports telecasts
Available to everyone and not just the rich?
Your aims are clear
Reduce the power of the people
Support the chosen upper classes you revere
Thereby foster the moneymaking of new powerful allies
Yes, yes, yes
It is not a commission but a corporation

The King Of Fake Diamonds

Look at me
O how I rule in my kingdom of pretence
Treated as a god
By the worshippers of gain
Have you heard me speak lately?
Twisting facts into convenient deceptions?
Hiding authenticity behind a mask of untruth?
Telling false tales that have the ring of reality?
Ah! What fun it is!
Murdering veracity with outrageous audacity
Surviving even in the face of legal restraint
Yes, here I am
Brazen, shameless, audacious, insolent
Hanging rivals with a battery of lies
That would send even a saint to Hell
That is the way you do it in this domain of mine
This, my realm
Is not a place for the timorous
The lily-livered, chicken-hearted, spineless souls
Afraid to praise my duplicity
So here I stand
Where no fabulist has dared to stand before
Weaving my wiles
The way a genius beguiles
For victory, conquest, mastery, supremacy
Stirring the crowd to adoration
Acclamation, commendation and a vast ovation
The reward I clearly deserve
But wait if you please; to end my tale
There is more to be said of my glory
Before I complete my story
One event talks better than I could
Another king to honour my deeds
Has awarded me a knighthood

On Love

Why is hate in the air so much
Ringing around the alcoves like a poisoned wind?
Can you hear it
Revealed so fluently by every news reader?
It is so sad
The way people are crushed by animosity
When they make a mistake
Or cast into Bedlam
When their minds run sightly astray with their reason
Do you notice the contempt
Expressed by some
For many new settlers from a foreign land?
Have you heard the abuse hurled at rivals
By political superstars as they clutch at fame?
Do you support a war
When innocents die
So that the powerful few may flourish?
Are you in tune
With the direful dirge
That promotes the use of guns?
If your answers to these questions
Reek of animosity
I condemn your bleak ferocity…

Having reached out for a better way to think
Yes, one more question stirred my troubled mind
As I strove to have pure happiness defined
For many many days I struggled with this task
Seeking here
Coming closer there
Until I found a solution
Back to my extensive past I had gone
Into my distant youth
Till I thought again of the magic of music
That once swept the troubled world
And the Beatles said: “All you need is love.”


O we are old yet we have no fears
And we face the world as the Pioneers
Other folk weaken and yield to strife
While we are unbeaten and in love with life
Lesser mortals will meekly complain
But we have pills to ease our pain
As the years go by it’s plain to see
We have found new life in a pharmacy
Commonplace people fall and fumble
But our walking sticks prevent a tumble
If you’re in for a penny and in for a pound
You’ll find all our details on ultrasound
Contemptuous opponents tend to lie
But we tell the truth with an MRI
In the face of every sham concocter
To end all doubt we call a doctor
Age is wisdom with another name
We dance to this tune in a walking frame
The hoi polloi have no money to mention
But we have a good life on our pension
So ride boldly forward you Pioneers
Let nondescript people shed their tears
Yours is a name that will ring down the ages
With your story a glory in history’s pages
Hip Pip Hooray! Hip Pip Hooray!
The girls and boys have come out to play!


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